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And the Wait is over! Unveiling the winners of the Women’s Day Contest!

Almost 2 weeks ago, in honor of International Women’s Day, we announced the Women’s Day Video Contest by Animaker!
We asked you to join this campaign to celebrate the incredible women in each one of your lives and to make them feel extra special!
I must say, the response we received for the contest has been nothing short of astonishing!
Whether it be breaking stereotypes, empowering stories of women, or showcasing some self love, we’ve seen some fantastic video submissions.
We were thrilled to see the outstanding talent of our Animaker family as well as the inspiring stories of women all around the world. We must definitely admit that on seeing your videos, we’ve found ourselves inspired, moved, and at times tickled by the creativity and the dedication of the participants!
We received more than 100 videos that ranged from emotional to empowering, and we narrowed our favorites down to the 3 below!
Trust me, picking the winners among all the entries was incredibly difficult.
But, in the end, we had to choose! So we did! ;)
So now it’s time to reveal the winners!
Wait… before that, there’s something you have to do!
Yessss, open your Instagram and follow Animaker’s page right away to keep an eye on the upcoming contests! (We planned to run some exciting contests throughout the year)
And now, it’s time to cue the drum rolls for our winners….

1st Place - Video by Sara

Sara’s winning video is for her cousin, who suffers from Achondroplasia, yet she never gave up and rose stronger in spite of the challenges she faced in the society! Her video not only looks great, but also illustrates an inspiring quote by George Bernard Shaw that one should not wait for the opportunity, rather they should create it!
Check out her awe-inspiring video below:

2nd Place - Video by Sai

The 2nd place goes to Sai Prakash, who created a lovely video for all the beautiful, glorious and successful Super women who are the greatest of God’s creation!
Your video was indeed pleasing, Sai Prakash!
Check out his video below:

3rd Place - Video by Maria

The 3rd place goes to Maria for her heart warming video dedicated to all the Strong and Independent women who achieved great success in their lives!
Most of us may not understand the language her video was made of, but the stunning visual complemented the thoughtful message she portrayed in her video!
Check out her video below:
So, put your hands together for these winners whose videos stood out from the rest of the submissions and won the top three positions.
In addition to getting featured on our blog and social media handles, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners got 12 months of free subscription to the Pro, Starter and Basic plan respectively.
Congrats Sara, Sai Prakash and Maria! We have upgraded your Animaker accounts to the premium plans, on the house!
Okay, this doesn’t end here, Scroll down and get ready to see some more awesome entries from this contest!
Like I mentioned at the beginning of the article, it was a daunting task to narrow down the winners of the contest. There were a few stunning videos who bagged the top three positions. But that doesn’t mean the other videos weren’t great.
In fact they were so good that we had to feature them as honorable mentions in this article.

Honorable mention 1 - Video by Jani

Here is a video for a Supermom, which wonderfully defines the roles of a mom as a doctor, teacher, storyteller, cook and every persona she plays to turn the house into a beautiful home! We appreciate your effort in creating this marvelous video for your mother!

Honorable mention 2 - Video by Armando

The next video is about celebrating all the powerful, creative and bold Women on women’s day! We enjoyed seeing your video which had some super cool transitions and classy music!

Honorable mention 3 - Video by Sandra

The next video by Sandra is dedicated to all the incredible women she admires. For her mom, grandmom, friends and teachers who inspired and motivated her in her life! This video was simple, crisp, and was recreated from one of our templates!

Honorable mention 4 - Video by Deborah

The next video is for a woman who had a passion and commitment for Oceans and sharks. The video was empowering, defies stereotypes, wonderfully inspirational and deeply moving! Thanks for sharing Ocean Ramsey’s story with the world!

Honorable mention 5 - Video by Lesandra

The video by Lesandra, dedicated to all the fellow women in her life, beautifully tells how women overcome all the challenges in their life and shares a positive message that we should respect all the Women for who they truly are!

Honorable mention 6 - Video by Néstor

This video by Néstor, portrays the challenges faced by women and also shows a timeline of notable achievements by Mexican women in the past. Your video was very informative and remarkable, Néstor!
Besides the winners and the honorary mentions, we had so many participants from across the countries share stories of the amazing women in their life.
So, we wanted to send a BIG thank you to everyone for making this Women’s day memorable to us and also to the incredible women in your life!
Keep on creating more astonishing videos, like I said earlier we are planning to run more contests in the future!
We will see you then, with even BIGGER PRICES and rewards!


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