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Introducing the Animaker Theme Song

Arvind Kesh

Arvind Kesh - February 8, 2017 - Leave your thoughts.

2017 is going to be one giant leap in the Animaker story. We’re starting it off with some music:

December the 3rd, 2016. It was a chilly winter night. We remember it as the day “magic” happened. Magic in the form of music.

It happened to our development team. Now, they didn't lock themselves up in a soundproof room and pretend like composers brainstorming for jingles. It came in naturally.

Things were getting tough for them that day. It seemed that they might not meet the deadline. A few bugs were eating their brains.

But then, after weeks of hard work, they finally managed to make things click. A sense of peace and ecstasy followed through.

Our Code Master, Caine Daniel let out a cry of happiness. What started as a few notes soon became a song. The others joined him.

At first, it was just the technical team. Slowly, each department began to hum the tune. It was really contagious! Finally the whole of team Animaker couldn’t work without it. Our CEO Raghav got addicted to it. He finally revealed: we have found our theme song!

Usually, companies hire top notch music composers to create the perfect theme song. In our case, the music had found us. It was born from within and was finding expression through each team member.

It gives life to whatever we do. However, we don’t want to chain it. We want you to enjoy what we are experiencing.

That’s right, you can use it wherever you want. From explainer videos to vlogs or even your phone’s ringtone, this gift is yours for the taking.

Stream it live in your favourite music platform!


Or you can even use it in your animated videos:

Animaker Theme Song download

To make a similar video, you can start by using this editable theme song template from Animaker(Click here to edit).


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