Super Cool Animated videos in no time

7 types of vertical videos that can be made in less than 10 minutes!

Last month, we launched the world’s first Animated Vertical Video maker. The response we got has been overwhelming! We had to give back the love by launching kickass templates into our vertical video arsenal.

Some have been emailing us asking why Vertical Video is relevant today. If you pay attention, you’ll see vertical videos here and there! Be it Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or now even Instagram TV!

Most brands still are not using it. This is exactly why you should! Studies have shown that vertical videos are way more effective than horizontal ones in this smartphone friendly world. This trend is just picking up. Jump in right now to zoom past your competition.

Here are 7 ways to use vertical videos to boost your video marketing strategy:

1. Animated Stories

People are naturally drawn to stories. If you go into Facebook, you will find millions of inspirational and motivational stories like this one:

The advantage of such videos is that you are connecting with your viewers on an emotional level. Every time you motivate them, your brand is getting associated with that emotion. Remember, when it’s time for them to make a purchasing decision, they’ll choose the brand with which they have an emotional connection.

2. Stats video

Let’s be honest. Data is boring. That’s why we brought in Video Infographics where data married storytelling. Make an infographic vertical video to show trends and stats. Vertical videos are just perfect for this as the video infographic can take the first half of the screen while the written part can take the second half of the screen.

3. Lyric video

Who doesn’t love music? Last month, one of our code masters hummed a tune which suddenly became viral inside the Animaker Family. Soon, lyrics were added to it and we had a theme song! Here is a lyric video template of the same theme song. Use this template to make lyric videos for your songs.

Lyrics are much easily read out of a smartphone when you can hold it vertical. That’s how we read all our messages remember?

4. Top Ten Videos

Top Ten lists are so seductive that it’s very hard for viewers to ignore. If you check out successful blog posts, top ten blog articles are rated very highly. But how many videos are out there? Very less! How many mobile friendly vertical videos are there? Almost nil! Did you just bump into an open market? Use this template to get viral easily!

5. Quote Video

Quote videos get a lot of social shares because of two reasons:

  • The famous person being quoted will have a large fan following.
  • Quotes are inspiring and thus gets shared a lot; especially if it’s relevant to the target audience.

We decided to make the template in honor of the legendary Steve Jobs.

6. Comparison Videos

Who doesn’t love comparing? Anything from sports teams to rival products is compared on a daily basis. For the template, we decided to do a classic men v/s women comparison to spice things up! It has already reached more than 160,000 people on Facebook!

7. Explainer Video

There is no need to mention the importance of an explainer video. It has become the minimum requirement for any business now. But how many of those explainer videos are smartphone friendly? You can stand out from the rest of the crowd by becoming an early adopter of vertical videos. We all know how important it is to pick up a trend early on!

Vertical videos are hitting the roof people! With these 7 templates, things are going to be so much easy for you. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to create your next vertical video. Now you have no excuse to not go vertical!

Find the above templates in your Animaker Dashboard! If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below!


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