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DevLearn 2022: Animaker kicks off its next big mission to empower L&D users!

As the remarkable year of milestones is coming to a close, we want to start off the next year on the right foot.
So, we at Animaker ensured that we listened to our users before setting up our goals for the upcoming year.
One of the user segments we are eyeing to chip into more next year is the L&D industry, and we wanted to hear from the L&D crowd first-hand.
And what better way to do that than by attending one of the biggest L&D conferences held in the United States today - DevLearn 2022.

1) Why is DevLearn 2022 important?

DevLearn Conference & Expo (aka DevLearn 2022) is an exclusive event held for L&D industry professionals worldwide.
It's a 3-day event in which attendees can meet & greet top industry leaders and discover the best solutions for business-critical issues faced in the industry today.
This year it was held at the Mirage, Las Vegas, Nevada. And it witnessed one of the biggest turnouts in DevLearn History - Over 3500 registered attendees!
As excitement ran through, we at Animaker were prepped and ready!

2) A 6-Week Prep for a 16-hour Showdown

We knew DevLearn was going to generate some buzz among the L&D crowd. But it was even more exciting to see 100+ Exhibitors showcasing their products and services at the conference.
With such a massive number of Exhibitors, the attendees will only have enough time to visit a fraction of the number of booths available at the event.
To interact and understand the needs of the L&D users better, we knew we needed to get good traction towards our booth.
So we started planning for it 6 weeks before DevLearn 2022. Thanks to our CEO Raghav who had been mentoring us since Day 1, despite his busy schedule.
We planned for 3 crowd-pulling attractions.
A) A Classy Booth Setup
B) Guerrilla Marketing with Wallets
C) Free Exclusive Goodies!

A) A Classy Booth Setup

With 100+ Exhibitors, we had to make the best first impression to get the L&D attendees to stop by our booth.
We had to be creative to make the most of the event.
So our design experts helped in assembling a customized booth exclusive to the event.
To add a dash of style to the booth, we also brought in our Animaker Mascot.
Here’s how it turned out to be!
Pretty neat, right?
Our CEO, Raghav & VP of Sales, Stephen were ready in our booth to help the attendees from the get-go!

B) Guerrilla Marketing with Wallets

Apart from the regular walk-ins, we wanted to gain more attention towards our booth.
So we tried being a little innovative.💡
We dropped a few wallets around the event with customized messages.
Here’s what you would find inside the wallet.
i) Cash - A couple of hundred dollars. Fake ones, of course. 😉
ii) A “Free Drink License” - Visiting a lot of booths could drain the attendees battery/energy super fast! So we thought why not give them Free Drinks as a token of appreciation for those who return the wallets!
So here’s the overall look.
We were amazed to see over 60% of the wallets being returned and visitors getting back to us with huge smiles.
We had a chance to record one such moment. Here’s the video for you.

C) Free Exclusive Goodies!

We obviously didn’t want to send our booth visitors empty-handed.
We handed out exclusive Animaker tees, mugs, badges, brochures, and more to all our booth attendees.

3) Touchdown Vegas. Howdy DevLearn 2022!

It was time for the final showdown.
And we were ready at our booth to welcome the Visitors.
Our CEO, Raghav & VP of Sales, Stephen were available throughout to help them understand how Animaker can help them solve some biggest challenges in the L&D industry.
The Animaker booth was busy from the start. The 6-week prep really paid off and brought enough footfalls to our booth.
We showed our attendees how Animaker could easily help L&D users improve their engagement. The audience’s reaction to the tons of cool features of Animaker gave us the extra energy we needed to keep our booth hustling and bustling!
We had a chance to interact with professionals across different industries, including industry giants such as Disney, IBM, etc., and showcase our suite of Enterprise Video Tools for the L&D industry.
We ended the day with over 350 new L&D connections, and we can’t wait to continue our conversations with each and every one of them!
The conversations we had with each one of them also gave us a clear understanding of the L&D requirements to sketch up a roadmap on how we can contribute to their success in the upcoming year.
So get ready L&D users! Animaker will soon be the number one solution for your L&D Video Making needs in 2023!
If you are interested in learning how you can use Animaker to achieve your L&D goals, we would be happy to show you. Book A Demo Here!


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