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Reasons to choose Animated Video over Live Action and how to make your own

The perks of owning video content online is mind blowing and videos are for sure low hanging fruits that are simply irresistible. Businesses, Marketers and startups have now started to feel the importance of including video content in their content marketing strategies. This is definitely due to all the buzz created by the digital marketing enthusiasts all over the world and the major online platforms inviting video content with open arms.
A question arises as to what kind of video to choose- Animated or live action? Of late, we could find a rise in the usage of animated videos for online marketing with major brands like Google, Ebay and Apple adapting animated videos in their marketing strategy. While creating a live video is far more easier now with our smartphones having good resolution cameras, why go for animated videos? is a question most would like answered. When the video content is created by your customers (User Generated Content), people would love to see videos taken without proper planning but for a marketing content or a product demonstration, you need a well-planned video, cutting all the noise. To be precise- something professional looking. Storytelling is the only way to grab customer attention and the brands are not missing out on this opportunity. They create stories in all forms- text, Image, infographics and videos. Of which, videos dominate on creating maximum impact by being able to showcase every aspect of a story- the characters- looks, emotions and movement, script and the right call to Action. Even if most of us clearly enjoy animations, we still want more reasons to believe it.


A video is created to tell a story with which the audience can relate to. In that case, when you are addressing an international audience, you should be very careful that it does not leave out the rest of the world and just denote one particular region. It is important to make our video appeal to everyone. Animated characters, properties and backgrounds are created in a manner which is acceptable to people around the world and this reduces the pain in creating multiple live action videos with the same theme but with different people and locations.

No dependence on talent

In live video, you need really good actors who can show emotions as if they are true from their heart and even a slightest mistake will spoil the context and lose audience interests. Whereas an animated character can never go wrong with emotions. They are made in such a way that emotions like laughter, anger and confusion are expressed with utmost perfection. the reason is simple, they are made like that. You just have to choose the right emotion and the animated characters never fail to impress you.

Equipment and expertise

For a perfect live action video, the cost of renting a filming equipment is huge and then there are a few more important considerations like that of skilled talent, place and properties. If you do not have the right expertise in scripting, editing and lighting and most importantly directing, you will suffer great loss with the performance of your video. The last thing you want to do is to leave it to the experts which may again result in huge weight loss for your wallet.

Execution efficiency

The most common mistake made by live video makers is not spotting unrelated stuff while shooting. In this digital era, the audience have fine eye for spotting mistakes and before you realise it, your goof up has already travelled spread half way around the world. In the first seen the lead actor hold a cup in his right arm and the next scenes shows it in his left, or a classroom has a door with Ministry of finance written on it. These mistakes can never happen in an animated video because you build your background step by step.

Greater control

You will always have greater controls over the looks of your characters, their emotions, their placement, backgrounds and also on the time limit. Though, the same is possible for a live action video, we cannot deny the fact it is far more difficult for a live action video than for an animated video. Thus you would be able to achieve greater control over your animated video, where you know what you are adding to your scenes.

Highly focussed Audience

With animated videos, you can easily cut down on the noise and let the audience to concentrate on the story. A videos efficiency lies on how it can influence the audience in terms of its core concept. In an animated videos, the viewer is guided efficiently towards the essence without being distracted by elements like the haircut, clothes or the skills of the actors.

There are just no limitations

With animated videos you have absolutely no boundaries. Your videos will become a canvas to your imagination. The lead character can fly, with objects flying around her with dramatic adventurous effects- with animated videos, all these are within your reach. Live Action can be somewhat limiting. Very limiting. We always see animated movies with characters moving up and down, popping up from thin air or disappearing and it kind of fascinates us. These kind of super powers can be shown as something normal in animated movies and people accept them just the same. Live action movies also show these but the cost and time involved in creating them is unimaginable.

One can never be too old for animation

At this point you probably already knew about what we are going to say next. You didn't miss it. It is the fun in growing up watching movies of Disney and Pixar. Accept it or not, some of us are still spell bound by these movies which is seen clearly with many animated movies becoming blockbusters. Animation adds a fun element to any kind of a story. Animation and storytelling is one great combination which marketers cannot ignore. Animated videos induce the fun element and the viewers are influenced to share their experiences with family and friends and word spreads easily. After all, viral videos is a buzzword these days.

Making complex things simple

Animation is a great way to simplifying complex concepts and ideas. The messages become simple to consume and digest. With animation, one can get tp the granular level of explaining a concept, be it a product demonstration addressing the pain points or an educational video about a complex subject.

Ability undo and redo

Your business is ever evolving as much as your thoughts which may compel you to change your mind with respect to the core message in the video. The video may also become irrelevant over a period of time with evolving target audience. The biggest gift in choosing an animated video is your ability to make the necessary changes as and when you want. Animated videos are timeless and would accept changes over time. updating or changing a live action video will prove really expensive with cost and energy.

With the right tool you Save- Time, cost and energy

Yes! you heard that right. Animated videos are easy to create by anyone and everyone. You save- time, cost and energy. Provided, you have the right tool and a great idea. Animaker is a shockingly simple DIY animated video making tool that enables you to create animated videos by a simple drag and drop. All you need to do is prepare a script and visualization and start creating scene by scene. Choose the right character, backgrounds, properties and sound effect. Towards the end, add a voice over or choose from the Background music library. Your video is ready to face your audience.
Videos are a great way to connect with your audience/consumers and your content strategy needs an animated video for the reasons mentioned above. With studios charging a huge amount for creating videos, DIY tools will allow businesses to creating a lot of videos while still staying on budget.


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