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How GSK created 2000+ videos using Animaker and saved $1.4 Million?!

Laurence Chung is the Brand Manager at GSK, one of the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical corporations. They help improve the health of millions of people worldwide by discovering, developing, and manufacturing innovative medicines, vaccines, and consumer healthcare products.

Laurence Chung is also an Experienced Visual Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceuticals industry. He is skilled in Marketing Management, Business Planning, Retail, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Management. 

Laurence Chung said that GSK saved $1.4 million by creating 2000+ videos using Animaker. Wondering how? Let's hear it from Laurence himself.

The challenge

GSK is a multinational pharmaceutical company with employees working from across the globe. We have quite a defined style for our brand.

We maintain the style in all our communications channels by strictly adhering to the brand guidelines. Part of our communication style is animation.

In the healthcare industry, it is not always possible to bring in genuine doctors and genuine patients to illustrate an issue or a challenge that we are facing. Therefore, we don't prefer bringing in actors to create films because we believe authenticity is our major brand value.

Animated videos allow us to tell a story that creates a real human connection.

We use animated icons as well as animated human-like characters in our videos to emphasize and illustrate the solutions that we provide.

Our team members were utilizing free/cheap online tools to create these animated videos. However, this process created two major challenges:

  1. The animations did not match our style, thereby compromising the consistency in our brand communications.
  2. The online templates and tools made our videos look like content that every other company could create. This was not acceptable for the GSK brand.

If you can't beat them, join them:

In an organization of 120,000 employees, we couldn't just ban people from using the online tools which were available to them. Instead, we wanted a solution that would allow our employees to create animated videos without compromising on our brand guidelines easily.

We were looking for an animation tool or agency that helps us create branded videos owned by GSK, which gave our employees the ability to tell our story. So we started scouting the market for the perfect video solution to solve our problem.

We had long conversations with the teams from several animation tools, trying to understand how they create animations and how their characters move. We realized that we were looking for an adaptive platform to help us create animations using our own branded characters.

Unfortunately, after having dozens of meetings, we were still not able to find the right partner. 

Animaker + GSK - Match Made in Heaven

We went through a long list of products that created animated videos. Each of these products proposed a new way of solving our problem. But that just wasn't ideal for us.

That's when we got the opportunity to meet Stephen from Animaker.


When every product out there was trying to give us fixed solutions like pre-made clips, templates, etc.

Stephen proposed that Animaker could provide us with the power to add our own characters to a skeleton, thereby giving us the power to customize everything.

We had the power to customize everything like skin tone, hair, face, costume, etc., thereby helping us differentiate every video while still following our brand guidelines. 

GSK Animaker

Animaker's 'Customize everything' approach attracted everyone in our organization, and we could see the potential to create a lot of videos with diverse approaches and creativity. 

2000+ videos so far!!!

At GSK, we wanted to use animated videos for a plethora of different use cases. From marketing to L&D, animated videos helped us communicate easily and effectively.

But creating these videos in a standardized manner was always a challenge. That's where Animaker came into the picture.

Animaker has helped our employees create animated videos easily for all of the different use cases - and that's how we have created more than 2000 videos so far (While still sticking to our brand guidelines).

Why GSK loves Animaker

Ever since we started using Animaker to create videos, we have seen two main benefits.

  1. Cost-saving
  2. Consistency

Over the past year, we have created over 2000 videos using Animaker. If we had used an agency to create those videos, we would have spent almost 1.4 million dollars on service costs. Instead, just by choosing Animaker, we ended up saving all that money.

For a big company with over 120k employees like GSK, consistency is very important in our brand communication.

Animaker allowed us to ensure consistency in all our video communication efforts. Apart from this, Animaker has also provided fantastic customization capabilities that have made our entire team fall in love with the product.





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