Super Cool Animated videos in no time

How Jacqueline blew up her Instagram reach by 100% and 2Xed her workshop signups!

Meet Jacqueline from Spain, the founder of Taller Telekids, a media literacy initiative she created in 1996.

Let’s hear what Jacqueline has to say

Before I start my story, let me introduce you to Taller Telekids, a workshop that I founded to teach media studies to kids and adults.
In my workshop, my students get a chance to write their script, record it with cameras, learn about sound and lighting, and digital editing.
Once the videos are done, we (myself and the students) become critical spectators in front of screens. We do this for all the classroom projects. This makes our workshop really impactful.

The tight spot!

They say, “nothing comes easy.” That’s pretty real in my experience.
As much as I love conducting my workshops, I faced a few challenges that I had to overcome.
My two main challenges when it came to my workshop were:
  1. Because of the pandemic, I wasn’t getting enough registrations on my course. I needed to reach a larger audience for me to expand my student base.
  2. The pandemic meant it wasn’t as easy anymore for my students and me to have more real-world projects. The workshops had turned more theoretical. So I had to make sure that the classroom learning was as enjoyable as the real-world projects.
Social media was the main lead driver for my courses. You will find me regularly posting content on YouTube as well as Instagram.
To solve problem no. 1, I decided that Instagram Reels was the way to go forward.
I noticed that on Instagram, the Reels video format was giving more organic reach on the platform than any other type of content. So I decided to try it myself.
Once I started posting reels, I started seeing increased visibility for my profile. But it didn’t give me the boost I was looking for.
Over the years, I have worked on videos in different formats, but Animation is really special to me. So I decided to try making Animation videos to triumph both of my challenges.

The Pursuit of the right tool!

While there were many traditional tools like Adobe Animate and After Effects available in the market, they required me to invest tons of time in the Animation creation process.
As a person who needed to keep their Instagram feed active every day, Adobe tools were not the right solution.
I had two criteria that needed to be met:
  1.  I needed something that would let me create high-quality Animations in under 30 mins.
  2. The tool needed to be cost-effective.
It sounds impossible for a tool like that to exist, right?
I thought the same, too, until I stumbled upon Animaker on Google. I instantly fell in love with its user interface and started exploring the app.
yes gif
The features were easy to understand, and I love how many unique templates and designs were available even in their free version.

Animaker - the One for me!

Do you believe in a eureka moment? I had my eureka moment when I met Animaker.
I decided Animaker was the ONE for me when I knew that its free version is quite generous and allows the users to use many characters with super attractive actions and movements.
It also makes it possible for us to add our voice for the animated characters we use in the video. This was very important to me as I primarily wanted to use Animaker videos for my Instagram reels and create explanatory videos using Animaker to teach my lessons.

The Upward Trajectory in my Graph!

What were the results after I started using Animaker, you ask?
I noticed a 100% increase in organic reach after I started posting Animated Reels made with Animaker. The views have gone from hundreds to thousands.
It ultimately helped me generate more traffic to my online workshop. This, in turn, resulted in 2X more sign-ups than I previously did.
While I just started using Animaker a couple of months ago, the results that I have seen so far are super promising.
By using Animaker, I was also able to provide my students with a great learning experience. The feedback I receive from my students for my course has been highly positive and motivating.
students gif

The Aftermath!

I have been so impressed with my results that I recently started an online course to teach my students ‘How to use Animaker.’
online course
Apart from the course, I have also started publishing videos like this one on my YouTube channel.
To sum it up. Animaker is that one tool that can solve so many challenges for small and medium scale businesses like mine. Did you have a similar experience with Animaker? Feel free to share your experience in the comments section.


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