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Introducing Animaker Academy! Creative Learning, Done Right!

When we launched Animaker in 2015, we had only one vision in our mind - to democratize the video creation process and make it affordable for all.

Animaker achieved that by making video creation way simpler than ever before!

We ended up helping thousands of video makers achieve their personal and business goals. But we got to know that some were not able to do that even though their video was stunning.

We spoke to both sets of users the successful ones and the ones who were finding it tough to have their voice heard.

It was then we found out that users who didn’t have the adequate knowledge to market their video found it tough to achieve their goals.

This sparked an important question in our minds. When we offer the right set of tools to our users for video creation, why can’t we also provide a platform where they can educate themselves about how they can achieve their business goals!

This idea led to the creation of "Animaker Academy”!

The Big Learning Problem:

While we were setting up the plan for Animaker Academy, we researched about online learning as a whole. We were astonished to find out that online course completion rates were less than 15%!

We wanted to understand why completion rates were so low. We were on a quest for answers.

We asked our users the following question “Have you ever enrolled yourself in a course and ended up not completing it?”

Most of the answers we got pointed towards a “Yes”!,

The most common complaint was that the course was neither engaging nor creative!

We also asked people who completed the courses, what motivated you?

Majority of them answered that they felt motivated to complete the course only because they needed the course completion certificate.

We were shocked to see how the entire online learning industry operated and how people were not getting the benefits they hoped for when they signed up!

As always, we took all these learnings back to our drawing board and made sure that we did not repeat the same mistakes with Animaker Academy.

Our only objective was that learners should enjoy the learning process and get the best value out of it.

After a lot of thought, we decided not to offer course completion certificates at the end of each course. The emphasis of Animaker Academy will be to help the learners enjoy the learning process!

We’re on a mission to change the learning experience once and forever by infusing creativity into the crux of every course we launch.

Top 4 Pillars in Animaker Academy:

1. Free Coursework:

We want everyone to access our knowledge base so that they can achieve their goals. For this reason, we’ve made the coursework completely free!

Learners can take up the course at their own pace, instead of being pressurized by a time limit.

2. Learn from the Experts:

We’ve made sure that the instructors of each course are handpicked and are the best in each domain.

Animaker Academy provides you the opportunity to learn from the experts so that you can stay ahead of the trend and dominate your industry.

All our instructors have made sure that the course has a DIY and creative approach. Our instructors also give out practical tips and exercises so that you can put your learnings to practice.

3. Creative Coursework:

Learning stops when it’s just one-sided. That’s why we have introduced our own concept called “Creative Coursework.”

At the end of every module in Animaker Academy, you can put your learning to practice by doing a creative task which is related to the course.

When you complete the course, you’ll have both theoretical and hands-on knowledge about the topic.

4. The CQ Test & Certification:

You can put your knowledge to the test in Animaker Academy, by taking a paid CQ (Creative Quotient) Test.

With a prime focus on creative case scenarios, it pushes you to practically test out your understanding of various concepts covered during the course.

The test requires you to score more than 70%. Upon passing the test, you’ll be awarded a Certificate of Achievement. The certificate will help you boost your career!

The First Creative Course - Viral Video Creation & Marketing

Viral videos are spontaneous! Viral videos are unpredictable!”

We’re really tired of hearing all this! So we’ve roped in one of the best YouTubers in town to break down the science behind creating a viral video!

He has pulled together all his learnings and experience into this course. Wanna create your own viral video? It’s just one step away!


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