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Major Updates - Smarter Memory, Faster Loading Time, Faster Exports and a Huge Announcement!

2018 has been a busy year at the Animaker HQ. From the launch of our Human-like voice over making app to the all-new YouTube Thumbnail maker, new products have kept us on our toes. While these new apps kept us busy, our product team has been constantly improving the Animaker application to provide you with a delightful video creation experience.

For years, one of our prime USPs has been our high quality animated characters and assets that none of the other players offer. Loading this huge library of Animated assets (which is also one of the World’s largest) within a few seconds is a big challenge as various factors such as your Internet speed and the PC’s specs come into play.

But today we are changing that with the all-new Smart Memory update. This update was designed to help you one-up your video making game with a better, faster and smoother video creation experience.


The Smart Memory update

One of the major concerns with online DIY tools is the amount of memory or RAM they consume. Most modern tools require 1 - 2 GB of RAM while loading their application.

In addition, your browser will take 2.5 - 3GB of RAM for cache data and information loaded in other tabs. This can slow down your computer and give a sluggish performance while you’re working with the tool.

Animaker always uses less RAM space to provide you a fast and consistent video creation experience. With this update, things are getting even faster. Animaker now only uses 25% of the RAM than it used to. So no matter how long your video duration is or how many objects you have in a scene, there will not be any sluggishness that can hinder your video creation experience.


This will especially come in handy for users with a budget laptop or an older model that has lesser RAM.

Faster Loading Times

We recently dedicated a couple of months to improve the architecture of the Animaker application. As a result of that work, users will now be able to load their video projects 70% faster.


For this particular enhancement, we modified the logic behind how projects are being loaded. Instead of loading a user’s entire project at once, our servers will now dynamically load the project.

Faster Exports

We have also upgraded our server and GPU capacity by 2X. This means our server can now handle twice the number of export requests and ensure timely delivery of your Animaker videos.

All these new updates will add up to a better, faster and smoother video creation experience. We just can’t wait for you to try out the new buffed up Animaker application.

P.S. Apart from all these updates, we're also working on something really exciting. An all-new version of Animaker with a world-class video creation experience is coming soon. Stay tuned!


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