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10 Tips to Hire the Right Script Writer

A script writer is the one who can daunt a blank sheet of paper and breathe life in to it.

Everybody always says it. The one surefire way to break into the industry is to write a great script. Great scripts emanate from right writers. But how to hire the right writer?

Managing a resource is tough and hiring one is tougher. You will escape if you start the hunt by searching for the right fit for the team and the role rather than pushing yourself to match the experience and skills of the resource. All you need is an hour’s time to wrap your hunt and decide the good fit. We suggest you that at the outset you can plainly pick resources who portray the following in their profile.

Basic eligibility- Glue yourself to the chair. Write, Rewrite and write.

Truly, script writers come from all walks of life. They belong to all cadres and possess different expertise. But one basic quality is, they should tend to glue their back to a chair and have a competence to write, rewrite and write.

Job Description- Be the creator and sculptor

  • Founder of storyline

  • Creator of dialogues

  • Sculptor of  characters

Understand that this is just the basic eligibility which gives the key to a profile to step into your premises to submit themselves to your ash test. What are the other essential qualities to look for before hiring? But wait. There isn’t any dependable and loyal rules to follow. Still, we illustrate some of the must-have qualities of a script writer you should look for before recruiting. Grade the profile on a score of 10 based on the following points.

 1.  Hire a movie-lover

There is no movie without some form of a script. It is the proficient work of a scriptwriter in the first place that keys to execute a whole wonderful movie. Movies are dream factories. A factory from which your resource can draw instant inspiration to better manufacture for your business, products whose stuff are dream and dream only. Whether it be a Hero, Heroine or Villain that swept him up to clone a character in his script.

If the interviewee is a Movie-lover, mark him with 1 point.

 2.  Hire a story-lover

A script writer should eat, breathe and live with stories. Stories are the essence of any script. The love for stories will trigger the writer to build one, the best for you. A writer should also have the capability to write a script that can narrate stories quick and clear. Stories enable the writer to craft characters that are unique and engaging. Characters that are well incorporated with the plot of the story.

If the interviewee is a Story-lover, the score is 2 points.

 3.  Hire an organised daydreamer

               Yes. We already saw in the first point that a script writer should be a dreamer. But, Who is an organised daydreamer? A person who can stream out his dreams into actions and create a whole new world of reality to the reader and captivate their attention to read more of the script. A person who can correlate his dreams to prepare a methodical script.

An Organised daydreamer gets a score of 3.

 4.  Hire a creator

Creativity is the basic ingredient of a script writer. A quality which all people are not gifted with. The profession of script writing demands much of creativity to build the storyline, characters and dialogues. Innovation is the trump card that can make your script  standout in the crowd. So hire a writer who is creative and can imagine to cook good stories.

A Creator raises his score to 4.

 5.  Hire a language expert

      A writer should possess a solid command over language. Sophisticated grammar is only a default feature of the writer. A good writer should not tell the reader but show them. Should have the potentiality to write visually what people actually see and hear. This can be achieved only if the writer has a vast vocabulary skills to paint pictures with  his words. A writer should head the script with his well-versed language and adept phrases. Precisely, his language should convey clarity to the reader.

A Language expert gets a score of 5.

 6.  Hire one who can acquaint with multiple styles

A writer should be versatile in building his script to consider multiple theories of the story. And dynamic to analyse various view points of the characters in the story. He should have an desire to experiment various styles for the same script and freeze one that suits the requirement.

If the interviewee is versatile, the score is 6.

 7.   Hire a good observer

He/ She should be a student of life. The voice of the script writer is developed from the life they lead.  He should be able to translate those experience into stories. A writer should tend to watch interactions and relationships with interest. This will aid him to frame the right dialogues for his characters. He must be a fine absorber of situations that happen around him and filter the one that suits the script. And perceive people to sketch definite characters for his story demands. A writer who is a wanderer or traveller can best contribute in framing the blueprint of the places that arise in the script. Thus, raising an attention grabbing script becomes an effortless job for the writer and you as well.

An Observer raises his score to 7.

 8.  Hire a person who can understand the plot- A fast learner

A writer should imbibe the flow of the story. He should be able to grasp the plot and follow the structure to meet the requirement of the business. They ought to be adept at weaving together visual elements within plot and dialogue. He should be able to infer and sense the plot of the script that he is building.

If a Fast learner, his score soars up to 8.

 9.  Hire a person who can be an insider

Scripts have to look a certain way. A writer is expected to present his work like an insider and adhere to the conventions of the business, covering everything from how many pages to what font. A writer cannot be an insider with only that. Conventions are the surface features of writing — mechanics, usage, and sentence formation. Conventions are a courtesy to the reader, making writing readable and unambiguous for the reader.In summary, his output should  match the company’s format. It does not stop with that alone. He should think and create the way the company thinks.

Do not take a risk to play a person who does not know your way.

A person who can be an insider boosts his score to 9.

 10. Hire a profile with 3 P’s

Above all a script writer should have all these 3 P’s

  • Passion

  • He should love his work. How to know that the interviewee is passionate? You can as explore his past to gain insight on his motivations like clubs, magazines he is involved with. The more involvement reveals his passion and enthusiasm.

  • Persistence

  • He should stick on  to his script until it is fine tuned for the final content that matches the target need.

  • Patience

  • He should show readiness to write, rewrite and write until the refined script is attained.

    If the interviewee has all the 3 P’s - Full score.

    Now, time for the result. If the score of the interviewee shows anything above 7, blindly take him. If it is 1 or 2 points lesser than that put him through an ash test to give a chance before that final decision.

    Hope this article comes handy for any recruiter to hire the best script writer. We might have missed out some of the important qualities do take time to mention them in the comments section below. Good Luck to hire the right writer.


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