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Content Marketing and Animated videos - A winning combination

The most commonly used buzzwords among marketers are “content marketing” “inbound marketing” “online marketing” etc. The core for all these activities is content. Though we say that a customer’s attention span is diminishing, it is a fact that there is a huge audience for information which does not sound salesy. Brands had started establishing themselves as experts in a field through rich content.
When you fail to create an effective content, all your online marketing efforts fail in tandem.
What would you do to make your content likeable? Can you create content which could glue your audience to the screen?
Videos has gained momentum these days and the year ahead would see an outburst of usage of video content which has the capability to deliver more within shorter time periods.
These bite sized pieces are now popularly animated with the advent of easy to use tools and applications.
Animated videos which when made with proper understanding of the objective may result in much engaged audience. The objective can be to educate, entertain, train, inform, engage or just tell a story. There are various methods to use animated videos in content marketing efforts. The following are a few tried and tested methods for Video content marketing

Regular Vlogs to establish permanency

Blogs are no doubt the most widely used content marketing tools and creating a video blog is no less either. A video blog involves a series of videos or in simple words, the text in blog in the form of videos. The vlog is also about a particular theme and the tone of voice as that of the traditional blog
There are people who had become over the night superstars through vlogging while some Vloggers had fallen apart. This could be attributed solely to the quality of content they produce.
To generate huge fan following for your animated videos in your Vlogs, you should follow certain thumb rules like never compromising on quality with respect to the visuals, characters, script and most importantly the call to action
When you are Vlogging, make sure that you are regular on posting videos. If you are not, your viewership may fall drastically. Being regular in creating animated video content has it’s perks

Document a Case study/ Success story

A case study is something which is something to show off to our potential customers. The one which excites you may not be equally appealing to someone who just hates lines and lines of text poured into a case study.
We would suggest that to increase the impact, create an engaging case study and use either Typography, an animation technique which involves text effects or the simple story telling effect by introducing scenes and animated characters
An animated video case study would necessitate you to pen down your context, the description, the lead players or the characters, the situation and a measurable outcome.
A case study will definitely make heads turn and never misses to reach out to those eyeballs for which it is intended.

Shout out on Social media

The response and the conversion that social media can deliver to animated videos is just unlimited. This space can be effectively exploited given the opportunity that most of the platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Pinterest support videos.
Of all the Social channels, YouTube stands as the uncontested winner with a huge audience base and unmatched popularity
Social media is all about customer interaction with your brand and a definite game changer in the world of Word-of-Mouth marketing. Videos are an effective way to help your customer to make informed decision.
Animated social videos are simple to digest and help in breaking through the clutter of all the available visual content by brands. Animated videos will prevent a customer from just moving on.
With platforms like Facebook limiting text to be used on images, videos are the best way to convey a lot of information at the shortest time.
Video ads are a thing on social media these days with only a very few venturing into these forms of ads

Micro-videos are here to stay

Micro-videos are an emerging form of content which helps in instant recall. A video which runs in to very few seconds will always get a complete viewership without missing any part of it. These videos can never miss the audience’s eyes
Though micro-videos are a part of social videos with Vine and Instagram featuring them, they have gained themselves a prominent place to be covered separately
These micro videos need not be explaining something and providing details or information.
They are mostly entertaining and intelligent videos with bite sized pieces of amazing videos

Infographics can also be videos

Ever heard of video Infographics! Animated video infographics is the new kid in the neighborhood. Infographics are usually meant to kindle interest on numbers and analytics and are widely used as images.
Infographics can also be animated by using the colorful icons and animating them to create those exciting visual effects. Amusing movement in video infographics is always a better option than images. Infographic is a theme available in Animaker. Try creating one!

How to create superfast animated videos that sell?

After covering the various forms of animated video content online, it is always a monstrous task to create videos in so many formats. That too, trying to satiate the video hungry audience is time consuming. We will give you a secret potion to brew your videos.
Introducing Animaker, a DIY animated video marketing tool which helps you in creating video content easily with just a few clicks.
Follow this process,
  • Create a script
  • Create scenes
  • Drag and drop characters
  • Add a voice over, music and sound effects
  • Hit preview
  • Download or export to Youtube
Yes, it is that simple. Try it out now!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to creating animated video content and marketing it online, creativity always wins over everything else.
While most brands are aware of the necessity of having an animated video to satisfy their marketing objectives, the coming years will see a surge in animated video content creation with the advent of tools like Animaker making the job simpler and easier.
If only you could dedicate the necessary time and effort in marketing your videos, getting an engaged online audience is a task not so far away from you.


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