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Introducing Animaker AI - The Future of AI Animation starts here!

When we launched Animaker in 2014, our Goal was to help startups and individuals create studio-quality videos without having to rely on agencies or professional video makers!
Since then, we’ve consistently evolved and set the bar higher with every passing year.
With Animaker 2.0 & Animaker 3.0, we introduced the world to groundbreaking features that enabled anyone to create studio-quality in under an hour!
Now, we’ve taken the most significant leap ever, where anyone can create Studio-quality Animated videos in just mere seconds!
Yes, you heard it right! Not hours or minutes, but just a few SECONDS!!!
Introducing Animaker AI - Built on Patented technology, it helps you create lightning-fast Animations with the highest accuracy - all at the speed of your thought!
I’m not kidding! If you have an idea for your video, your video will be ready in a few seconds with just a click of a button! You don’t have to spend time creating scene-by-scene Animations anymore!
How cool is that?
Here's a quick video of how Animaker AI can transform your video-making experience:

What makes Animaker AI the front-runner?

Nowadays, everyone is jumping on the AI bandwagon!
There are numerous AI tools catering to a myriad of use cases right from coding to even impersonating our favorite celebrities!
However, there’s one issue with these emerging AI tools in the market!
These tools simply mimic what ChatGPT’s API does. Therefore, the capabilities of these tools don’t go beyond what ChatGPT already offers!
Now, I’ll tell you how Animaker AI is different and superior to the other AI tools!
Animaker’s journey in the AI space began 3 years ago and we have been working on our own AI Solution way before the AI trend has even started!
Yes! Animaker AI was built from the ground up - backed by multiple patents and award-winning technology!
Even though Animaker AI uses ChatGPT’s API, it only works as a sidekick to Animaker AI!
This makes Animaker AI outperform other AI Apps in terms of precision and Accuracy!

What is Animaker AI?

Animaker AI is a powerhouse of AI tools bundled to help you create videos effortlessly, simplifying every step of the way!
Here’s what Animaker AI can do:
Now, let’s take a closer look at the above features:

1. AI-Powered Animated Video Generator::

Ever wished your ideas were magically transformed into videos?
Just imagine if there’s a tool where you enter your idea, click a button, and BAM - your idea is transformed into a captivating video in Seconds!
With the AI-powered animated Video Generator, all you have to do is just enter a prompt, choose the video duration & the tone of your video!
Sit back and watch the magic unfold as the AI engine meticulously creates a professional-quality video for you in just a few seconds!
We’ve done the heavy lifting of putting together the video scene-by-scene with the Animaker’s AI engine and using ChatGPT as a sidekick!
Say Goodbye to hours of script writing and creating a video from Scratch!
The AI-powered Video generator is currently in Closed beta! You can register for the Closed Beta access here or reach out to us at

2. AI-Powered Character Generator: (Coming Soon)

With the Animaker’s revolutionary character builder, you can create billions of unique characters that looks just like you!
With the AI-Powered Character Generator, we’ve made it even simpler for you.
Just upload your picture and generate your unique character in just seconds using the AI Engine!
Once we’ve generated the character, you can also tweak the features, switch outfits and more and use them in your Videos!

3. AI Powered Voiceover Generator with Auto Lip-sync:

Tired of voiceovers in your videos sounding dull and robotic?
Wish there was an easier way to add voiceovers that sound more human-like?
With the AI-powered voiceover generator, you can turn your text into 200+ voices and 50+ languages!
Just type your script, pick the desired voice and let Animaker voice work it’s magic!
But wait, there’s more!
With Animaker's Auto-lipsync feature, take your voiceovers to the next level by seamlessly syncing them to your characters' lip movements.

4. AI-powered Asset library: (Coming Soon)

Tired of spending endless hours hunting for the ideal background, properties, or stock images for your video?
Don’t worry! We’re here to save your day!
With the AI-powered Asset library, the perfect image is always at your fingertips—even if you can’t find it anywhere else!
Just describe the image you visualized to the AI Engine and watch your words turn into Awesome Assets with just a click!
It's that easy!

5.AI-powered Subtitle Generator:

With the rise of Social Media Videos where everyone typically watch videos on mute, Subtitles have become the ultimate game changer!
But a major challenge in adding subtitles to a video is that you have to type them manually for long hours.
Well, its not the case anymore because the AI-powered Subtitle Generator has done the heavy-lifting for you!
In just a click, the Subtitle Generator will instantly generate Subtitles for your videos. It can recognize videos in 30 different languages. It can also give you the power to translate the generated subtitles into 100+ languages and add them to the video.
To know more about the features of the AI-powered Subtitle Generator, check out the blog here
This is just the start for Animaker AI. We’re on a mission to make it the smartest AI Animation platform ever!
Now, it's your time to give Animaker AI a go.
What are you waiting for?
Take Animaker AI for a spin and create stunning Animations.


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