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How to post YouTube videos on Instagram [Easiest way – 2023]

Are you thinking of repurposing a YouTube video on Instagram? Well, YouTube videos can be repurposed directly to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and a few other major social media networks. However, YouTube doesn’t provide an option of repurposing the videos to Instagram directly.

In this article, you will learn how to repurpose YouTube videos on Instagram in three simple steps


STEP 1: Downloading the YouTube video

There are several ways to download YouTube videos. The simplest way is to use a third-party website like or ytmp3

Copy and paste the YouTube video link in either of the above websites and download

STEP 2: Customizing the video for Instagram

Instagram allows us to share videos as Reels, Story, IGTV, and Post. Each one of these content types has requirements that have to be met before you can successfully upload it to your Instagram account. 

The requirements are as below

For IGTV: 

  1. Video duration has to be at least 1 minute long
  2. The maximum length can be 15 mins (when uploading from a mobile device) or 60 mins (when uploading from the web)
  3. You can upload in 9:16 aspect ratio (1080 pixels x 1920 pixels) (Vertical video) or You can upload in 16:9 aspect ratio (1920 x 1080 pixels) (Horizontal video). We recommend uploading in the vertical format as most of the content on Instagram will be consumed from a mobile phone
  4. And in terms of output quality, the video has to be at least 720p

For Reels:

  1. Video duration can be from 15 – 60 seconds
  2. The aspect ratio should be 9:16 (1080 pixels x 1920 pixels)

For Story:

  1. Video duration can be up to 15 seconds
  2. The aspect ratio should be 9:16 (1080 pixels x 1920 pixels)

For Posts:

  1. Video duration can be up to 60 seconds
  2. Aspect ratio should be 1:1 (1080 pixels x 1080 pixels) or 4:5 (1080 pixels x 1350 pixels)

As you can see, a 9:16 vertical video is the best-suited video type to be posted for Reels, Story, IGTV and a 1:1 square video is the best-suited video type for Instagram posts.

So now, we’ll show how to customize your horizontal YouTube video for both aspect ratios.

Customizing the video for Instagram Reels, Story, and IGTV

This is the sample YouTube video that we are going to repurpose on Instagram and I have downloaded the video to my PC using

In this instance, we aim to generate traffic back to the YouTube channel using an Instagram Story.

Let’s see how we can customize the video for Instagram Story

1. Head over to the Instagram Video Maker from Animaker and sign up for a free account.

2. After logging in, you will be redirected to the application’s Dashboard. Under the section Create Project, you can see the different types of projects that can be created using Animaker.

3. To create an Instagram Story, IGTV, or Reels, click on the Vertical video. You will be prompted to choose between a blank canvas and templates to create your video. Since we are planning to customize our YouTube video into an Instagram Story video, click on the Blank option.

4. On choosing the Blank option, a new blank project will open in the application. This is the interface of the Animaker app where you can edit and repurpose your videos.

5. Towards the left-hand side, is the Library section. You will find the Upload option at the bottom of it. Once you click on it, you can select and upload the YouTube video you want from your PC.Note: YouTube videos are of horizontal video format with 16:9 ratio.

6. After uploading, clicking on the video will automatically convert it into a vertical video and fit inside the workspace. Once you click on the video in the workspace, you will notice a set of options. This is called the Item menu and it gives us the options to edit the video.

7. While the video changes from horizontal to vertical video format, certain parts of the video may get cropped because of the change in the aspect ratio. But do not worry. You can always use the Resize feature from the Item Menu and adjust the specific part of the video that has to be visible. Click on the Resize option and you will be able to control the part of the video that will appear within the workspace. But if you want to totally avoid the video getting cropped, use the Resize option to reduce the size of the video and keep it at the center of the workspace and then click apply. Now you can use the space above and below the video to add a Title text or a call to action text. But before adding text, let’s change the background color to make the video look better. To change the color of the background, click anywhere on the white region of the workspace and you can see a new color palette option appearing at the bottom. Click on the edit option over it, and choose the new color that you want to add to the background. Click the green tick icon to apply. In our case, we are choosing the Black color for the background.

8. To add text, click the Text section on the library. From this section, you can choose a blank text box or pick from a list of pre-built text designs that come with pre-applied animation effects.

Let’s see how to use one of the
text boxes to add text to the video. Just click on one of the plain text boxes you like, and it will appear in the center of the workspace. To edit the text, click over it again and type in the new text. Since we want to drive traffic to our YouTube video from our Instagram story, let’s useSWIPE UP” as the call to action text to this video. Once you have typed “Swipe Up” in the text box, click on the settings option that appears on the right side. Using the options available in the settings menu, you can change the font style, color, spacing, and even the transparency of the text. Let’s change the font style and font color for better visibility and keep it at the bottom of the workspace. You will also notice a purple bar in the timeline. You can just drag and adjust its length to control the duration for which the text will appear on this story video. For example, If I want the text to appear after the first two seconds, I have to drag the left edge of the purple bar and move it to the 2s mark on the timeline. Likewise, you can control the entry time and exit time of any text using the edges that are available at both ends of the purple bar.

The next step after this is to add entry and exit effects for the “Swipe Up” text we just added to our project. To do this, head over to the bottom section of the settings menu. The two options ‘Enter effect’ and ‘Exit effect’ let you add enter and exit animation effects to your text. Click on the enter effect option and you can find more than 50+ different text animation effects that can be applied to this text. Here we are selecting “Pop left” as the Enter effect for the text.

After applying the enter effect, you will notice a new pink-colored part within the purple bar in the timeline. This will let you control the duration of the text’s Enter effect. In the same way, we can apply an Exit animation effect for the text. But for this text, we don’t want any exit animation effect so we are not choosing any effect.

Now let’s add an icon to compliment the “Swipe Up” CTA text. We can use the properties option from the library section to add an arrow icon. Also, let’s apply a suitable Enter effect like “Pop Top”, to the arrow, to make it more engaging for the audience.

Similar to how we adjusted the time of entry for the swipe-up text, you can use the purple bar in the timeline to adjust the duration at which the arrow will appear in the video. And similar to the Swipe up text, use the right edge of the pink bar to adjust the Enter effect duration of the arrow.

Now let’s also add a Title for this Instagram story. Let’s type the YouTube video’s title 5 Most Scenic Sunsets on the West Coast “ and place the text box at the top of the video. Use the settings menu that appears on the right side to modify the text color, font style, etc. Adjust the purple bar in the timeline to set the duration at which the text will be seen on the video.

9. Use the Trim feature in the Item Menu to customize the overall duration of the video. Once you click on the trim feature, you can see a pop-up of the video with options to trim it. Drag the purple edges in the timeline to trim the video. Since we are creating an Instagram Story video, set the duration to less than 15 seconds (the max duration for Instagram Story is 15 seconds). Then click on the Green tick icon to apply the changes.

10. Now let’s preview what we have made. Using the Preview button in the menu bar, we can see how the scene looks.

11. Once everything is done, click on the Publish button in the top right corner. From the options shown, select the Download Video option to download the video.

12. Clicking on Download Video, the project will be redirected to the export page. Click on the Download button to save the video directly to your PC.

Now that you know everything you need to customize the video to suit an Instagram story, let’s look at how to customize a video to fit an Instagram post.


Customizing the video for Instagram Posts

In this instance, we are going to repurpose a YouTube video on Instagram. We aim to generate traffic back to the YouTube channel using an Instagram Post. Let’s see how to customize the YouTube video (of 16:9 aspect ratio) into an Instagram square video of 1:1 ratio,

1. Head over to the Instagram Video Maker from Animaker and sign up for a free account

2. In the Animaker application’s Dashboard, under the section Create Project, select the Square video format.

3. You will be prompted to choose between a blank canvas and templates to create your video. Since we are planning to customize our YouTube video into an Instagram video, click on the Blank option.

4. On choosing the Blank option, a new project window will appear. This is the interface of the Animaker app where you can edit your videos.

5. Towards the left-hand side, is the Library section. You will find the Upload option at the bottom of it. Once you click on it, you can select and upload the YouTube video you want from your PC.

6. After uploading, clicking on the video will automatically convert it into a square video and fit inside the workspace. Also, an  Item Menu will now be visible in the workspace which lets us edit the uploaded video.

7. While the video changes from horizontal to Square video format, certain parts of the video may get cropped because of the change in the aspect ratio. But do not worry. You can always use the Resize feature from the Item Menu and adjust the specific part of the video that has to be visible.
But if you want to avoid the video getting cropped at all, use the Resize option to reduce the size of the video and keep it at the center of the workspace and then click apply.

In our case, we have Resized the video to the center of the workspace and then clicked Apply.

8. Click in the empty white region of the workspace and an option for editing the background color will be available at the bottom of the screen. Select the suitable color and click the green tick button to confirm. In our case, let’s stick with the default white background color.

9. You can also add text over the video by using the Text section from the library. Once you click on the text section you will have two more options to add text. On the bottom, you can find the pre-built text designs that come with pre-applied animation effects. And plain text at the top that can be customized according to our needs. By clicking on the plain text, a new text box will be added to the workspace. Click on it further and you would be able to type the text that you want to add. We can also drag and move it anywhere within the workspace.

The settings tab appears on the right side. Using these options you can change the font style, color, spacing, and even the transparency of the text.

And at the bottom of the settings, the two options ‘Enter effect’ and ‘Exit effect’ let you add enter and exit animation effects to the text. You will also notice a purple bar in the timeline. You can just drag and adjust its length to control the duration of the text.

In this instance, for our Instagram Square video post, let’s type the title “ Make your breakfast in under a minute ” at the top of the video and add the YouTube channel name ” @YT_YourHomeChef” as the watermark and place it in the bottom space of the video.

10. Use the Trim feature in the Item Menu to customize the duration of the video. According to the Instagram duration requirements (Instagram Square Video Posts can be 60 secs long), drag the edges to trim the duration and click on the Green tick button.
Using the Preview button in the top menu, we can view the changes made to the scene.

11. Once everything is done, click on the Publish button in the top right corner. From the options shown, select the Download Video option to download the video.

STEP 3: Uploading the video to your Instagram account

There are two different ways to upload videos onto Instagram. Let’s see how to publish your videos using both methods.

  1. Using a PC or Mac
  2. Using a Smartphone

1. Using PC or Mac

Only IGTV videos can be uploaded from PC. Follow the instructions below,

    • Visit on your PC or Mac browser and log in to your Instagram account

    • In the profile page, under the IGTV section, click on the Upload button

    • You will be redirected to the Add new IGTV video section

    • Upload the video either by drag and drop or click on the add button and browse for the video on your PC.
    • Choose a Cover photo and Enter other details – Title and description once everything is completed, click on the Post button.

2. Using a smartphone

Instagram mobile application (Android & iOS) allows uploading the videos to your Instagram account as Reels, Story, IGTV, and Posts. Follow the instructions below

    • Transfer the edited video onto your smartphone from your PC.
    • Login in to your Instagram account, click on the add button at the top right corner in the profile page as shown below

    • This will pop up the different create options from the bottom of the screen. Choose the one according to your requirement. Here, for instance, we have chosen “Story” under the Create option.

  • Now choose the required video from the Gallery section. And click on the “Your Story” option to publish the video as Instagram Story.

The video will be uploaded successfully and will be visible in your profile now.

Kudos! You have learned to post your YouTube videos on Instagram. So why wait? Up your IG game with Animaker.

100 Youtube video ideas for beginners!

With 37 million YouTube channels uploading 500 hours of video every minute, even being visible is a hard task today. In such chaos, finding the right ideas for YouTube videos is as good as finding a needle in a haystack, especially for a beginner YouTuber.

Searching for inspiration for new ideas, 

Searching for ideas

Being a beginner YouTuber means facing a lot of challenges in video making, starting from inadequate technical skills, lack of experience, lack of quality editing tools, and so on. Considering all these challenges, we have come up with a list of 100 YouTube video ideas that require minimal resources, with the promise of higher views. Yes, a list of YouTube video ideas specifically meant for beginners!

Before getting into an idea spree we want to share something with you. When we started our Youtube channel we faced a lot of challenges in gaining views.  We know how hard it is to gain even a few hundred views as a new channel. That is why we decided to share our learnings and the strategies we used in the form of a video. Hope this is of help to you!


Self-inspired video ideas:

As a starter, it is better if your first YouTube video is something based on yourself. Involving fewer stakes is the best way to make things happen.

Self-inspired video ideas

1.) A self-introduction video can be your first YouTube video. Just talk to your audience, tell them who you are, how you feel about starting a channel, and what you are planning to do with the channel. A simple self-intro video is an excellent way to get things fired up.

2.) Vlogs are one of the most popular types of YouTube videos and very good for individuals in terms of converting your channel into a profitable one. But the critical thing is to find your uniqueness. It can be the way you present yourself before the camera, how you talk to your audience, how you tell your story, something that’s very unique to your channel. That’s the only way you can stand out from the ocean of vlogging crowds. Looking for some help on starting your Vlog journey? Here is a super cool article on how to start a Vlog.

3.) Share your perspective on things starting from politics, religion, legal rights issues like gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, or maybe even talk about black holes, and time travel if you know some physics.

4.) A day in your life: Show what you do on a day and make them live your life. These videos are a step to get closer to your audience and build a relationship with them through your content.

5.) Talk about your path to success. Set goals and show the progress you make to achieve them. People are looking out for some real-life inspirations. It may be a fitness goal like losing body weight or learning a new skill, like a musical instrument, or something cool like doing a backflip and so on.

6.) Record your reaction to different incidents that your viewers will be interested in. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Your reaction video. It can be of your friends’, neighbor’s, or your cute little cousin’s.                                                                                     

The following is one such reaction video posted by the YouTube channel ‘React’, which makes reaction videos on everything that is trending. If you doubt the potential of reaction videos, then check out this channels’ subscriber count 😉

7.) Share your music playlist. Talk about why you like them, how you got to know them first and share your music taste with your audience.

8.) Showcase your morning routine. Show people how you start your day, what are the things you do, how it helps in your life, and so on. Meredith is a YouTuber with a growing channel. You would be amazed to see the response from people to one of her Morning routine videos.

9.) Create a list of your favorites, starting from your favorite books, movies, tv shows, other YouTube channels you like, and so on. These videos not only bring in views, but you also get an opportunity to share your taste and create a relationship with your audience. 

10.) Trying things for the first time. Film yourself or your friends or family trying out things for the first time in life. For example, trying to speak after inhaling helium gas, trying different cuisines, or going bungee jumping, or a gazillion other fun things.

Is trying Mcdonald’s for the first time a big thing?! Yes! This kid, Merrick Hanna, makes it look like so!

11.) Completing the bucket list videos: These types of videos get more interesting with the types of wishes you have. You can start with your smallest of wishes and make a series of videos as you move towards the biggest of them.

12.) Reacting to my first video. This one is not for the first YouTube video. But you can celebrate your 100K subscriber count with a reaction video to your first ever video.

Compilation video ideas:

Compilation videos are one of the most popular and highly viewed video types that require almost zero video production work. All you have to do is find the right content and present it enjoyably.

Compilation Video Ideas

13.) Like a boss compilation videos: Compile all the cool things that people do and present them in an interesting way. You won’t believe your eyes once you notice the view count and the subscriber count of the channel that posted it. These videos have so much organic value that the videos can go viral even when you don’t have a big following.

14.) Meme video compilations. While a single meme can make a person die of laughter, think about what a compilation of meme videos can do!

MemerMan is one such channel that built its audience by posting meme video compilations.

15.) Movie clips compilation videos: Make a compilation of your favorite movie scenes. After all, every one of us is a fan of some movie. Gaining views is hard. But getting interaction from viewers in the form of comments is harder. The following video shows how a ‘movie compilation video’ can bring tremendous interaction from your viewers.

16.) Funny clips compilation videos: Funny videos never go out of trend. Would you say no to watch a compilation of funny videos? 

17.) Sports video compilations: There is a reason why sports video compilations are quite popular. Every sport has its die-hard fan following. Which sport are you a fan of?

18.) Cute babies’ video compilations: Baby video compilations never go out of trend. Is there something more heartwarming than a cute baby’s smile?!

19.) Top 10 list videos: You can make a list of ‘top 10’ in any field. People are always curious about who or what’s at the top. 

MR SLAV is a channel that consistently produces videos on things at top of the list over a variety of different topics. Here is one such video talking about Top smartest people ever.

20.) Interesting facts videos. Make a compilation of interesting facts. People are gonna watch it unless you make the interesting facts uninteresting.

21.) Funny pets compilation. Pet videos are the way to go if you wanna make your viewers say, “Awww!”.

22.) Challenges videos compilation. Challenge videos, most of the time, make viral trends. Bottle Cap challenge, Ice bucket challenge, Kiki challenge, and the list goes on.  And you know how crazy the world is about it!

There are a lot of successful channels that make a compilation of trending videos from different social media platforms and post them on Youtube.

23.) Oddly satisfying videos compilation. Make a compilation of videos that are weird yet soulful to watch. 

24.) Fail videos compilation have never failed to hit bigger numbers on YouTube. Gather a list of funny failure clippings and make your compilation video.

Fail army is a youtube channel with over 14million subscribers. Most of their videos are fail video compilations.


27.) Did you know? Facts compilation Videos:  Use the power of curiosity to grab your audience’s attention!

[Pro Tip: Compilation video creation involves the risk of copyright infringement issues. So make sure the contents you use are copyright-free].

Popular Video Ideas:

Below is the list of popular video ideas that proved to be successful in the history of YouTube.

Just like Leo, Popular and successful!

Popular Youtube Video ideas

28.) Short Films are the way to go if you love to tell engaging stories. And people always appreciate a good story.

Omeleto is a YouTube channel that collects award-winning short films around the globe and posts on its channel. Short films have helped them gain 3 million subscribers in a short span of four years.

29.) Time-lapse videos are visually stunning to watch. Creating a time-lapse video is easy. Just record a lengthy event, then increase the speed at which the video runs and turn the several hours and days of video into a few minutes.

These types of videos make your viewers feel good. So the positivity of the response from your audience in terms of likes and comments for the videos is going to be high.

30.) Interviews & Discussions are a great way to transfer knowledge and entertain the people until it has a good topic of interest and great minds are involved in the dialoguing. Once you decide on what your channel is about, find the prominent people in the relative field and interview them.

There is a great chance that you would have come across one of the celebrity interview videos from this channel ‘First We Feast’. While the interview happens, the celebrities are asked to eat hot wings of different levels of spiciness. The spicier it gets more fun to the viewers watching it.

31.) Explainer videos: Explainer videos can be used in many different ways. Even though they are widely used by businesses to explain and promote their business, there are a lot of big-time YouTubers who create explainer videos.

31.) Explainer videos: Explainer videos can be used in many different ways. Even though they are widely used by businesses to explain and promote their business, there are a lot of big-time YouTubers who create explainer videos.

32.) ASMR Videos are meant to make the viewers feel so relaxed. It can visually hypnotize your audience and make them sit tight for hours.

33.) Weird experiments videos: Do some weird scientific experiments that can get your audience interested. How many times have you come across videos that are about ‘dropping mentos into coke’? 

34.) Public Prank videos are the golden-egg-laying goose for YouTubers. They keep your video views high and consistent for a long time. 

This dude started his channel HoomanTv not very long ago. With just 102 Videos, he has gathered a total of 1.88 Billion total views. Shampoo prank Series (17 videos) and Gold Digger prank series (36 videos) are some of his channel’s sensations.

35.) Family pranks videos are not only gonna get you more views but also assure you some fun time with your family.

36.) Cooking videos are the way to go if you are someone good at making delicious bites. You can introduce a new food on each of your videos, or you can cover different cuisines by making a video series, or you can collaborate with famous chefs and make special episodes. 

Marion’s Kitchen is a famous cooking channel based in Australia. If you notice closely, the consistency she has in posting the videos regularly is splendid. Posting videos regularly helps in gaining the favor of the Youtube algorithm.

37.) Ghost pranks videos are not only hilarious and scary, but it is also a good way to gain some subscribers.

38.) Destroying things videos: Sometimes, it’s just happy to see things getting destroyed. Who would have thought people would love two random guys breaking the glasses of an old car?!

39.) ‘What if’ videos: People are curious. Attracted towards ‘what ifs and maybes’. Feed their curiosity with your videos. You will be rewarded with views and subscribers.

What if is the channel that imagines the happening of impossible and nearly impossible things and tries to guess its outcome through its videos.

40.) Lip Sync: Man! What can be more hilarious than replacing the voice of a popular celebrity with something funnier?

Bad Lip Reading is a popular Youtube channel that replaces the voice of popular celebrities from real-life conversations with funny lines. If you look at their video, you can notice that they are funny but not hurtful.

41.) Dance Videos: I don’t know how many people hate dancing, but for sure, millions would love watching it.

Tutorial video ideas:

Not everyone can effectively transfer knowledge. Good teaching is a rare skill to come across. If you are good at teaching things, then these ideas are for you.

Tutorial Video Ideas

42.) How-to Videos: People’s minds are filled with an enormous number of questions starting from “how to tie a tie” to “how to create a home-made space satellite”. The real seller here is not the answers you give them; but how you explain them in an easily understandable way.

43.) Asking viewers: You can ask your audience what they want to see in the comments section of your previous videos and make videos on them. What can be a better way for finding video ideas than asking your viewers directly, what they wanna see?!

44.) Skills teaching videos: If you’re good at drawing, teach them how to draw. If you are good at guitar, teach them how to play the guitar.

This simple ukulele tutorial from a beginner YouTuber did well despite her smaller subscriber base.

45.) Fitness videos: Fitness madness is getting everywhere nowadays. You can help somebody to achieve their fitness goals through your videos. Fitness videos are not just entertainment; they are a guide to a better lifestyle. And there is always someone taking their new year, new month, or new week resolution of getting fit.

46.) DIY hacks videos: Teach people how to get smarter in day-to-day life with some awesome hacks. There are many popular DIY hack channels on YouTube which showcase the power of these video types. One awesome fact about DIY fact videos is that unlike the other video ideas which are meant for a specific set of viewers DIY videos can be watched by anyone.

47.) Makeup tutorial videos: If you are someone who is party-ready within minutes, then you can help save time for a planet of population.

48.) Software tutorial videos: Software applications are made to make life easier. Well, now there are plenty enough to confuse people. So definitely a good software tutorial can help a lot of people.

49.) Sports tutorial videos: Can you swing your baseball bat like a pro? Are you good at those 3 pointers? If you are good at any sport use those skills to make content for your channel. 

50.) Video making tutorials: Shooting the video, editing, Color adjustment (DI), adding other effects, the list in the process of video making is pretty long. If you know the skill of video making then you can start your Youtube journey by teaching others to create awesome videos.

51.) Device-specific tutorial videos: Starting from phones, laptops, wearable devices, and several other electronic devices that we use in our day-to-day life, to the type of software they utilize to function like Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, etc. the complexity of usage of these devices is increasing with time. So does the need for device-specific tutorial videos. 

Here is one such popular device-specific video that explains how to edit video through android phones.

52.) Magic trick tutorial videos: If you are a master in the art of deception, then record yourself performing tricks and use them to entertain your youtube audience. 

53.) Teach a professional skill video: There are a lot of professional skills that can help people earn a living. Marketing, Stocks, Data analysis, and so on. But to learn these skills people have to pay and not all can afford these costlier courses. But, if you are good at a skill you can help people by sharing your knowledge.

54.) Programming language tutorial videos: If you are a coding geek, then you can help a starter by teaching programming skills through your videos. For a guy like me, I would love to learn about coding. But every time I see the coding language, it feels like gibberish. The thumb rule to follow here is to make it as simple as possible.

Lifestyle video ideas:

Are you someone who has an eye for detail? Someone with a good aesthetic sense? 

Someone good at keeping yourself updated with the current trends just like this cool dude over here…. 

Lifestyle Youtube Video Ideas

Then the following list is for you!

55.) Travel vlogs: If you are someone who loves traveling extensively then, start making a video diary of your travels and post it on YouTube. 

Here is my favorite travel vlog channel on YouTube. Drew Binsky travels around the world experiencing different cultures, food, people and shares them through his videos.

56.) Fashion trends videos: If fashion is your forte, then start creating videos on top fashion trends around the world. Help people be on top of the fashion trends.

57.) Home tour: Give people a home tour of your house. Show them your lifestyle and present it in an interesting way.

This is a home tour video made by a growing YouTube channel of less than 10K subscribers. But you would be amazed to see the number of views fetched by this video. This video doesn’t show a fancy apartment with million-dollar cars. But a simple home tour by a humble pair.

58.) Wardrobe tour: Showcase your collection of attires to the viewers. Maybe you can also talk about some of your memories while wearing them in the past.

59.) What’s in my handbag or wallet: People are more interested in knowing what’s inside someone else’s bag. Curiosity!

60.) Skincare routine videos:  If you are good at maintaining the wellness of your skin, you can share them with your viewer community.

61.) Health and weight loss-related diet videos: Are you a health-conscious person, a fitness freak, and know a lot about healthy diets? Then you can help a lot of people to live a healthy lifestyle with your diet ideas.

62.) Nail care videos: Nail care, which used to be a thing of hygiene, is now an art and beauty standard. There are many interested in keeping their nails as a fashion symbol. Don’t believe me. Then check out this cool video below.

63.) Videos for specific body types and body features: Let’s say you are a curly-haired person. And you know how to take good care of your hair. Then you can help people with curly hair. Similar examples would be fashion tips for plus-sized people, dressing hacks for short or tall people, and so on.

64.) Lifestyles in different cultures and countries: Will experiencing the different cultures and cuisines across the world be boring?! NEVER! But not all people have the opportunity to experience that. Your videos can help people achieve that.

65.) The Lifestyle of celebrities videos: People are always interested in knowing the lifestyle of their favorite celebrities. Won’t you be interested in knowing the lifestyle of your favorite celeb?!

66.) Random shopping videos: Even a simple video trip to Walmart can be interesting when you know how to present it interestingly.

This is Sarah, a mother. She makes videos that are focused on mothers. This way, her videos are natural and very relevant to her viewers. This is one of her videos on her tour to Ikea. The key to success is how your videos are gonna be helpful and engaging at the same time.

67.) Home decoration videos: There are a lot of moms out there looking for tips to decorate and keep their homes well organized. A few simple tips can be of great help to them.

Gaming Video ideas:

If gaming is your passion that keeps you awake, then here is the list of best YouTube video ideas for you!

Gaming Youtube video ideas

68.) Gameplay videos: It’s so exciting to watch a good gamer playing! Are you one among such talented gamers? Well, there is only one way to find it. Record your game and show this world what you’ve got!

69.) Gaming review videos: New games are coming out every day. But not all of them are good enough to spend our precious nickels on. If you are an expert at finding the best ones, then help your viewers too to buy the right ones.

70.) Anticipated Games list Videos: Excitement and anticipation are inseparable. Isn’t it? Create your list of anticipated games and excite gaming fans all around the world.

Take a look at this gaming channel, IGN. They are making gaming videos throughout the past decade. One thing you can learn from their channel is consistency in terms of videos posted by them. They have a total monthly view of 195 Million for all their videos. It’s not like all their videos are fetching bigger numbers, but it’s that they are highly consistent in posting videos regularly. They publish around 350 videos every 30 days. You may start small. But, be consistent, learn from previous videos and improve. One day, you too will be achieving a bigger feat!

71.) Games hack videos: Everyone wants to win. But only a few of us know the trick. You can teach your audience some cool hacks and help them win their game.

72.) Game Commentary videos: Do a commentary run on a gameplay video. Talk to them about the level of play, give them ideas to play it the better way, and above all, make it more fun and interesting.

73.) Live stream gameplay: You can’t keep your audience more excited than making them watch live stream gameplay. Many famous gamers around the world do live-streaming of their gameplays.

74.) Interview the epic gamers: Yes, there are many Michael Jordans and Lebron Jameses in the gaming world too. Make an interview video with them. Make their fans happy!

75.) Games in real-life videos: Are you a hardcore gaming fan? Then what can be more exciting than recreating those games in the real world? Create gameplays of your favorite games in real life. Make it funny, make it interesting, and ultimately make it enjoyable.

76.) Mobile games videos: Mobile gaming is a huge world altogether. Make a top 10 list video of top games for every month or review a new game or teach a cool hack in a game. The opportunities are limitless.

Review videos:

Are you someone good at understanding things and weighing the pros and cons to make the right choices? Then you can help others too in making the right decisions with your videos.

Youtube review Videos

77.) Beauty products review videos: If you are someone who is well versed with the beauty products in the market, you can help people to find the right ones.

Kathleen Lights has been making videos on Fashion and beauty topics for several years. This is one of her videos reviewing the beauty brand ‘Florence’ owned by the famous actress Milly Bobby Brown. Watch how Kathleen starts addressing the probable questions that will be in the minds of her audience and her answers for them. The key is to empathize with your audience.

78.) Movie review videos: Movie reviews are often to come by. But still, there are a few reviewers who can tell the story better than the movie itself. If you breathe movies, then this is your cup of tea.

79.) Foreign language movie review videos: All of us will be having a friend who often talks about the foreign language film that he watched last night and how great it was! 

But to believe in their word……. isn’t this how we feel?

movie review

So, a lot of us look for a trustworthy opinion before deciding on watching a foreign language film. Be that trustworthy person.

80.) Apps and software review videos: With the hundreds of apps and software flooding into the market every day, people are confused about choosing the right ones. If you have a love for software, then you can guide people to choose the right ones.

81.) Unboxing videos: Unboxing videos give the viewers a first-hand experience of buying a brand new product without actually buying it. Your comments on the product should be a guide for the user to decide whether they need it or not.

82.) Comparing famous products and brands: Comparison videos help the viewers make the right buying decisions. When people are in a dilemma of choosing between products, you can help them with your videos.

83.) Book review videos: Reading a book is similar to that of going on a journey. And every journey requires time and effort. If you are an avid reader, use your knowledge to help people choose the right journey.

84.) Vehicle review videos: If you have an unending love for vehicles, cars, motorcycles, vintage automobiles, and anything of that sort, you can make review videos for people who share a similar love.

85.) Luxury vehicle review videos: Many of us have a dream vehicle that we wish to own in the future. Luxury vehicles and their cool features never fail to keep us in awe. If you too share the same love and passion for them, then Luxury cars can be what your channel is about.

Supercar blondie is a famous YouTube channel that reviews Luxury cars. Alex the Supercar blondie finds rare and unique cars and makes videos on them. These videos give the viewers a chance to look at these super rare luxury cars which would impossible if not for her.

86.) Food review videos: Everyone loves food. But sharing that love in words is not an easy thing. Are you good at that?

Nigel (a.k.a Uncle Roger) is a comedian based in Malaysia. When this comedy artist became a food reviewer, the combo became a viral hit.

87.) Online series review: Nowadays, there are too many online series out there, and very few are worth our time. Maybe you can help people to zero in on a few.

88.) Restaurant review: Finding a good place to eat is not an easy job. Even if we find one, we may not know the best dishes to try out over there. You can help a lot of foodies to find the right ones with your videos.

89.) Lifestyle trend videos: Who would have thought facemasks, a health necessity would become a fashion symbol. What’s trending yesterday is not the trend today. Being on-trend is not easy. Help your viewers to stay on trend with your videos.

[Pro Tip: Make use of the comments section to engage with your audience. It can help you to understand the expectations of your audience and what they are happy or unhappy about in your videos. And most importantly, it helps you interact with them and build a community, which greatly helps in the long run.]  

Music videos:

Everyone loves music, but some have a real passion for it.

Music Youtube video ideas

If you are like one of these cockroaches with a true passion for music, then this list of ideas is for you.

90.) Lyric videos: Check YouTube, there are a lot of lyric videos having more views than several original songs combined. But make sure you follow the necessary copyright rules and conditions.

Want to create a Lyric video, but don’t know where to start? Take a look at this step-by-step tutorial that guides you in making a stunning lyric video.

91.) Music videos: A good song never fails to get its recognition. If you are passionate about music, then you should try composing your own numbers and make them into videos.

92.) Mashups: Legend says mashup videos are so cool that it freezes the listeners’ ears. Just kidding. But definitely, they are cool to hear.

Check out this stunning mash-up video having hit songs from the past 20 years! Isn’t it cool?!

93.) Recreated cover songs: Find the biggest hits loved by the audience and try to recreate them interestingly!

Tushar Lall is an Indian musician who recreates popular songs and BGMs by adding Indian flavors into them. One thing you can learn from this channel is that you should always add your unique touch to the content you produce. It can be the way you edit or the way you present or maybe the way you make the intro part of your videos. Try to add your special touch.

94.) Music war: Collab with your friends or fellow YouTubers and create a friendly music challenge video with them.

Who sang it better is a Youtube channel with more than 600k subscribers. But their youtube journey started just a few years back. This is one of their videos in which singers from different countries sing the same song with their unique touch.

95.) Karaoke music videos: If you’re a good singer, then make beautiful karaoke music videos for your viewers.

96.) Animated music videos: If you are good at animating stuff, choose a popular song and create your own animated visual story for it!

You might be wondering if it is possible to create an animated video without any experience. Yes! It is absolutely possible. Here is a video where we have explained how to create animated music videos using Animaker.

97.) Sing a cover: If you are a good singer, cover songs are the best way to grab the viewer’s attention.

98.) Tribute music videos: Tribute songs will not only fetch views but also earn you a lot of followers and their respect. For example, create a tribute video to Chadwick Boseman aka The Black Panther by gathering video clips of him and edit it along with a music track. Sounds interesting, right?

99.) Instrument showcase videos: If you are good at any musical instrument, then record yourself playing a dope track and hit it on youtube.

100.) Custom-built instrument showcase videos: For some people, the world is the instrument. They can make music out of anything from a trashcan to a fork spoon. A good musician doesn’t blame the instrument, right?!

Jake, also known as The Pipe Guy, is a street performer who uses instruments built on PVC pipes. His instruments and music are one of a kind. Take a peek into one of his performances and get yourself inspired.

And these are your hundred YouTube ideas. We hope that this article was helpful for you to find the right YouTube video ideas for your channel! 

We at Animaker help people by solving their video-making problems. Our  Youtube video maker tool is specially designed to help YouTubers. With over 100+ YouTube video templates and special tools to edit your videos, nothing can be more perfect to create a YouTube video. Start creating your next YouTube video by using the link above.

Happy Video Making 🙂

Pro-Hacks & Tips to improve your Animaker videos!

Are you trying to get the most out of Animaker?  Are you looking for ways to take your video-making skills to the next level?

That’s the exact reason why we made these awesome Pro-hacks to guide you on your path to video making excellence.

Hack 1: Depth of Field

Part 1:


Part 2:

Hack 2: The Hitchcock Zoom



Hack 3: Animated Backgrounds


Hack 4: Rule of Thirds



Hack 5: Foreground and Background Effect

Part 1:



Part 2:



Hack 6: Using objects for creating smooth transitions

Part 1:



Part 2:



Part 3:



Part 4:



Hack 7: Pan and Tilt effect



Hack 8: Monstrous growth effect



Hack 9: Delusional effect



Hack 10:Screen within the screen effect



Hack 11:Parallax effect

Part 1:



Part 2:



Hack 12:Properties for background effect

Part 1:


Part 2:








How to convert gif to video (In 2 simple steps)

We know that people often convert Video files into GIFs to share it across social media platforms. But what about converting GIFs into videos?

This is probably what you are thinking right now.

“Why would anyone need that? You are being weird!”

Gif to video

There are reasons why people want to convert gif into a video. 

Popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn don’t allow us to post in GIF file format. 

What is the purpose of having the perfect GIF for your post, if we can’t share them?! This is where we start looking for solutions to convert a GIF file into a video file. 

Today, I am going to show you how you can convert a GIF into a video using Animaker in two simple steps.


Step 1: Upload the GIF

Create an account in Animaker if you aren’t already a registered user. If you already have an account then login. Once you enter the dashboard click,

Create >> Create Video >> Template.


Gif to video 1


Inside the moment’s page select the video dimension that matches your video. I am selecting the horizontal dimension as my video is horizontal.

template for gif video


This will open up a blank Project.

Now, upload the GIF file that you want to convert to video using the uploads section. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the GIF into the application to upload.

convert gif to video 212

Once it gets uploaded just click on your GIF file to load it into the workspace.

upload gif


Step 2: Download

Now, click Publish>>Download Video.


download gif


Once your GIF gets converted into a video you will be redirected to a new page from where you can directly download your video. Apart from that, you will also be receiving a download link on your registered email id.


Gif downlaod


And there you go! That’s how simple it is to convert a GIF file into a video.

To start converting your GIF to video file click here!

Pro Tip: Now let’s be honest, your file isn’t a simple gif anymore. It’s a video now. 

And videos need to have so many additional elements like music, screen effects, text animations, and more to make them really good.

Now, if you are worried about how you are going to turn your new video into a really good one, worry not! Because Animaker can help you with that too as it comes bundled with a massive list of features that can help build your own amazing video. Check our Animaker’s features here.

Do you need help with any other video creation related topic? Let us know in the comments below.


How to loop a video

A loop video is a great way to convey information about your product or organization without forcing the user to consume it.

It’s a very useful content format that is highly used during trade shows, events, corporate waiting rooms, and even during presentations. Recently loop videos have even become a fun content format on social media.

In this article, we’ll show you

          1. How to loop a video online? 

          2. How to loop a video using video players?

          3. How to loop YouTube videos?

          4. How to loop videos in PowerPoint presentations?

As a bonus point, I will also show how to loop videos for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Here is a video that explains how to create loop videos for different social media channels. If you prefer learning by watching videos over reading then this is for you. If not then continue with the article.

1. How to loop a video online?

Loop videos are continuously repeating videos with endless or multiple replays. There are several ways to create a loop video but only a few of them are simple and efficient at the same time. 

Animaker is one such video creation tool that provides you with simple yet powerful options to edit your videos online. This three-step process will show you how to use Animaker’s video looper to loop videos online in no time. 

Step1: Upload the video

Create an account in Animaker. Once you enter the dashboard, click 

Create>> Create Video>>Blank page.


loop video

dashboard page of animaker

Now, select the upload option, which is on the bottom left corner of the interface. Upload the video that you want to loop by clicking on the upload button. Or you can simply drag and drop the video file into the application.


video loop

Upload section of Animaker


Step2: Duplicate:

After uploading the video, select it to load it into the workspace.

loop video


On the right-hand side, you have an option called Duplicate, present within each scene. Now click on the “duplicate scene” button as many times you want the video to be looped. Let’s say you want the loop to happen 10 times, then click on the duplicate icon for 10 times.

loop video


Step3: Download

Once done, click Publish>>Download Video.

loop video

Once the video is rendered, you will be redirected to the following page.

loop videos

Here, you will have options to download, edit your video again, and even share the video or the project file with others for more editing.

In addition, you will also receive a download link of the processed video in the registered mail id. Thus making sure that downloading remains an easy task for you.

loop video

2. How to loop video using video players:

Different purposes require different solutions. Don’t they?! 

Say you are planning to play your video in some fair or tradeshow, and you want the video to be continuously repeating in the background. In this situation, a software solution that will help you loop the video a certain number of times might not be the best solution. What you need is an easy fix that will help you keep playing the video an infinite number of times without your intervention.

In this case, looping with the help of video players is the best option. Below I have shown how to loop a video in some widely used video players.

Windows media player:

In the Windows media player, the second icon in the bottom menu, from the left-hand side allows you to play a video on repeat mode.

loop videos using windows media player

VLC player:

To play a video in a loop in the VLC player, click the View button on the top menu, and select advanced controls. 

loop videos using vlc player

Once you open the advanced controls, use the loop button to select the section of the video ( point A to Point B) that you want to play in a loop.

If you press the play icon now, the video will play in a loop between the points A and B.

loop videos using vlc player

Quicktime player:

Looping a video in a Quicktime player is similar to doing in the VLC player, but much simpler. 

Click the View button and select the loop option and you are ready to go!

loop videos using quicktime player

3. How to loop YouTube videos:

YouTube is our easy go-to solution for all our video needs. But still many of us don’t know how to utilize it to its fullest potential. YouTube gives us a very easy solution to play a video on repeat mode.

To make a video play on a loop, do a right-click on the video and select ‘loop’ from the options.

loop Youtube videos


4. How to loop videos in your Powerpoint presentation:

Looping a video inside your PowerPoint presentation is a good way to keep hold of your viewer’s attention. To begin with, insert the video into the presentation by,

clicking  Insert tab >> Video >> and select the option Video on my PC to upload the video that you want to add to your presentation.

how to loop videos for powerpoint presentation


Once you embed the video, now go to the Playback tab and select the box near the option ‘loop until stopped’.

how to loop videos for powerpoint presentation

That’s it. Your video in your presentation is on loop and the loop will continue until you stop it.


Bonus: How to loop videos for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ( Infinite loop):

An infinite loop video can fool the viewer by blurring the difference between the start and the end of a video. It’s a great trick to create attention-grabbing social media videos.

This simple two-step process will show you how to make infinite loop videos.

Step1: Upload your video 

Create >> Create GIF >> Blank page.

We are creating this as a GIF file to ensure that the video runs continuously as an infinite loop. For this requirement as well, we’ll use Animaker.

Once you login to the application, upload the file that you want to loop using the upload section present on the left side of the application interface. Or you can also drag the video from the folder into the application.

If necessary, you also have an option to trim the clip that you are uploading to make your video loop accurate. And you can do that by dragging the edges of the clip in the video timeline.

Infinite Video loops

Step2: Download

Now Click Publish >> Download Gif.

Infinite loops

This is a good way to create an infinite loop video for Twitter and Facebook. 

As Instagram does not accept GIFs, you have to download your output in mp4 format. To do that, download through the Download video option. 

Loop videos for Instagram

There you have your infinite loop animation!

Check out our loop video tool to create your own infinite loop video now.

We hope this article helps you with the right solutions for video looping. But if you are highly creative and want to do more than just looping a video, then we have the right tool for you.

Animaker is free and easy to use DIY video creation software that offers options to trim, crop, rotate, change color, add music to a video, create character animation, create a video with photos, create text animation, and a lot more.

Single most powerful video creation app for every video need. Click here to power yourself!