How to Promote Your Videos Using Facebook? [Video]


Aravindan G - May 15, 2019 - Leave your thoughts. 2 min read

Promoting your videos on Facebook is one of the smartest ways to amplify the reach of your content.

But in the highly competitive and crowded Facebook world how can you get people to see your videos?

Check out this week's episode of Animaker Genius Talk where we pick the brains of the Queen of Facebook Mari Smith to find out her secrets to Facebook Video Marketing.

Mari Smith is one of the world's leading Facebook marketing expert. She is rightly called the "Queen of Facebook" and has helped thousands of small and large companies build their audience on Facebook.


Smart marketers are riding the wave and are right in there creating great video content. - 6:33

Organic reach is so 2012. - 13:37

If you get more than 6% organic reach on your page you are an anomaly. - 14:50


Genius Journey

Share with us your journey of being just a simple Facebook user back in 2007 to being crowned the “the queen of Facebook". - 1:06

There are a lot of Facebook gurus who are teaching businesses how to be effective on Facebook, but Facebook themselves reached out to you to help train business! That's amazing! Tell us how that happened!? - 2:35

Picking the genius brain

Do you truly believe videos are the future of marketing? - 5:24

3 biggest mistakes Businesses are making on Facebook today - 7:38

How can businesses leverage Facebook watch as a means to promote their business? - 10:59

Is organic reach on Facebook dead? - 13:17

Is Facebook unintentionally becoming its own villain? - 15:34

Inside the genius mind

If you are starting out on FB today what the three things you would do to promote your videos and get maximum views! - 18:19

Your favorite Facebook feature that you would like for entrepreneurs and business owners utilize more? - 18:43

Do you believe Facebook watch will win against its mammoth competitors that include YouTube and Netflix? - 19:19

Do you still believe the competition between Facebook and YouTube is going to be that fierce? - 20:37

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