Untold story of

The Mad Scientist

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Untold story of

The Mad Scientist

Read the story


We often rush through life without getting to actually know the people we meet or hear about. Yes, we get to say the occasional 'Hi' on the corridor or share a joke near the coffee machine but have you really taken the time to get to know the story of that person?

Here we would like to tell you the story of one such Russian scientist Mr.Klosov, who was pretty much unknown to the world. Only a few knew he existed, and very few knew about the insane experiments that go on in his Lab on Mount Elbrus, Russia.

Chapter 1

The Mad Scientist - Chapter 1: Mission to world domination

Chapter 2

The Mad Scientist - Chapter 2: The little friend

Chapter 3

The Mad Scientist - Chapter 3: The catastrophe

Chapter 4

The Mad Scientist - Chapter 4: The untimely visitors

Chapter 5

The Mad Scientist - Chapter 5: The Epiphany

Chapter 6

The Mad Scientist - Chapter 6: A new beginning

With that, our comic strip series "The Mad Scientist" comes to an end. We would like to thank each one of our 50000+ readers for taking the time to read the story. We would also like to thank the hundreds of people who emailed us, messaged us or commented to us on social media telling us about your excitement for the story. We really value each and every feedback we get from you.

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