8 Best AI Sales Tools to Skyrocket Your Sales!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought about a revolution in almost every aspect of our lives. In many industries, it has helped reduce workload and foster growth.

What’s great about AI is that it stays up-to-date with the latest developments in industries, which in turn helps companies improve their products and stay in the competition.

In the sales industry, where competition is fierce, it is crucial to stay ahead and make the most of every opportunity to achieve big numbers.

Utilizing the power of AI tools can be a game-changer as it can offer insights into customer preferences and help build stronger client relationships.

Nowadays, there are many AI sales tools available in the market that can help you skyrocket your sales.

So, let us look at the 8 best AI sales tools that can help you reach your sales target in no time!

  1. Animaker AI - AI video prospecting, promotional videos
  2. Luna.ai - AI email outreach
  3. Otter.ai - AI meeting assistant for recording/transcribing conversations
  4. Surfe - AI for finding prospects’ contact info
  5. Decktopus - AI presentation generator
  6. Motion - AI calendar for productivity
  7. AdCreative - AI advertising
  8. ChatGPT - AI chatbot for competitive research

Without any more delay, let’s dive in!

1. Animaker AI - AI video prospecting, promotional videos

Animaker AI is an efficient tool that can help sales teams create effective videos for promotional and prospecting purposes.

Animaker AI

With Animaker AI, organizations and sales professionals can generate a video by briefly describing their vision and selecting their video's tone, style, and desired duration.

Animaker AI is built to understand the user’s prompts and choices to generate an accurate script and a video that perfectly describes your product/service. Such promotional videos can be of huge help to elevate your pitch.

Once the video is generated, the users can make advanced edits to tailor it to their needs by adding more assets, characters, and whatnot!

There is also an AI voice-over option, in which the user can choose the gender and language of the voice for narration or dialogue purposes. 

The AI technology syncs the lip movements to the characters, making it appear realistic.

What’s great is that Animaker AI can generate subtitles for the video in a minute, making it easier for companies to reach a wider target audience.

The tool also offers a collaborative feature, making teamwork seamless and efficient during its advanced editing phase.

In summary, Animaker AI is a great tool for generating animated videos that are sure to capture the attention of prospects and drive conversions.

Check out Animaker AI to generate promotional videos in minutes!


  • Unlike other tools that only generate videos from an input script, Animaker AI generates scripts and video at the same time
  • Advanced edits can be made to the generated video
  • AI voice-overs can be added
  • Collaboration feature is available in the advanced edit phase
  • Subtitles can be generated using AI


  • None!

2. Luna.ai - AI email outreach

Luna.ai is an AI email outreach platform that assists the sales team in sending personalized outreach emails to potential leads. 


To get started, users must provide information regarding their company and the target audience. They can schedule the email to be sent at a specific time or let the AI send it at an appropriate local time for the lead. 

Luna.ai has the ability to find leads, and users can even upload their own lead list. In addition to sending personalized outreach emails, Luna.ai also sends follow-up emails.

The outreach progress can be tracked and monitored with Luna.ai’s Statistics feature.

Luna.ai can be integrated with Google, Hubspot, and other platforms.

When it comes to pricing, Luna.ai has a free plan option with credits that renew every month, but this plan has limited features.

Apart from that, Luna.ai has four pricing plans. They are Car, Airplane, Rocket, and Moon. The pricing plans vary in credits and additional features.


  • Free plan option available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Prospects can be found easily with Luna.ai
  • Highly personalized emails can be sent to the prospects


  • Multi-language emails are not very accurate

3. Otter.ai - AI meeting assistant for recording/transcribing conversations

Otter.ai is an AI meeting assistant that records and transcribes conversations in a virtual meeting and generates summaries in real time. 


This platform can be integrated with Zoom, Google, Microsoft and more. The users simply need to paste the meet link for Otter AI to do its work.

For more accurate transcription, users can add custom vocabularies, such as names of people and companies.

The generated summary notes can be shared with the team using Otter.ai’s Workspace feature.

Otter AI serves as an AI sales assistant where users can ask the AI about the details of the conversation and receive instant replies about the meeting.

The platform works great, but it is essential to have good audio quality for an accurate summary of the meeting. One thing to be aware of is that the summary generated might skip essential information if the audio quality is bad.

Otter.ai’s pricing plans include Pro, Business, and Enterprise. Apart from the pricing plans, Otter.ai offers a free plan with monthly transcription credits.


  • Free plan option available 
  • Can ask the AI assistant about the details of the meet
  • Can add custom vocabularies
  • Summary notes of the meeting are generated


  • Requires stable audio quality for accurate transcription and summary

4. Surfe - AI for finding prospects’ contact info

Surfe is a Chrome extension that helps sellers connect CRM with Linkedin quickly and easily. 


Users can integrate Surfe with platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Copper, and Google Sheets. 

Once integrated, users can collect prospects' details in an organized manner. The data gets added in real-time as you make the clicks on Linkedin.

An interesting feature of Surfe is its ability to find the prospect’s contact information using its Magic Finder feature.

Surfe also lets users add notes and tasks alongside each prospect profile, making it easier to stay up-to-date with the prospects.

Users can invite their team members to the Surfe Dashboard. This way, the team can add new leads and stay updated with the list. 

With the Analytics option in the dashboard, users can gain insights into their prospecting methods.

There is a 14-day trial option available. There are also pricing options, such as Basic, Professional, and Business.


  • 14-day free trial option available
  • Can find prospect’s contact information using AI
  • Easily collect data on prospects


  • LinkedIn can experience lagging after adding the Surfe Chrome extension

5. Decktopus - AI presentation generator

Decktopus is an online platform that uses AI technology to generate presentations based on the topic and preferences of the user.


The user can select the presentation’s theme and then make advanced edits in the editing stage. 

Decktopus also offers speaker mode and rehearsal mode options to make a flawless presentation in front of the audience.

However, there are a few limitations to this platform.

For example, there is a limited number of slides per presentation. But, the biggest limitation is that the export feature is only available in the paid plans.

There is a free plan available with limited AI credits. When it comes to pricing plans, there are two plans: Pro AI and Business AI. 

These two pricing plans have additional features, including analytics and watermark-free presentations.


  • Free plan available
  • Advanced edits can be made to the generated presentation
  • Speaker and rehearsal mode options available 


  • A limited number of slides per presentation
  • The export feature is available only for paid users

6. Motion - AI calendar for productivity 

Motion is a productivity tool that helps sales teams manage their calendars, meetings, tasks, and projects with the help of AI and automation.


While some productivity tools can seem overwhelming and complex, Motion’s interface seemed pretty easy for a beginner like me. 

When it comes to features, Motion uses AI to rearrange the user’s schedule when an unexpected event pops up.

It builds the perfect schedule for each member of the team and collects data on how long the team has spent time in meetings and tasks. 

One of the limitations I felt while using the platform was its lack of a chat system to communicate with the team members.

Motion can be seamlessly integrated with Google, Zoom, Microsoft, etc.

This platform offers a 7-day free trial option. However, card information is required to sign up for the free trial.

The pricing plans provided by Motion are called Individual and Team, where the plans vary in the ability to collaborate on projects and tasks with team members.


  • 7-day free trial option available 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Schedule is automatically adjusted by AI in case of an overlap of meetings


  • Lack of a chat system to communicate with the team

7. AdCreative - AI advertising

AdCreative is an AI-powered platform that generates ad creatives for display and social media advertising. 


After choosing the dimensions of the project, users are required to briefly describe the project and their target audience.

The AI generates many creatives with scores for each, based on the likelihood of it performing well in an ad campaign.

Users can download the creatives or publish them directly to their integrated platforms.

AdCreative can seamlessly integrate with Google Ads, Meta Ads, Pinterest Ads, and more.

Additionally, there is an insights feature that tracks the performances of ad campaigns and provides AI-generated suggestions for improvement. 

One of the drawbacks of AdCreative is its limited features, which is understandable as the platform is in its early stages.

A 7-day free trial option is available. However, card information is required to sign up for the free trial.

Regarding pricing plans, there are Startup, Professional, and Agency plans with varying credits.


  • 7-day free trial option available
  • Scores by AI for generated ad creatives 


  • Limited features

8. ChatGPT - AI chatbot for competitive research

ChatGPT is an advanced language model and an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI that can be used for competitive research and much more.


While ChatGPT 3.5 may generate outdated information since Open AI had stopped training this version, ChatGPT version 4 generates more accurate information.

This chatbot can be used in many ways that can benefit the sales team. 

For example, users can use ChatGPT to do competitive research, generate outreach emails, and generate questions that a potential customer might ask about their product or service. 

This will be very useful for answering confidently and getting those conversions efficiently.

ChatGPT has a forever-free option. However, it offers version GPT-3.5. 

There is also a pricing option called ChatGPT Plus, which offers version GPT-4. With up-to-date information, ChatGPT Plus provides additional AI features like DALL-E and data analytics.


  • Free forever option available
  • GPT-4 has up-to-date information
  • Can do a number of tasks with the AI chat


  • The free option has out-of-date information 


And, that concludes the list of 8 best AI sales tools that will surely benefit the sales team and reach their sales target quickly!

From this list, there is no doubt that AI can do wonders in the sales team, from automating routine tasks like finding prospects to sending outreach emails. 

Additionally, AI can provide invaluable insights into customer behavior and CRM, helping to stay in tune with the trends to increase clicks and conversions.

Apart from sales, there are AI animation tools making waves in the animation industry. Do check out the article link provided. 

Or, if you can’t wait to make your first AI sales video to outnumber your last quarter sales and work wonders with your prospects, then visit Animaker AI.

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