10 Best Animated Explainer Videos

You've come to the right place if you are searching for the best-animated explainer videos or just looking for some inspiration to create an animated explainer video for your business.

A well-tailor-made animated explainer video is an effective tool in the business sales pitch, creating brand awareness, developing curiosity, and engaging the audience to try the product or service offerings.

However, the general perception that only big brands can pull off an outstanding explainer video is a myth. You need not necessarily have a big production budget to create high-quality animated explainer videos. 

We have shortlisted some of the best explainer videos that startups have created and used for their new product or feature launches and decoded what makes them tick all the boxes for being a stellar explainer video.

Methodology followed:

We wanted the list we presented to you to be actually actionable and not based on some superficial idea. So here’s what makes this list actually good.

  1. We used ProductHunt to discover all new products in the market across the calendar year 2021.
  2. We scanned through every month to find the products that got the most upvotes and bagged the "Product of the day" badge.
  3. Then we shortlisted the ones with the best animated explainer video to serve as an example for this article.

Now let's jump right into the list in no particular order

1. Payments on Contra

Contra introduced a feature called 'Payments on Contra'. With this the Freelancers can now receive project inquiries, message clients, manage projects, and get paid commission-free without leaving the Contra platform.

  • The focal point of the explainer video was an animated character in a sassy, cool outfit, showcasing how independent and flexible a worker can be as a freelancer.
  • They have showcased the eye-candy user interface and glimpses of snapshots from every step of the process inside the app.
  • The glittering bold texts help draw attention from the audience, and to top it off, the pulsating music they have used in the background gives a whole vibe to the video. 

Overall, the quality of this explainer video is so rich, making it one of the best-animated explainer videos on this list.

2. CodeSee Maps

CodeSee Maps helps visualize code for faster onboarding, planning, and reviews

  • This explainer video starts by comparing the traditional ways of code improvement and, through screencasting, has conveyed that the maps are auto-generated and code diagrams are self-updating.
  • The visuals are so to the point to understand how files and folders are connected, how code changes fit into the more prominent architecture, and more.
  • The backbone of this video is the apt upbeat music track, coupled with the snapshots from the app interface and bold texts, which conveys the product messaging very clearly.

Overall, this is an easy-to-understand instructional video even for the audience without adequate experience in coding will be able to understand what CodeSee Maps. 

3. Transfer by Zapier

Zapier is known for workflow automation. It helps to automatically move information between the web apps so you can focus on your most important work. In addition, Zapier came up with a new feature on-demand called "Transfer by Zapier."

  • The explainer video they used for this feature announcement is a brilliantly made product video  - the key highlight being the sturdy voiceover - narrating the whole idea of the Transfer feature.
  • The voiceover and the step-by-step workflow procedure make it attractive for the audience to comprehend the feature.
  • The end of the video also showcases the ‘n’ number of integrations that they have with other apps by using the relevant logos to give a clear picture of the abilities of the new feature. 

Overall, this explainer video serves the purpose and stands out as one of the wholly packed instructional videos on the list.

4. Tolstoy

Tolstoy is an interactive video platform to build innovative, personalized video funnels to interact with users on your website & inside your app. 

  • This explainer video has to be one of the very best ones on this list. The video starts with pleasant background music and a clear voice over - informing about the app's features.
  • The key highlight of the video is that the video showcases all the possible ways to embed the interactive video chat support, talent screening, video prospecting, and more with a merry voiceover that follows the actions on the screen. So at the end of every scene, the audience will know precisely what it's all about.
  • The bold text slides in between works seamlessly with the content of the video and conveys the product messaging without fail. 

Overall, this is a clear winner covering all the aspects of a perfect explainer video.

5. Wikifox - Wikipedia Reimagined

Wikifox is a clean and simplified version of the actual Wikipedia.

  • This explainer video is straightforward in projecting an excellent and clean user interface with the beta app's Dark, Light, and custom themes.
  • The video starts by showcasing the original version of Wikipedia, and the uplifting music builds the tension and curiosity among the audience to know what's subsequent and how different Wififox is from the original version.
  • No voice overs have been used in this video; however, the transition effects used between the scenes make it interesting for the audience. Also, the snapshots from different features like - 'share on the go' with big and bold texts convey the benefits of the beta app. 

Overall, within 30 seconds, this explainer video draws a clear understanding of the beta app and succeeds in the brief product messaging.

6. Relief

Relief is similar to the TurboTax software for getting out of debt. The app makes it easy by negotiating directly with your creditors to cut down your principal balance in half or more - for free.

  • This explainer video starts with a piece of excellent groovy background music and a confident voiceover.
  • The majority of the video comprises colorful illustrations and in-app images to convey the product messaging clearly.
  • With cheerful animated characters, they have conveyed to the audience that you get $100 towards your debt by joining the waitlist & $50 every time you refer friends to the app.
  • They have also used sound effects between the scenes to add inflictions to the narration and elements on the frame.

Overall, this explainer video ticks all the checkboxes - voiceover, background music, illustrations, seamless transition between frames, etc.; and smoothly serves the purpose.

7. Tango

Tango is a real-time capture tool that enables users to document their processes and share them with their team. The tool captures the steps of a process with perfectly cropped screenshots in just seconds, saving users hours of work. 

  • This explainer video begins by appreciating an employee but quickly points out a problem they face.
  • The video uses neat illustrations and animations to demonstrate the tool's purpose to the audience visually.
  • The video includes user review clips to reinforce the tool’s credibility.
  • Cool transition effects between each frame and the soft background music keep the audience engaged.

Overall, Tango has nailed the explainer video with its animations, straightforward explanation, user reviews, and amazing voice-over.

8. Albato

Albato is a No-code Automation platform. It serves as a single platform for all business automation.

  • This explainer video immediately opens with a confused-looking animated character, emphasizing the target audience.
  • The voiceover - guides the audience through the current problems in connecting different applications and hooks the viewers' attention very well.
  • Simple and clean animations are used to illustrate the different use cases of the app.
  • Instead of texts, they have used icons and flowing animations to convey the product messaging.

The choice of voice used in the voiceover could have been better compared to the other ones in this video. But, overall, this explainer video gets the job done decently.

9. Contra

Contra is a new professional network for flexible work. They provide the tools and infrastructure needed to successfully build your career around the life you want, with zero commission fees.

Contra grabs another spot in our best explainer videos list - this time with their Contra 2.0 product launch video.

  • The video starts with a type-writer form of text with matching sound effects - emphasizing the base idea revolving around the app.
  • The pulsating music and texts filling the entire frame make it interesting for the audience.
  • Colorful Illustrations and transition effects help beautifully showcase the app's sleek interface.
  • They have also used sample user images and emojis to highlight the different use cases the app can serve to its target audience.

Overall, without any voiceover, they have managed to pull off creating this eye-catching explainer video, and the quality of the video speaks volumes.

10. Mubert Render

Mubert generates music in real-time with an AI-operated technology. It has an infinitely diverse music genre that serves as a customized feature for business targets and boosts user LTV via UX personalization.

  • The combination of voiceover and relevant text as a subtitle makes it attractive to the audience and conveys the product messaging at the same time.
  • They have used different emoji animations to express emotions related to the narration and hook the audience in every frame along with the music track illustrations.
  • The mouse-hovering animations over the app's interface help the audience understand the app's working clearly and the catch is that they have used the app's very own AI-generated music track for the background music in this video.

Overall, Mubert's explainer video is 10 on 10 with the right mix of voiceovers, animated illustrations, texts, and background music track and serves the purpose completely.


That's a wrap, folks!

We have had a good look at the 10 of the best explainer videos made by companies for their new product or new feature launch across the calendar year 2021. 

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