How Can Global Brands Penetrate the Indian Market? [Video]2 min read

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. All major global brands are on a lookout to enter the Indian market. In this episode of Animaker Genius Talk, we pick the brain of India’s top digital marketing specialists to find out how global brands can penetrate the Indian market using digital marketing!

Questions on the Show

Genius Journey

Digital Vidya is one of the leading Digital marketing training companies in Asia! Where did it all begin, tell us the story behind this amazing company (1:30)

One of the main reason why international institutions are apprehensive about getting into digital marketing training is the rapidly changing nature of the industry. How do you manage to keep yourself and your courses up to date with the latest trends in the industry? (3:30)

How do you think L&D departments in big corporate companies are open to adopting you know latest technologies such as digital marketing both in terms of equipping their employees as well as practicing it themselves? (6:35)

Picking the Genius Brain

India has a reputation for being a highly price sensitive market! How do you think global brands can utilize digital marketing as a means to tackle this problem? (9:49)

the Indian market as a whole has a kind of reputation for being a little bit on the price-sensitive side right so this can be a major challenge for global companies. what are the tips that you can give us as an international brand to tackle this problem? (9:50)

Do you think brands should diversify into various languages? and if so what is the base number of languages that they need to diversify into to actually get a strong foothold in the Indian market? (13:04)

What is your suggestion for brands to leverage the nascent stage of the influencer network to build a strong influence in India? (16:16)

what do you think are three major obstacles that are stopping entrepreneurs and brands from leveraging the power of video marketing? (19:10)

Inside the Genius Mind

What are the three main things that a brand should keep in mind while drafting its digital marketing strategy for India? (18:21)

three points that a global company should keep in mind why we should choose India as their next market as opposed to any other Asia Pacific region? (20:38)

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