How to Create a Video First Content Marketing Strategy in 2019? [Video]2 min read

In this episode of Animaker Genius Talk, one of the world’s leading content marketer Andy Crestodina breaks down, “How to create a video first content strategy for businesses in 2019?”

Andy is one of the leading experts in content marketing. He is also the author of the very successful book called Content Marketing Chemistry.


Stop sending emails, make a video your conversion rates and closing rates will be higher (7:49)

Organic reach for video is 100x or a 1000x that of a normal post (17:19)

Video testimonials are some of the most powerful content you can put on a sales page (19:25)

Genius Journey

We like to understand how your journey with content marketing and digital marketing began? (1:05)

Content marketing chemistry! It’s an amazing book, share with our audience the thought process behind the book? (3:04)

Inside the Genius Mind

you believe video will eventually replace high stake emails in all across business communication which includes marketing sales and customer support Can you tell us why you believe this? (5:52)

A lot of companies should be getting into video marketing! Yet we see a small percentage of companies doing it! What is the problem and how can we solve it? (8:43)

For companies which are diving into videos. Can you tell us how to go about actually creating a video marketing strategy? (10:50)

How do you think businesses can use social media especially video content as a lead generation magnet? (15:40)

3 important techniques for business to start leveraging video marketing? (18:06)

3 major benefits that you can get out of placing a video on your website? (19:58)

Picking the Genius Brain

What kind of videos would you personally be interested in making right now? (22:10)

One brand you believe is crushing it with videos? (22:38)

One interesting video strategy that you would suggest and you would like to see brands utilize more? (23:24)

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