How to Get Your First 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube? [Video]2 min read

Brian G Johnson is a leading expert in the world of YouTube. He transformed from a professional chef into a digital entrepreneur over a decade ago and since then invested heavily in videos. His YouTube channel “Brian G Johnson TV” has nearly 50,000 subscribers. It focuses on helping creators make better videos.

In this episode of Animaker Genius Talk, Brian G Johnson reveals, “How to get your first 10,000 subscribers on YouTube?”


you need the knowledge of how SEO works but you also need the authority. (14:05)

I believe it comes down to sacrifice. (15:30)

if you really focus on the process rather than the result, the process of making a great video, learning to edit, learning to make thumbnails, learning how to speak on camera, learning and learning then over time you will start getting the result that you set out to get. (21:32)

Questions on the Show

Tell us how your journey started off in the YouTube world? (1:15)

Why did you choose to write a book instead of a video series?” (3:05)

Picking the Genius Brain

How do I get my first 10,000 views and my first 10000 subscribers? (5:37)

How do you pick the keywords for which you have to rank on the first page and more importantly how do you make sure that you stay on the first page of that search word? (9:24)

As a beginner on YouTube, how do you get discovered you know when we talked about (14:15)

Do you really believe the YouTube algorithm will give preference to the monetized video in ranking because they can generate revenue from it? (16:16)

As beginners, what is the advice that you would give us in finding the right niche? (18:43)

Tell us the back story behind your successful Facebook group? (22:13)

Inside the Genius Mind

Your favorite youtuber apart from yourself? (28:58)

What is that one moment at which your channel just blew up? And what was the reason behind it? (29:09)

What are 3 important steps that you are taking right now to take your channel to a million subscribers? (30:24)

When is the best time to monetize your channel? (31:38)

What is the one message that you want to share with the Animaker community who are watching the video today? (32:24)

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