How to Make Video Marketing Work for Your Business? [Video]2 min read

Video is a powerful tool to promote your business in the digital world. Whether you are a brand new business with zero clout or you are an MNC with millions of customers, video is a powerful way to reach your right audience!

In this episode, we pick the brains of Michael Brenner to find out, “How to make video marketing work for your business?”


what’s the future of marketing… it’s visual…its video (5:51)

there’s a difference between marketing with a piece of video and video marketing (6:51)

most people think marketers are liars (12:11)

brands that do not create video content are not gonna rank as high as brands that do (16:35)

Genius Journey

Every great story always has a great beginning all right today you’re one of the world’s leading keynote speakers, especially in the areas of marketing and leadership but how did it all begin. Tell us your origin story! (0:51)

In this whole journey where did content formula come into the picture? (2:45)

Inside the Genius Mind

Let’s assume I am a part of a corporate marketing team and I have to convince my CEO
to convince him to start creating videos! What should I tell him to start creating videos right away? (4:33)

How do you measure the ROI from video marketing? (6:38)

What are the fundamental points that a business should remember when they are
talking out their video marketing strategy in 2019? (8:38)

How should a brand pick the topics that they should talk about in their video content? (10:40)

Picking the Genius Brain

Can you draw a quick diagram to show the power of video marketing especially as a
part of the content strategy in 2019? (13:33)

Text content vs video content? Which one should a brand focus on in 2019? (15:19)

What is one message to the brands out there who are on the fence about jumping in video marketing? (16:48)

Aravindan G

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