13 Best AI Productivity Tools [No more Drowning in Tasks!]

Are you someone who often has back-to-back meetings and cannot focus on other important tasks?

Do you have a lot of tasks to complete and find it difficult to manage your time efficiently? 

Don't worry! There is a solution to your problem. The answer lies in using AI tools for productivity. 

These smart tools analyze your work habits, provide insights into your productivity, and suggest ways to optimize your workflow by helping you prioritize your tasks and set deadlines, freeing up more time to focus on important work.

So, let us look at the best AI productivity tools to help you manage your time efficiently and help you focus on other tasks. 

  1. Anyword - AI Writing Assistant
  2. Grammarly - AI Grammar Assistant
  3. MagicStudio - AI image generator
  4. Animaker AI - AI Animation Generator
  5. Decktoplus - AI Presentation Generator
  6. Animaker Voice - AI Voice Generator
  7. Reclaim AI - AI Scheduling 
  8. Animaker Subtitles - AI Subtitle Generator
  9. Fireflies.ai - AI Meeting Transcriber
  10. AudioNotes.ai - AI Notes/Summary Generator
  11. Evernote - AI Notes Editor
  12. INK - AI Seo assistant
  13. Picmaker - AI Social Media Management

1. Anyword - AI Writing Assistant

Anyword is an AI writing assistant designed to create marketing materials such as ads, blogs, landing pages, emails, etc.


With Anyword, you can improve your existing content by entering your text and selecting the algorithm. The AI will then generate multiple variations of the given content.

You can also create content like blogs from scratch by entering a topic and keyword and choosing options like target audience, word count, tone of voice, and content language. Anyword’s Blog Wizard uses AI to create complete and engaging content.

The AI tool can analyze your target audience and predict the outcomes of the generated content.

The platform provides a range of templates for campaigns, ads, websites, emails, e-commerce, and more.

Other features of Anyword include a summarizer and sentence expander.

So, in short, Anyword can improve your speed and help produce effective content.

Anyword offers pricing plans called Starter, Data-Driven, Business, and Enterprise. The Starter plan also has a 7-day free trial.


  • A 7-day free trial available
  • Can generate content in 35+ languages


  • The generated content may not always be accurate. Hence, double-checking is required.

2. Grammarly – AI Grammar Assistant

Grammarly is a well-known AI assistant for content editing that helps users improve their content and delivery.


This tool is a great AI productivity tool, as it can make your content flawless in minutes!

You can use Grammarly to check for any grammatical errors in your textual content. 

The platform provides real-time suggestions for improvement, which are highlighted in different colors to indicate correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery.

Moreover, Grammarly’s AI can perform tasks such as identifying gaps in the content, generating ideas, picking out the main point, drafting an outline, and more.

One of Grammarly's best features is its plagiarism checker, which is extremely useful for keeping the content original and offering possible corrections if it finds plagiarism.

With the platform’s Chrome extension added, you can improve your content, emails, tweets, and almost everything you type on your Chrome browser. 

Grammarly offers two subscription options in addition to the free plan: Premium and Business. Both pricing plans have powerful features, like plagiarism detection and analytics.


  • Free plan available
  • Multiple features available
  • Can set specific goals


  • Advanced features like the Plagiarism checker not available in the free plan option

3. Magic Studio - AI Image Creator/Editor

Magic Studio is a highly efficient AI-powered image editing tool that lets you create and edit images with ease. 

Magic Studio

The tool offers a range of AI image generation styles, and you can select the image size that you need. 

Magic Studio provides different size options that are suitable for social media, eliminating the need for resizing. 

One of Magic Studio's most impressive features is its AI editing tools. The Magic Eraser feature enables you to remove unwanted elements from your images. 

This feature is especially useful when you want to remove strangers or objects from your photos. 

With Magic Backgrounds, you can effortlessly remove or change the background of your images, making it perfect for promoting your product with amazing backgrounds.

However, Magic Studio's most outstanding AI feature is its Magic Draw feature, which lets you add or modify different elements in your images by simply entering the desired changes in the text box.

With this, you can create a perfect picture in the comfort of your desk!

Besides, Magic Studio can upscale your existing images to up to 4K quality.

Magic Studio has a free plan with limited one-time AI credits. One pricing option, the Pro plan, offers unlimited AI credits and high-resolution downloads.


  • Free plan available
  • Multiple AI features are available


  • One-time credits in the free plan
  • Watermark in the free plan

4. Animaker AI - AI Animation Generator

Animaker AI is a powerful platform that allows you to create animated videos quickly and efficiently.

Animaker AI

With Animaker AI, you can make engaging explainer videos, employee training videos, educational videos, awareness videos, and more!

You can generate a video by simply describing your vision and selecting the video’s tone, style, and desired duration.

While other tools require a script to generate videos, Animaker AI requires only prompts to generate an accurate script and video at the same time! 

One of Animaker AI's best features is its AI voice-over option, which allows you to choose from a variety of voices based on gender and language. 

The AI technology also syncs the characters' lip movements to the voiceovers, giving it a realistic feel.

Once the video is generated, you can easily make advanced edits, such as adding new scenes or elements like props or characters, to meet your specific needs.

Animaker AI comes with other helpful AI features such as the “Text to BG” and “Text to Image” options. 

These options let you generate backgrounds and images for your video by providing a short description and selecting a few customizable options, such as color and style.

Animaker AI also has a collaboration feature that makes teamwork seamless and efficient during the advanced editing phase. 

Now, don't these features make Animaker AI one of the best AI productivity tools? 😉

Check out Animaker AI to generate perfect animated videos in minutes!


  • Generates script and video at the same time, unlike other tools that require a script to generate a video
  • AI voiceovers can be added
  • Advanced edits can be made to the generated video
  • Subtitles can be generated
  • Can collaborate in the advanced edit phase


  • None!

5. Decktopus - AI Presentation Generator

Decktopus is an online platform that generates presentations quickly based on the topic and your preferences using AI.


All you need to do is enter your topic and choose a theme. The AI will then generate a presentation.

You can make advanced edits to the presentation during the editing stage and tailor it according to your needs.

Additionally, there are options like speaker mode and rehearsal mode that can help you give a flawless presentation in front of an audience.

However, the platform has a few limitations, such as the restriction on the number of slides per presentation and the export feature being only accessible in the paid plans.

There is a free plan available with limited AI credits. When it comes to pricing plans, there are two plans: Pro AI and Business AI. 

These two pricing plans have additional features, including analytics and watermark-free presentations.


  • Free plan available
  • Advanced edits to the generated presentation possible
  • Speaker and rehearsal mode options available 


  • Limited number of slides per presentation
  • Export feature available only for paid users

6. Animaker Voice - AI Voice Generator

Animaker Voice is an efficient AI tool with which you can generate realistic human-like voices from text.

Animaker Voice

It is easy to use. Simply input your text and select the desired gender, language, and voice. 

Animaker Voice offers linguistic diversity with its 2000+ human voices and 172 languages!

Once the voice is generated, you can adjust the speed, breath, break, and pitch. By doing so, the AI-generated voice can sound almost human-like and difficult to distinguish.

This tool is one of the best AI tools for productivity for those who want to create podcasts, audiobooks, or voiceovers for reels and TikTok.

Animaker Voice has a free plan with all features and output. There is also a single pricing plan with extra features like an automatic AI enhancer and higher download limits.


  • Free plan available
  • Multiple languages available
  • Multiple edit options available


  • Free plan does not have an AI enhancer option

7. Reclaim AI - AI Scheduling

Reclaim AI is an AI calendar tool that helps you manage tasks and schedule meetings efficiently.

reclaim ai

Once you connect your Google account with the platform, Reclaim AI automatically copies all the events from that calendar to its own calendar. You can also connect multiple Google accounts if needed.

You can invite your colleagues to join you on the platform and form a team. This will help you keep everyone’s schedule and tasks up-to-date.

Reclaim AI can help you automatically schedule meetings that are of the utmost importance and adjust other tasks in your calendar accordingly. 

You can also activate the No Meeting Days feature to focus solely on your important tasks.

Reclaim AI‘s other useful features include Habits, which allow you to create recurring routines, such as lunch or transportation breaks. This will help you maintain a good work-life balance.

Another helpful feature is the ability to add Buffer Time between meetings. This feature allows you to decompress and prepare for the next meeting.

The Stats feature provides insights into your team's progress, productivity, work habits, tasks, and time spent in meetings.

All these features make Reclaim AI one of the best AI tools for productivity. 

Reclaim AI offers a free trial called Lite with limited credits. The other pricing plans are called Starter, Business, and Enterprise, which come with varying credits.

Overall, Reclaim AI is one of the best AI productivity tools for teams to make the most out of their busy schedules effectively.


  • Free plan available
  • Can help maintain work-life balance


  • Lacks advanced project management features found in other competitor tools

8. Animaker Subtitles - AI Subtitle Generator

Animaker Subtitles is a powerful tool that uses AI to add and translate subtitles to videos in no time! 

Animaker Subtitles

This tool provides three options for adding subtitles to a video - automatic, manual, and uploading a subtitle file. 

The auto subtitle feature analyzes the video using AI and generates subtitles in less than a minute. 

You can also customize the font, color, and subtitle style; once the subtitles are generated. 

Animaker Subtitles also allows you to add animations to their subtitles, making them more engaging.

The most impressive feature of Animaker Subtitles is its automatic translation ability for over 130 different languages, making sure the content can reach a global audience. 

When it comes to downloading, you can download the subtitle file in five different formats and the subtitled video in seven different formats. 

I think these features show that this tool is a great AI productivity tool for editors or anyone who wants to add subtitles to their videos!

Animaker Subtitles provides a free plan option that does not include the auto-translation feature. The paid plans are Basic, Starter, Pro, and Enterprise, each with varying credits and additional features.


  • Free plan available
  • Auto-translation feature with 130+ languages
  • Animations can be added to subtitles
  • Both subtitle files and subtitled videos can be downloaded


  • Auto translation feature not included in the free plan

9. Fireflies.ai - AI Meeting Transcriber

Fireflies.ai is an AI assistant specifically designed to analyze conversations in meetings and generate summaries.


Once you connect your account with the platform, the AI assistant will join in all of your meetings. 

It then automatically transcribes the audio from meetings and generates summaries that highlight key points, action items, deadlines, and other crucial details, making it easier to stay organized. 

Apart from meetings, it can also transcribe phone calls or audio files.

The platform supports transcription in over 69 languages. However, It is worth noting that Fireflies.ai will generate summaries in the same language as the meeting.

Fireflies.ai integrates seamlessly with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more, making it easier for businesses that use different platforms.

Fireflies.ai offers a free plan with unlimited transcription, but the AI summaries are limited. The pricing options are called Pro, Business, and Enterprise, with varying limits and additional features.


  • Free plan available
  • Transcription in 69+ languages
  • Can be integrated with multiple platforms


  • Limited AI summaries in the free plan

10. AudioNotes.ai - AI Notes/Summary Generator

AudioNotes.ai is a web-based AI tool that transcribes audio and generates summaries.


This is a very straightforward tool and very easy to use. You can either upload audio files to transcribe or record and speak. The AI will then transcribe the audio and generate summaries.

One of the biggest pros of this tool is that it can process and generate the output in 50+ languages.

You can also customize how you want the generated summary to look, such as style, view, and length.

An option allows you to choose whether multiple speakers are speaking to ensure the generated transcription is accurate.

Once the summary is generated, you can copy, delete, or share it with others.

In short, with AudioNotes.ai, you can skip typing out long notes and just record them anywhere.

AudioNotes.ai offers a free plan with limited minutes per month. The Advanced and Pro pricing plans have additional features, including unlimited notes and access to Android and iPhone apps.


  • Free plan available
  • Can record & generate summaries in 50+ languages 


  • Limited minutes per month available in free plan

11. Evernote - AI Notes Editor

Evernote is an AI-powered note-taking app that simplifies the process of organizing your thoughts.


Like any other notes app, you can add notes and tasks to stay up-to-date with your tasks. But what sets Evernotes apart is that you can edit the text in your note with the help of AI.

For example, with AI, you can fix typos and change the tone of your notes, generate summaries, and even translate them into other languages. 

Additionally, you can generate content like title, introduction, and conclusion from your notes.

Evernote allows you to upload files like PDFs, images, and audio clips and edit and annotate them.

You can also share your notes with others for real-time collaboration.

Evernote offers a free plan, but you can create a limited number of notes. Other pricing plans are Personal, Professional, and Teams.


  • Free plan available
  • Can translate content in notes


  • Can create a limited number of notes in the free plan

12. INK - AI SEO Assistant

INK is an AI marketing tool that can assist in generating and optimizing content for SEO.


It can conduct keyword research, create SEO-optimized blog posts to outperform competitors, and check for plagiarism.

Besides SEO, the AI assistant can also generate images, cold outreach emails, social media campaigns, and ad campaigns.

By using SEO-optimized content, you can attract organic visitors and increase engagement, CTR, and conversion rates in a matter of weeks. 

Hence, INK can be your productivity buddy to generate SEO-rich content and gain traffic!

INK offers a 5-day free trial with limited credits and two premium plans: Professional and Enterprise. These plans come with varying credits and additional features such as Real-Time Semantic SEO Scoring and Emotional Intelligence AI.


  • 5-day free trial available
  • Can generate keywords
  • Can generate SEO-rich content
  • Can check for plagiarism 


  • Advanced features not available in the free trial option

13. Picmaker – AI social media management tool

Picmaker is a smart AI tool that allows you to create and manage content across different social media platforms under one roof.


You can use thousands of customizable templates to create designs for various purposes, from Instagram posts to logos—you name it!

There are countless design options, such as millions of stock images and graphic icons, that you can use to make your designs stand out.

You can use the AI caption generator to craft interesting captions suited for your posts.

With Picmaker's Social Scheduler, you can schedule your posts and view your timeline to see which posts succeeded and failed. 

Additionally, Picmaker provides Social Analytics that helps you analyze your post performance, audience, and links. 

You can also get insights into the impressions, reach, and engagement of your account.

With Picmaker, you can collaborate with others to create the perfect design for your next social media post.

Moreover, the tool can be connected to various platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram Business, Pinterest, Tiktok, and more.

So this makes Picmaker easily one of the best AI productivity tools for designing and managing content under a single roof. 

When it comes to plans, Pickmaker has a free plan option and three pricing options: Starter, Pro, and Teams, which vary in credits and additional features.


  • Free plan available
  • Can be connected to various social media platforms
  • Can schedule posts
  • Provides deeper insights with Social Analytics
  • Can collaborate to create designs


  • Watermark visible in the free plan


That concludes the list of the best AI productivity tools that you can adopt into your everyday work life!

Now that we have seen the list, let’s quickly look at their benefits.

Benefits of AI productivity tools

AI tools for productivity are super beneficial. With them, you can - 

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Generate SEO-rich content
  • Gain insights into data that can help with your content and marketing strategy
  • Collaborate with your team members and, most importantly, 
  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance

Whether you're a busy entrepreneur, a meticulous organizer, or simply someone seeking a more productive workflow, there's an AI productivity tool that can assist you. 

If you want a list of more such helpful tools, especially AI tools for business, then check out the link provided.

Explore the options we've presented and see if they might be helpful in your work life or everyday life!

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