Top 19 Animated Medical Videos on the Internet that YOU WILL LOVE!

Video usage in the healthcare industry across the globe is rapidly increasing. 

Whether you’re a marketer or a healthcare professional, people will like to visit your hospital or seek your advice again only if they feel confident in your explanatory method. 

And that’s where Animated medical videos are a boon to the healthcare industry. Even the most complex of videos can be made interesting and exciting with the help of animation.

On the one hand, the audience gets to understand the intricate details. And on the other hand, the video creator gains more engagement and, eventually, more conversions.

So if you are a medical professional looking forward to creating attractive medical videos for your brand, you have landed at the right place.

This article will cover everything you want to know about animated medical videos.

But before jumping into creating your own medical-related video using Animaker, let’s cover some of the amazing animated medical videos already loved by netizens. 

Top 19 Amazing Animated Medical Videos 

The animated medical videos below are chosen based on their creativity, aesthetics, content, and concept representation. 

You can have a glimpse at these videos and stretch your imagination to create your own videos for your brand. I’m sure you’ll be enlightened with creativity by the end of this blog.

1. Effects of smoking - Character Animation Video


Doesn’t this prove how awesome the video is?

Healthcare is serious - tapping into that emotion is essential. It's about bringing the stories and people to life. This is what corporate leaders and big brands do. 

When you combine animation with a story that holds a problem to be addressed along with some mild emotions, there comes an effective outcome, resulting in the success of the effort taken. 

This video does exactly that! With an emphasis on animation effects, the video conveys how smoking affects the body, its harmful effects on different body parts, and how one can recover when one quits the habit.

2. WHO on preventing Hepatitis

This Animated awareness video explains everything about Hepatitis and its prevention.

Even though the video is to create awareness by spreading an important message, the cute animations convey the message in a simple yet engaging way. 

There’s no serious voice-over explaining the prevention measures. Instead, the animated assets do the job and help etch the message deep in our minds without much effort!

The choice of music makes the video even more interesting. It is very comical and has tones that depict danger here and there, giving us a sense of awareness beforehand. 

Since WHO has blue as its brand color, you can see the dominance of blue and white all over the video.

3. Healthcare homes animation

Do you want to promote healthcare home services?

This video is produced by the Government of Australia and focuses on promoting healthcare homes and why it is required. 

The animated video has a storyboard and a well-planned script ready. The characters and animations give this video a lively look, providing the correct information and knowledge. 

4. A 3D Explanatory Video on Dialysis

Let’s look at one of the exciting explanatory videos in a 3D animated format. 

This video explains the two methods of dialysis and the 3D animations make it easier to visualize. 

The absence of background music in this video makes the narration clearer and easier to follow. 

I would suggest this video for those who want to know how dialysis works – a video that can be educative and entertaining for kids and adults. 

5. 2D Animation video on Oxygen Healthcare

Ahh! Are you looking for an animated video that is less than a minute? 

Here’s one for you…

A very quick, engaging 2D animated video advertisement that explains the significance of health care for elders in the home. 

The video is conceptualized to suit the brand’s region and the cultural beliefs of its population. The characters’ attire, background music, font style, and text language are all designed to address the lifestyle of the people in that region. Such practices help the brand to have a good connection with the audience.

6. How sleep affects your brain

Do you prefer videos to get straight to the point? Check out the one below!

This video explains the benefits of sleeping. Hence, the movement of the characters is found to be less. 

Not many brands can pull it off exceptionally well. Since there isn’t much movement for the characters or the animations, the script must be well constructed, and the story must pan out well. And that’s where the below video scores!

7. Shigella in Animations

This video shows how Shigella bacteria are spread from one person to another with nice colors and animations all around. 

How delightful are the transitions between each of the scenes in this video!

The transitions are so smooth, so much so that it makes us aware of the liveliness of the virus and makes us cautious of how much we must be careful while being outdoors! This shows that the script is neatly crafted.

Also, it is to be noted that they maintain a theme throughout the video.

8. Public Health explained via handwriting effect

Do you like to watch whiteboard videos where a hand writes the significant points? 

Sounds special, right?

Here’s one such video!

The video below talks about public health and its significance. With the whiteboard style of animation, this video clearly explains how the discipline, hygienic practices, and organized efforts of individuals can eventually lead to the betterment of society and control the spread of deadly diseases.

9. Explanatory Animation Video about cancer

On a budget? Animated videos are great for learning and easy content consumption. This video delivers great content that explains cancer, its formation, effects, diagnosis, and treatment. 

With good animation software, anybody can create an engaging video with all the information they would like to project to their audience. Being clear and engaging - that’s what is expected by your audiences too!

In particular, animation can help you simplify complex terms and present information in the right tone for your audience. In addition, it can inspire, motivate, and incite action, just like in the video below.

10. Do not go to medical school (if this is you) 

This is an excellent example of storytelling. 

Everybody likes stories. And stories with information earn the right impact.

This video is different from the others on the list. It addresses people who are interested in medicine and would like to pursue it as their career.

There is always a liking for 2D animation or cartoon videos - from kids to adults. Concepts which are explained through these mediums are more reachable.

The video below explains why some individuals may not be a suitable fit in the medical field. Doctors are highly respected in society. Since they are expected to be dedicated and focused all the time, this video explains how someone must pursue medicine only if they are passionate about it.

As the video rightly says, MedSchool Insider is more than just a YouTube channel. All their animation videos are the best-viewed ones. This channel rightly understands the trick of attracting more viewers via its animation videos and their engrossing concept.

11. The Russian sleep experiment

This animation video shows their sleep experiment through the 2D characters. 

The ultimate motto behind this video is to project a real case experiment in the animation format. The case explains a sleep experiment, one of the most famous and horrific experiments gone wrong, but some claim the experiment never happened! 

The video is made of cartoons, and it adds clear content and impression to the video. 

This shows what is possible with an explainer video that looks great with character animation, voice-over, texts, transitions, warm colors, and effects. So you can get your point across in a visually engaging way.

12. Pharmacy of the future

The digital revolution in healthcare is helping to improve a broad range of outcomes, from the prevention and treatment of disease to patient care. It highlights the importance of pharmacies and how they would have evolved in the future.

The narrator's voice is used perfectly in this video. In addition, many ideas from the video help you sort out how to position your video-making development. 

Short and crisp, isn’t it?

13. Sleep is more important 

How amazing is it when an explanatory video starts with an engaging story filled with animations and effects?

One such incredible video explains what happens when there is a lack of sleep. Moreover, it clearly explains what causes sleep, the short and long-run adversities of lack of sleep, etc. 

Though this video is longer, it is not at all overwhelming. The engaging animations and colors make it easy to grasp and understand.

14. 3D Medical Animation

3D medical animations are everyone’s favorite. And this video is true science fiction! 

The functioning of organs and all the other intricate stuff we don’t usually see is beautifully showcased in this video through 3D animation. You can see the quality and attention to detail for yourself.

The idea is superb - both in design and function—beautiful 3D work in concept and execution.

15. How to treat Heart Attack - 3D Medical Video

From starting with how your heart functions to explain the treatment for the attack, this video covers everything you need to know about a heart attack.

These medical visualizations typically represent how a heart attack happens, the medication consequences, and what is ACS (Acute Coronary Syndrome) & MI (Myocardial Infarction).

You don’t need high-end animation techniques. You can easily explain your concept even with a mediocre 3D render and simple animation. 

The voice-over helps you understand the video, which correlates with the 3D-animated medical video. Easy to understand, right?

16. A 2D Animation video about Salmonella

This animated medical video educates about Salmonella, a bacterial infection. It briefly explains the transmission, symptoms, treatment options, and ways of prevention.

Look at the professional voice-over and the smooth transitions used in the video. 

Although the video is only 38 seconds, it effectively explains the bacterial infection using engaging animations

17. A 2D Animation video explains to stop smoking

Phew! This video makes us realize the effects of smoking and intensifies the fear of smoking. 

As the title rightly says, “Stop smoking today!” the video is picturized in a way that would make us think twice before even going near a cigarette. This proves the strength of video-making through animations!

18. Oral Health Awareness by NHS

National Health Service (NHS) England has authentically created an animated video to showcase the significance of good Oral Health and the benefits of dental care from birth.

The video’s motive is to spread awareness and increase the visibility of the problem. This video can be shown even to a small kid as the concept is explained very simply.

19. Global COVID-19 Prevention Measures

This video talks about a virus that shook the world for a longgg time!

Would you expect a video with no music or voice to be engaging and deliver the information precisely?

Well, this animated video makes it so possible! 

The video takes us through the dimensions of how the virus would spread from one person to another. 


Wasn’t that an interesting and quick scroll?

Let’s check out how you can create your Animated medical video using Animaker. 

How to create an Animated Medical video using Animaker?

Animation videos are always fun, engaging, and fascinating to watch and grab attention, but it’s not easy to create, especially from scratch. 

Even though you take months and months, sometimes the efforts you put in to make a character move from one place to another will drop all your liveliness and make you a gloomy person. 

Why should video making take out all your spirit towards creativity?!

What if I tell you that video making is way more than easy, fun, and flexible?!

Looking for software that gives you such a simple feel? 

Here’s where Animaker pops in. Animaker is a DIY-video-making software used by almost 15M+ users globally.

Creating an animated medical video is pretty simple. Just follow these below five steps to make a stunning animated medical video.

  1. Create a new project 
  2. Add a background resembling your theme
  3. Add your custom character
  4. Add properties and music or voiceover
  5. Download and share it 

As simple as that! 

Let’s check out some of the animated medical characters from Animaker.

Animated Medical Assets on Animaker

Medical animation videos are becoming more popular and effective. As you have already seen, many top brands use animated videos for marketing, branding, and communicating knowledge. The best part is, they are very easy to create with Animaker. 

At Animaker, you can find/create so many animated medical characters, 30K+ copyright-free music tracks, 70K+ icons, 200+ voices, millions of stock images and videos, and loads more. 

Let’s dig into having a glance at some of the animated medical characters and properties from Animaker.

Animated Medical Characters from Animaker

Considering the high demand for healthcare, Animaker has contributed around creating animated medical characters, which helps in educating the younger generation with healthcare knowledge. 

Animaker’s powerful custom character builder lets you create your own characters with tons of customization. In addition, its rich asset library lets you easily add all kinds of animated medical properties and music tracks.

Look at our pre-made medical characters, such as doctors, nurses, frontline workers, etc. Apart from these pre-made characters, you can create more than a billion unique custom medical characters using Animaker. 

animaker characters

Animated Medical Properties from Animaker

Here’re just a handful of animated medical properties from Animaker. There are loads of other assets, which you can find under the Properties section.

animaker properties

Additionally, you can check out our blog, where you can see some of our medical animation characters.

Also, do check out one of the world’s best pharmaceutical corporations, GSK, sharing their thoughts about Animaker

We hope this article helped you find some of the best-animated medical videos. If you have any questions or queries, please drop them down in the comments below.


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