Justin Brown’s Secret Tips for YouTube Success [Video]2 min read

Justin Brown is a successful YouTuber whose channel Primal Videos is focused on helping other YouTubers and video creators improve their video content. His channel has recently crossed the 170,000 subscribers and is growing rapidly into one of internet’s most trusted resource for video tips.

In this episode of Animaker Genius Talk, we pick the brains of Justin Brown to find out his secret tips for YouTube success!


For anyone looking to start on YouTube, start with the gear you have. (8:11)

the most important part in the video is the content itself. (8:45)

treat YouTube as a search engine this is the most important thing. (10:08)

Genius Journey

Tell us how your journey as a successful YouTuber started? (1:03)

you work with a lot of extreme sports athletes right so how did that experience actually work out? (2:19)

Supposing you review a product and tell that it’s really great and the product tanks in the market or vice versa you don’t you give a bit of a negative review for a product and it goes on to become a viral hit in the market how do you handle such a situation? (5:12)

Picking the Genius Brain

How do you think YouTube can help small businesses in growing their business? (9:50)

Three biggest mistakes that budding YouTubers are making in
editing their videos. (12:00)

how do you believe collaborations can help you and how do you utilize these collaborations to
grow your channel? (14:33)

how did he go and afford all of the products that you were reviewing? (17:27)

Inside the Genius Mind

Who is one youtuber who you believe has great content but can do better on the video
style front? (19:02)

Which do you think weighs more content versus video quality? (20:09)

How do you create content that reaches everybody who is away from your geographical location? (22:07)

What is one message for the Animaker community who is watching the video right now? (23:40)

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