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10 Best Animated Explainer Videos

You’ve come to the right place if you are searching for the best-animated explainer videos or just looking for some inspiration to create an animated explainer video for your business.

A well-tailor-made animated explainer video is an effective tool in the business sales pitch, creating brand awareness, developing curiosity, and engaging the audience to try the product or service offerings.

However, the general perception that only big brands can pull off an outstanding explainer video is a myth. You need not necessarily have a big production budget to create high-quality animated explainer videos. 

We have shortlisted some of the best explainer videos that startups have created and used for their new product or feature launches and decoded what makes them tick all the boxes for being a stellar explainer video.

Methodology followed:

We wanted the list we presented to you to be actually actionable and not based on some superficial idea. So here’s what makes this list actually good.

  1. We used ProductHunt to discover all new products in the market across the calendar year 2021.
  2. We scanned through every month to find the products that got the most upvotes and bagged the “Product of the day” badge.
  3. Then we shortlisted the ones with the best animated explainer video to serve as an example for this article.

Now let’s jump right into the list in no particular order

1. Payments on Contra

Contra introduced a feature called ‘Payments on Contra’. With this the Freelancers can now receive project inquiries, message clients, manage projects, and get paid commission-free without leaving the Contra platform.

  • The focal point of the explainer video was an animated character in a sassy, cool outfit, showcasing how independent and flexible a worker can be as a freelancer.
  • They have showcased the eye-candy user interface and glimpses of snapshots from every step of the process inside the app.
  • The glittering bold texts help draw attention from the audience, and to top it off, the pulsating music they have used in the background gives a whole vibe to the video. 

Overall, the quality of this explainer video is so rich, making it one of the best-animated explainer videos on this list.

2. CodeSee Maps

CodeSee Maps helps visualize code for faster onboarding, planning, and reviews

  • This explainer video starts by comparing the traditional ways of code improvement and, through screencasting, has conveyed that the maps are auto-generated and code diagrams are self-updating.
  • The visuals are so to the point to understand how files and folders are connected, how code changes fit into the more prominent architecture, and more.
  • The backbone of this video is the apt upbeat music track, coupled with the snapshots from the app interface and bold texts, which conveys the product messaging very clearly.

Overall, this is an easy-to-understand instructional video even for the audience without adequate experience in coding will be able to understand what CodeSee Maps. 

3. Transfer by Zapier

Zapier is known for workflow automation. It helps to automatically move information between the web apps so you can focus on your most important work. In addition, Zapier came up with a new feature on-demand called “Transfer by Zapier.”

  • The explainer video they used for this feature announcement is a brilliantly made product video  – the key highlight being the sturdy voiceover – narrating the whole idea of the Transfer feature.
  • The voiceover and the step-by-step workflow procedure make it attractive for the audience to comprehend the feature.
  • The end of the video also showcases the ‘n’ number of integrations that they have with other apps by using the relevant logos to give a clear picture of the abilities of the new feature. 

Overall, this explainer video serves the purpose and stands out as one of the wholly packed instructional videos on the list.

4. Tolstoy

Tolstoy is an interactive video platform to build innovative, personalized video funnels to interact with users on your website & inside your app. 

  • This explainer video has to be one of the very best ones on this list. The video starts with pleasant background music and a clear voice over – informing about the app’s features.
  • The key highlight of the video is that the video showcases all the possible ways to embed the interactive video chat support, talent screening, video prospecting, and more with a merry voiceover that follows the actions on the screen. So at the end of every scene, the audience will know precisely what it’s all about.
  • The bold text slides in between works seamlessly with the content of the video and conveys the product messaging without fail. 

Overall, this is a clear winner covering all the aspects of a perfect explainer video.

5. Wikifox – Wikipedia Reimagined

Wikifox is a clean and simplified version of the actual Wikipedia.

  • This explainer video is straightforward in projecting an excellent and clean user interface with the beta app’s Dark, Light, and custom themes.
  • The video starts by showcasing the original version of Wikipedia, and the uplifting music builds the tension and curiosity among the audience to know what’s subsequent and how different Wififox is from the original version.
  • No voice overs have been used in this video; however, the transition effects used between the scenes make it interesting for the audience. Also, the snapshots from different features like – ‘share on the go’ with big and bold texts convey the benefits of the beta app. 

Overall, within 30 seconds, this explainer video draws a clear understanding of the beta app and succeeds in the brief product messaging.

6. Relief

Relief is similar to the TurboTax software for getting out of debt. The app makes it easy by negotiating directly with your creditors to cut down your principal balance in half or more – for free.

  • This explainer video starts with a piece of excellent groovy background music and a confident voiceover.
  • The majority of the video comprises colorful illustrations and in-app images to convey the product messaging clearly.
  • With cheerful animated characters, they have conveyed to the audience that you get $100 towards your debt by joining the waitlist & $50 every time you refer friends to the app.
  • They have also used sound effects between the scenes to add inflictions to the narration and elements on the frame.

Overall, this explainer video ticks all the checkboxes – voiceover, background music, illustrations, seamless transition between frames, etc.; and smoothly serves the purpose.

7. Removaly

Removaly is an app that automatically scans for where your personal information has been exposed, submit requests to have your information removed, and then continues monitoring to ensure your information stays off the internet.

  • The explainer video starts with the perfect voiceover explaining the problem the app is trying to solve.
  • They have used neat animations with illustrations to convey complex theory visually to the audience.
  • Using an animated character and the transition effects between each frame hooks the audience to the screen and, in turn, helps them understand what problem the app is trying to solve.
  • A piece of smoothing, soft background music, and sound effects for the illustrations help draw the audience’s attention.

Overall, Removaly has nailed the product messaging with this all-out stellar explainer video. This is my personal favorite in this list, along with the Contra one. 

8. Albato

Albato is a No-code Automation platform. It serves as a single platform for all business automation.

  • This explainer video immediately opens with a confused-looking animated character, emphasizing the target audience.
  • The voiceover – guides the audience through the current problems in connecting different applications and hooks the viewers’ attention very well.
  • Simple and clean animations are used to illustrate the different use cases of the app.
  • Instead of texts, they have used icons and flowing animations to convey the product messaging.

The choice of voice used in the voiceover could have been better compared to the other ones in this video. But, overall, this explainer video gets the job done decently.

9. Contra

Contra is a new professional network for flexible work. They provide the tools and infrastructure needed to successfully build your career around the life you want, with zero commission fees.

Contra grabs another spot in our best explainer videos list – this time with their Contra 2.0 product launch video.

  • The video starts with a type-writer form of text with matching sound effects – emphasizing the base idea revolving around the app.
  • The pulsating music and texts filling the entire frame make it interesting for the audience.
  • Colorful Illustrations and transition effects help beautifully showcase the app’s sleek interface.
  • They have also used sample user images and emojis to highlight the different use cases the app can serve to its target audience.

Overall, without any voiceover, they have managed to pull off creating this eye-catching explainer video, and the quality of the video speaks volumes.

10. Mubert Render

Mubert generates music in real-time with an AI-operated technology. It has an infinitely diverse music genre that serves as a customized feature for business targets and boosts user LTV via UX personalization.

  • The combination of voiceover and relevant text as a subtitle makes it attractive to the audience and conveys the product messaging at the same time.
  • They have used different emoji animations to express emotions related to the narration and hook the audience in every frame along with the music track illustrations.
  • The mouse-hovering animations over the app’s interface help the audience understand the app’s working clearly and the catch is that they have used the app’s very own AI-generated music track for the background music in this video.

Overall, Mubert’s explainer video is 10 on 10 with the right mix of voiceovers, animated illustrations, texts, and background music track and serves the purpose completely.


That’s a wrap, folks!

We have had a good look at the 10 of the best explainer videos made by companies for their new product or new feature launch across the calendar year 2021. 

I hope the above explainer videos instill inspiration and if you want to create a similar professional looking explainer videos by yourself, we recommend you to check out Animaker’s – Explainer video maker

Animaker comes preloaded with 1000s of professional templates and anyone can make professional quality videos with

Also, if you need any help with Animaker’s Explainer Video Maker, don’t shy away; shoot your questions to us in the comments below.

We’d be more than happy to help tailor your explainer videos to the utmost perfection.


How to make Animated gifs in 3 simple steps?

Whether you are planning to make a gif to add to your presentation or you got a meme idea while watching a movie. Here is the easiest way to convert any video or images into an animated gif. The best part is you don’t need to install any fancy software to do this. [ Yes we are talking about Photoshop ]

Follow these 3 simple steps to create your animated gif.

intro gif

Step 1: Create a new project in Animaker

Visit the website of Animaker and sign up for an account. From the dashboard select the following options to create a new blank project.

Create > Create a video > Blank Project.

Create a new project

Step 2: Upload the video or the images

This is the interface of the Animaker.

interface of the Animaker

Go to the upload section present at the bottom of the library and click on the upload option to upload your images(videos). You can also drag and drop the files directly into the project.

Upload option

Now select the uploaded image to add it to the workspace.

Now select the uploaded image to add it to the workspace.

Once the image is added to the workspace, you will see a couple of options appear right next to it. This is called the ‘Item Menu’. Use the option named ‘Set as Bg’ within the item menu to apply the image as the background of the scene.

Item Menu

Now reduce the duration of the scene. By default, the duration of a scene is 10 seconds. You Can increase or decrease the duration of a scene using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ options present at the bottom of the animation timeline. Reduce it to 1 second.

Adjust the timeline

It’s time to add the second image. To add the second image you need a new scene. You can create a new scene using the ‘Add Scene’ option from the ‘Scenes section’ present on the right-hand side of the interface. 

But instead of adding a new scene, you can duplicate the current scene using the ‘Duplicate’ scene option and add the new image as background. By doing this you can avoid spending time adjusting the duration of the new scene.

duplicate the current scene

Duplicate option

If you wish to convert a video into an animated gif the process is the same. Upload the video using the upload option and add it to the workspace.

Upload the video

Step 3: Download it as a GIF

Click the publish option at the top, and then select the ’Download as Gif’ option.

Download it as a GIF

Your gif will render in a few minutes and will be ready for download.


Well! We already told you this is one of the easiest ways to create animated Gifs!

Now that you know how to make animated gifs, what are you waiting for? 

Click here to create your Gif!

How To Upload YouTube Shorts from PC and Mobile? [A Step by step guide]

YouTube is undoubtedly among the most popular social media platforms used by millions of cybernauts across the globe. Launched in 2005, YouTube has stood the test of time and has proved to be the best platform for capable creators that want to build a massive community of followers.


In 2020, YouTube announced the launch of “Shorts” to enable content creators to post bite-sized videos. This was done majorly to attract and engage new audiences who have flocked to TikTok as their go-to entertainment platform.

While this ensures properly engaging the newer audience, it also creates some excitement among existing users as they haven’t seen any major feature update on the channel that has traditionally been more friendly to longer videos.


Now we know you have a lot of questions about YouTube Shorts. So far we have covered multiple topics like

– How long can YouTube shorts be?
– How to create YouTube shorts on your smartphone?


And in this article, we’ll be covering

  1. How to upload YouTube Shorts from a PC? &
  2. How to upload YouTube Shorts from Mobile?
    • Uploading pre-made videos
    • Recording and uploading live

Before we jump into learning how to upload, you must keep these points in mind:

  • Video dimensions: The video must be Square or Vertical. 
  • Video duration: It must be between 15 and 60 seconds. Click here to know how long youtube Shorts can be.
  • Video Title: The title or description must have the hashtag #Shorts. This would help your Shorts to get a better reach and increases the probability of the video appearing in YouTube recommendations.


Now let’s jump into the topic,

  1. How to upload YouTube Shorts from a PC?

Got an interesting video idea that can be posted as shorts from your PC? Well, let’s see how in just four simple steps:


Step 1: Log in

Log in to your YouTube account from your computer. This opens the YouTube channel homepage.


Step 2: Upload the video

Select the ‘create’ option (video camera button at the top right corner of the channel dashboard) 

youtube shorts video

Once you click that, you will get two options. ‘Upload video’ and ‘Go Live’. Among these, select the ‘upload video’ option.

how to upload youtube shorts

On clicking that, you will reach the ‘upload videos’ screen. Click on the “Upload Video” button.

upload youtube shorts

Here, you can upload your video by either clicking on the ‘select files’ button or by dragging and dropping the desired video file.

youtube shorts website

youtube shorts

Step 3: Add video details

Once the video is uploaded, the video editing screen appears. Fill in the following video details to publish the video.



You can add the title for the Shorts video along with a description. Remember to add #Shorts to the title and description.


Scroll down and choose the thumbnail of your Shorts video. You can choose one from the given set of pictures or upload one from your device. 

how to upload youtube shorts from pc

Video elements:

You will then get to the ‘video elements’ screen, where you need to select the audience for your Shorts. If your video is kid-friendly, select “Yes, it’s made for kids”. Else, select “No, it’s not made for kids” and click on the Next button.

youtube shorts video


You will reach the ‘checks’ screen. This tool of YouTube helps the creator to know if the video contains any copyrighted material and if it complies with advertising guidelines. Click on the “Next button”. 

how long are youtube shorts


Next, you will get to the ‘visibility’ screen which is the final step of the uploading process. Here, you will have to choose if you want the video to be private, unlisted, or public. 

  • Private videos – These videos can be seen only by you and those you invite while uploading the video. You can invite people to view the private videos by entering their email IDs. You cannot share the video link of private videos.
  • Unlisted Videos – These videos can be seen by you and anyone with the video link. Unlike Private videos, you can share the video links of unlisted videos with others. 
  • Public – Select public if you want to make the video visible to everyone.


Here’s some more information about private, unlisted, and public videos.

youtube shorts app



Step 4: Publish your video

Once all details are filled, the last step is to publish the video by clicking on the Publish button. 

how to upload youtube shorts

If you do not want to publish the video immediately, you can also schedule by entering the date and time of publishing.

upload youtube shorts from desktop

And there you go! That’s how you upload a YouTube Shorts video from a computer. After you publish your Shorts, you can share them on your social media handles and promote them.


2. How to upload YouTube Shorts from Mobile?


Now that we know the way to upload YouTube Shorts from PC, let’s see How to upload YouTube Shorts from your mobile device. You can either choose to upload a pre-recorded video from your device or record a video using the integrated YouTube Camera. 


  1. Uploading a pre-made video
  2. Record a video and upload


Let’s understand the step-by-step process of uploading your Shorts from your mobile.

1. Uploading a pre-made video:

 The pre-made video stored on your mobile device can be uploaded to YouTube Shorts in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Upload your video

Get into the YouTube app from your mobile device. Click the Create icon(+) at the bottom of the page. 

how to upload shorts on youtube

Now, in the list of options, select ‘upload a video.’ This will show you the videos in your gallery. Then select the video you want to upload. 

youtube shorts downloader

Step 2: Add Music & Text

Since it’s a pre-made video, it might already have a music track and the necessary text. However, if you have not added a music track or text to your video, you can make use of the music and text icons at the bottom-left corner of the app. 


To add music, select the music option. YouTube offers a plethora of tracks for you to choose from. Use the search bar to find the desired music track easily. 

download youtube shorts

Select a music track and click on the arrow button straight to it. This will insert the music into your video. 

Keep in mind that if you have already added music to your video, then your video length can be up to 60 seconds. However, if you want to choose a music track from YouTube’s music library, the duration of the video will be limited to 15 seconds. 

youtube shorts download

To add text, click on the Text icon below. You can choose the text color from the color palette shown on the screen and also format the text using the options available on the top. 

what are youtube shorts

how long can youtube shorts be

As you add assets to the video, you will notice it appear on the timeline below. By clicking on the respective asset in the timeline, you can adjust the duration of that particular asset by dragging the two end bars.

youtube shorts length

Step 3: Publish Your Video

Finally, click on the Next button in the top right corner to name your video and add a caption or a short description of your video. Now add relevant hashtags to your video. Do not forget to add #Shorts in both Title and description.  This will help your video to be recommended under the Shorts section.


Set the visibility of your video. There are three options for you to choose from: 

  1. Private- Only those who were invited can access the video. 
  2. Unlisted- The video can be shared using a link. Only the ones with the link can view the video. 
  3. Public- Anyone can view the video. 


Here comes the final step. Hit the UPLOAD button on the top right corner. In no time, your Shorts video gets posted on YouTube. 

what is youtube shorts


You have successfully uploaded a pre-made video as Shorts from your mobile phone! 


2. Record a Video and Upload


Apart from uploading a pre-recorded video, you can even record the video live and upload it on YouTube. Let’s see how to do that now. 

Step 1: Create Shorts

Firstly, get into the YouTube App. On the very first screen, you will find an ADD (+) button at the bottom center. Click on the ADD button and select the Create a Short option. 

how to make youtube shorts

The right toolbar appears with a list of tools for you to make use of, such as filters, switch camera, background, retouch, and more. Explore these tools and refine your video. 

youtube shorts resolution

Before you start recording, you can fix the speed of the video and also set a countdown timer for the video’s start. 

how to post youtube shorts

Step 2: Record a video

Once you are ready to start recording, press and hold the Record button. For YouTube Shorts, make sure to keep your video in portrait mode. To make a pause, stop pressing the record button. 

youtube shorts requirements 

  • Upon completion of the recording, click on the Tick button in the bottom right corner to proceed. 

how to enable youtube shorts

Step 3: Edit your video 

  • Once you are done recording, you can add text and music to your video. You can also make use of the right toolbar to add filters and brightness, retouch the video, etc. By clicking on the music option, you can browse the right music and add it to your video.  Keep in mind that selecting music from YouTube’s music library will limit your video duration to 15 seconds. 

youtube shorts dimensions


how to create youtube shorts

To add text, click on the text button and start typing. You can change the font and alignment on the top and pick a text color from the color palette. 

youtube shorts size

Step 4: Publish your video


Finally, add a caption to your shorts and set the conditions before uploading. Add #Shorts in the title and the description so that your video gets a higher chance of being recommended under the Shorts section.


Then set the visibility of your video. Here are different options for visibility.

  1. Private – The video is visible only to those who have been invited.
  2. Unlisted – Here, the owner of the video can share it as a link. Anyone with the link can view the video. 
  3. Public – By choosing this option, you can allow any YouTube user to watch the video. 

Once all is done, click on the UPLOAD SHORT button at the bottom.

how to upload youtube shorts

This is how you successfully upload a youtube Shorts video! 


Now that you have complete knowledge about uploading YouTube Shorts, you are ready to go! If you have not tried Animaker yet, create a free account and get ready to create awesome 4K videos!


Animaker is also available for iOS users now. Animaker iOS app is an easy-to-use application that is packed with all the video editing tools required to create a studio-quality video. 


Download the app now and create a youtube shorts video on iPhone by reading the link.


Make use of the comments section to shoot your questions. We are eager to know your thoughts. 

25+ Best and Free Animated Video Templates [Free]

Animation videos!

When people hear this term, they usually think about highly skilled professionals producing complex high quality animations. 

Often, people assume it will take a long time, require a lot of learning, etc.

But what If I told you all you need is a browser on a PC with an internet connection?

Yes, you heard that right. 

You can create animations like this right from your browser

And also within minutes and not hours or days.

How you ask?

That’s where Animaker’s 1000+ studio quality video templates come in handy. And these templates aren’t created in random. There are created under highly useful set of categories that will help any person or person achieve their goals through the use of videos. 

Here’s a small gist of Animaker’s categories of templates

  • 2D Animation templates
  • Text Animation Templates
  • Logo Animation templates
  • Text Animation templates
  • Wedding Animation templates
  • Animated Invitation Templates
  • Animated Explainer Templates
  • Animated Music Templates
  • Animated Resume Templates
  • And so many more….

These are just some of the template categories we have, and there are 100s more inside the app. 

The first step is to register for a free account on Animaker.

To sign up, head over to and click on the “Sign Up” button on the top right. Once you are fully signed up, all you have to do is find the best-animated video template from this list and click on the “Edit this template.” Upon clicking, the project will open up as a new project in a new tab. Inside the project, you can simply edit the text, change the colors, and customize it the way you want in just minutes and not hours.


Yes really!

If you want to learn how to edit an Animaker template you can check out this video below – 

Now that we know how simple edit a template on Animaker is, lets have a look at some of the most awesome Animated video templates present inside Animaker 

  1. Template to Promote your product or service
    Are you a startup founder or a business owner? This 2D Promo Animated video template comes with a character that you can customize or replace with your own. This is a super simple template as it comes with super simple interchangeable elements that you can customize easily.
    Edit the template 
  2. Product Explainer Video Template
    Are you trying to promote your product or service? Then this Animated Product Explainer template is the best as it helps you promote or explain your product in an easy & effective way to grab your audience’s attention. 

    Edit the template 
  3. Property listing ad Template
    Are you bored of the regular property listings? Create Property listing videos that stand out using our animated property listing template. Create a cartoon version of your property listing and increase your enquiries and footfall by 2x.

    Edit the template 

  4. Gym Explainer
    Are you looking to add more members to your Gym? Then this Gym Explainer video can help you create your animated commercial video to attract more customers to your gym. This has all the elements you need to make a perfect Gym Explainer video. The best part is that it is entirely editable. This allows you to make it your own. 

    Edit the template 
  5. Car Rental Explainer Video Template
    Are you trying to find different ways to promote your cart rental business? Create an attractive car rental explainer video with this template showcasing the other car’s features, payment plans, and more to attract your customers. 

    Edit the template 
  6. Hiring Developers
    Are you looking to hire node, web, app, and react.js developer talent for your company? Then, create an attractive animated hiring video for developers and capture the eyes of the potential developers all around your region. This template has tons of customizable elements and everything else needed to create an engaging animated hiring video.

    Edit the template 
  7. Beautician explainer
    Create a cute explainer video for your Beautician business. Explain the different packages you have, the other pricing plans & everything else as an animated video to attract new customers. This template also allows you to use tons of creative properties, animated characters, GIFs, and more to create a beautiful beautician explainer video.

    Edit the template 
  8. Travel agency promo Template
    Irrespective of your industry, marketing is the core, and without it, there’s no business or clients. Just like any ther markets, the travel agency is equally competitive and requires intricate marketing approach. But the easiest among all the different ways is to create a Promo video for your travel agency business. A promo video can differentiate and highlight the important points of business over your competition in an eye-catching way. With this template, you can get fully creative and add your points, assets, and music to make it suitable for your Travel agency.

    Edit the template 
  9. Employee Perks video Template
    While companies spend a massive sum of money hiring the best resources and talents, they often overlook the importance of Employee Satisfaction. It’s crucial to understand what the employees want, and the Employee perks video is the perfect way to showcase the perks offered by your company. So, what’s a better way to capture the employee’s attention than an animated Employee Perks Video. 

    Edit the template 
  10. Company Policy Video Template
    Are the employees in your company often missing out on crucial points in your policies? It’s mainly because most of them think it’s boring to read long paragraphs & points. Conveying your company policies through an animated video might spark the interest you expect from the employees and also make it easy for them to remember when needed.

    Edit the template 
  11. Animated Testimonials Template
    Customer testimonials are one of the vital brand factors that help to build the trust between the potential customer and your brand. Creating attractive animated testimonials can help you increase the retention rate and opportunities to talk more about your brand.

    Edit the template 
  12. Project Status Report
    Are you presenting your project status report to someone? Are you bored of PowerPoint presentations? Then this Animated Project Status report template will help you put out a report that is simply next level. 

    Edit the template 
  13. Pitch Deck Video Template
    Pitch deck are essential and crucial to any business. However, they are usually made by startup founders to pitch their startup’s idea and potential to investors and attract capital. With this Animated Pitch Deck Presentation template, you can create eye-popping pitch deck presentations with different elements in no time.

    Edit the template 
  14. Resume Tips
    Resume plays a crucial role in all aspects.

    To the employers it’s necessary & important as it has all the information that’s required.

    To the job seekers it’s important as it is considered as one of the deciding factors to obtain a job.If you are a professional job consultant or a HR who helps or guides people to get a job, then this resume tips template is the right option for you, this template comes with simple editable elements to present your Resume tips in an attractive way.

    Edit the template 
  15. Teacher Video Resume Template
    If you are looking for a resume to stand out from the crowd, this Animated Resume Video Template is perfect for you. You can easily swap the existing character with a character that looks just like you.

    Edit the template 
  16. Website launch
    What better way to promote your newly launched website than creating an eye-catching promo video for it? This is a super simple animated template that can be customized to make your promotion for your website. 

    Edit the template 
  17. Udemy Course Promotion Template
    Are you an aspiring Udemy teacher trying to get more students to signup for your course on Udemy? Then this Udemy Course Promotion template is perfect for you as it lets you to standout and attract more students.

    Edit the template 

  18. Get Well Soon Video Template
    When someone you care about is going through a rough patch with their health, a simple written note with a personal message like ‘get well soon’ or some inspirational greetings can make their day a little better.

    While all this can sound heartwarming, if you really want to take up a special place in their heart, go one step further and deliver your “get well soon” wishes in the form of an amazing video. Here’s a template that has fully customizable elements, text and characters.

    Edit the template 
  19. Engagement Party Invite
    Tired of the boring party invites? Step up your invitation game with a custom animated Engagement Party Invite. Use exciting animated assets, GIFs, and more to make an attractive Engagement Party Invite.

    Edit the template 
  20. Birthday Invitation video template
    Tired and bored of regular birthday invitations? Take your invitation creation game to the next level by creating an animated Birthday invitation video using this template. Invite your friends and family in a fun & interactive way by animating your party, sharing the schedule, and adding other fun elements to make your Animated Birthday Invitation attractive.

    Edit the template 

  21. Wedding Anniversary Invite
    Are you planning to celebrate your Wedding Anniversary in style? Spice up your Wedding Anniversary invitation with pretty animations, effects, and even your cartoon version of yourself. Edit this template and make your very own animated Wedding Anniversary Invitation.

    Edit the template 
  22. Anniversary Wishes (Animated)
    Want to surprise your partner and plan the perfect anniversary? 

    With this beautiful animated Anniversary wishes template, you can show your partner the beginning of the journey where it all started. This template comes with tons of beautiful elements including two beautiful characters that can be fully customized to make it look just like you and your partner.

    Edit the template 
  23. Happy Valentines
    Surprising your loved one is sometimes hard, sometimes you might run out of ideas, and sometimes gifting the usual stuff is too mainstream. But what about an Animated Valentine’s day wishes video? This Animated Happy Valentines template is the perfect way to surprise your loved one.

    Edit the template 
  24. Friendship Day
    Friendship Day is all about celebrating the people closest to you and being grateful for having such a friend. No matter how old we get, there’s one person who always got your back and stays until the end. This template is all about it, what could be a better way to surprise your best friend than creating a cute animated friendship day wishes for your bestfriend. 

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  25. Happy Mothers Day Mama
    A mother is the most important in everyone’s life. If you are looking for a better way to say thank you, then this Animated Mother’s day template is the right one for you. This template comes with beautiful animations and messages that will take you back to the memory lane. Customize this template and give the best surprise that will stay in your memories forever.

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If 25 Best Animation Video Templates aren’t enough, you should head over to Animaker’s massive template library. It has over 1000+ professionally created animated video templates that are readily waiting for you to edit. 

Video templates are simply ideas put into creation. Similarly, the sky is the limit for creating your Animation videos and bringing life to your ideas. There are many articles on our blog on creating animated videos using Animaker, and our YouTube channel is filled with 100s of high informative tutorials for making Animated videos. Do you have more cool Animation Video template ideas to check out? Please let us know in the comments below, and you might even get a professionally created Animated video template in our library.