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20+ Black Friday & Cyber Monday Templates to Skyrocket your Sales!

The year-end is here, and so are the sales, discounts, and offers!

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the opportunity of grabbing goods at the lowest prices?! 

That’s where the whole glory of Black Friday and Cyber Monday lies. 

What are Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

The day following Thanksgiving is commonly known as Black Friday, and the following Monday is called Cyber Monday. These two days are among the busiest shopping days of the year. 

While Black Friday is all about shopping in physical stores, Cyber Monday is its online version. 

Retailers wanting to attract holiday shoppers provide exclusive deals and discounts. Shoppers flock to take advantage of huge discounts, resulting in a flurry of sales.

Check out how crazy the shopping frenzy was during the Thanksgiving weekend of 2021! 


This proves that whoever you are, retailer or consumer, these shopping days will benefit you!

If you are looking for ways to spread the word about these awesome days, here’s Animaker, a DIY video-making software that helps you to create promo videos.

Animaker has now doubled the Black Friday & Cyber Monday promo templates, offering you more options. 

Are you ready to check out some of Animaker’s 20+ coolest Black Friday and Cyber Monday Templates? 

Let me take you on a ride!

Top 20+ Black Friday and Cyber Monday Templates

Animaker has customizable templates for Black Friday and Cyber Monday that’ll help you promote your special offers in a captivating and efficient way. 

Instead of creating your own promo or sales videos from scratch, I suggest you pick any of the following templates and customize them based on your context and brand.

  1. Black Friday – Clock is Ticking
  2. Black Friday Sale Ad
  3. Black Friday Electrifying deals
  4. The Big Black Friday Sale
  5. Black Friday – The Greatest Sale
  6. Black Friday Sales Promo on Jewellery 
  7. Black Friday is Back
  8. Black Friday Sale on Kitchenwares
  9. Black Friday Sale on Electronics
  10. Black Friday Super Sale
  11. Black Friday Offers
  12. Steal deals for Black Friday
  13. Black Friday Best Deals
  14. Black Friday – Crazy Shopping
  15. Black Friday – Furniture Sale
  16. Cyber Monday – The One-Time Sale
  17. Cyber Monday Apparel Sale
  18. Cyber Monday Gadget Sale
  19. Cyber Monday Deal with Free Delivery
  20. Cyber Monday Meme
  21. Cyber Monday Beauty Sale
  22. Cyber Monday – Biggest Sale
  23. Cyber Monday Sale
  24. Cyber Monday Sale – Story/Shorts

Black Friday Templates

Let’s check out some of the engaging and interesting black Friday video templates. 

1. Black Friday – Clock is Ticking

Have you heard about the “fear of missing out” strategy to attract more customers?

Here’s a template that starts with the FOMO concept, helping in boosting your sales video for your store.

You don’t need to be an expert in customizing the template. You can edit them by simply clicking on the icons, characters, backgrounds, and music from the timeline, and there pops up the menu section from where you can choose the alternatives.

Try out this template for free and explore a different strategy to market your video.

Edit the template

2. Black Friday Sale Ad

Black Friday = Bag Friday! 

Let’s bag ‘em all!

Here’s a sales video template exclusively to promote the Black Friday sales. This modern template has a dark blue and red theme. The music syncs with each scene’s visual layout. 

You may customize the character from the first scene or duplicate it to make its presence in all the scenes. The placeholders, texts, and cropped backgrounds can be personalized based on your brand.

Try it for free and give your audiences the most awaited discounts. 

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3. Black Friday Electrifying deals

You really can’t escape from these electrifying electronic Black Friday deals!

When the sale gets bigger and better, the time to promote the sale also anchors!

Create your sales video with this template to display amazing deals, discount offers, and images. Pair it up with a proper brand impression, special effects to hold the audience’s attention, and some engrossing music. Voila! Your perfect promo video is ready!

Tap the editable button below and enjoy editing the whole template. 

Edit the template

4. The Big Black Friday Sale

How can your customers overlook your amazing deals, especially when you promote them through 2D animations?

Check out this engaging vertical template. One of the biggest advantages of vertical videos is that they’re made for mobile exclusively. The vertical video format has become so ubiquitous that it’s what users expect to see. 

Additionally, you can also add animated characters and give them your voice. Once you are done, share it on your profile’s story. 

Impressive, right?

Showcase your deals to your customers through unique promo videos. Edit this template now!

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5. Black Friday – The Greatest Sale

It’s time for the Black Friday countdown to begin. It’s time for brands to spread the word about offers and discounts.

If you are one such brand offering amazing deals, impress and excite your audiences by promoting the deals digitally. 

Wondering how? 

Try out this free amazing editable promo template. Post it on your social media profile and announce the endless deals you offer. This would be more than enough to keep your followers engaged and make them rush to your store!

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6. Black Friday Sales Promo on Jewellery 

Showcase the Black Friday Sales and offers to the world through a sparkling video template from Animaker. 

Every element in the slides is totally customizable. Replace the pictures with your brand model/ambassador and your products. 

Let the diamond-like effect highlight the quality of the jewels your company owns.

Customize the video for free; come on!

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7. Black Friday is Back

When Black Friday is back, the deals are back too!

Try out this magical black-themed sales promo template that announces a 60% offer on Apparel. Who wouldn’t want to grab on to such sweet discounts?!

Use it as it is, or change the content as per your brand’s needs!

This template lets you customize the background, texts, and music. You can also add additional scenes if you want to showcase more such deals. 

Check out this apparel sales video and impress your shoppers!

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8. Black Friday Sale on Kitchenware

Looking to upgrade your marketing plan on promoting the sales for kitchenwares?

Check out this infinitely customizable video template! It perfectly recreates kitchenware aesthetics by displaying various discounted products. 

How authentic & professional do these font patterns and colors look?! 

You may customize anything while editing this template and make it your own sweet video.

Try it out for free!

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9. Black Friday Sale on Electronics

Who doesn’t like to own the latest electronics?

This could be the best video template for your retail outlet store to list the different electronics up for sale this Black Friday! 

This template lists each product neatly with its name, an attractive picture of the product, an offer price, and a small description, which explains everything that’s needed for a nice, clear promo.

Try it out for yourself!  

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10. Black Friday Super Sale

A Quick & catchy square post that can shine on your social media feed!

Any brand can use this customizable template that says a Black Friday sale is going on. This template has a yellow and black theme, making it very bright! You may replace the theme, text, music, and whatnot!

Check this customizable template for free!

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11. Black Friday Offers

Fridays are fun and special by themselves!

And when they come with discounts, offers, and sales, they are Fri’Yayyyyyy’!

If you already have a store or an outlet for your fashion brand, then check out this incredible template that talks about the offers. 

This vertical template is entirely customizable, providing highly effective fashion visuals. It begins on a high note, wanting to communicate enthusiastic offers in an animated way.

Check out this template for free and pull in your audiences to shop more. 

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12. Steal deals for Black Friday

Black Friday is all about sales and deals!

If you wanna announce the discounts you offer, check out this modern, handy-to-edit template. It features a friendly color palette made up of yellow and black shapes and is filled with shopping images.

The bouncy animations make the video very inviting and exciting to watch. 

Try out this yellow-black combined template which invites shoppers!

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13. Black Friday Best Deals

Vertical-sized promo videos that can be repurposed as Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts, etc., can drive a ton of engagement and value.

Riding alongside the trends is fun, right?

Check out this template that can keep users coming back to your brand to stay abreast with the updates on the offers and discounts. 

Try out vertical videos this Black Friday! 

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14. Black Friday – Crazy Shopping

For shopaholics, Fridays are all about shopping. With Black Friday, the deals and offers will simply encourage them to “add to their carts” more!

This template lets your shoppers know about more discounts you’d planned to offer. 

Check out this template which is crazy, bright, and friendly. Promote your sales, discounts, and offers with simple yet effective content.

Try this template for free!

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15. Black Friday – Furniture Sale

Looking for a template that announces the sales of your Home furnishings?

When it’s Black Friday, retailers and dealers slash prices left and right in the name of getting consumers the best deals on all furniture, crockeries, and more. It’s also a great time to score that elusive piece of kitchen set at a nice discount. Let’s take these awesome pro templates and re-create them.

Try this customizable template for free to promote your offers on your furniture and crockery business.

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Cyber Monday Templates

Let’s check out some of the engrossing and fascinating Cyber Monday video templates. 

16. Cyber Monday – The One-Time Sale

Cyber Monday – The only Monday that most people eagerly await!

Such a special Monday has to be promoted more engagingly and interestingly, right?!

Here’s an interesting and dashing promo video template from Animaker that does just that!

This template helps you personalize your video backgrounds, texts, and also music tracks. But I personally suggest you not replace the music track because it is very peppy! If you still want to change it, you can choose from Animaker’s 30K+ music tracks and customize the promo videos according to your needs!

Make a dashing promo video and pull in more eyes.

Edit the template

17. Cyber Monday Apparel Sale

Convincing customers to buy things from your store would involve a lot of effort. But, when discounts and offers are involved, it is an easy peasy task!

Check out the promo template below that triggers your audiences to shop their favorite apparel.

This pitch-perfect sales video is crafted with pleasant, colorful backgrounds and models. The properties, texts, and backgrounds are all customizable. 

Try it out for free and attract your customers to shop more!

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18. Cyber Monday Gadget Sale

Are you planning to drop some hot deals and run exclusive promo ads this Cyber Monday?

Check out this amazing template where you can customize your flashy deals, change to some rocky music, and present your product pictures. 

Show off as many products on sale and lure your customers into buying them. After all, isn’t that what Cyber Monday is all about?

Check it out right now! 

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19. Cyber Monday Deal with Free Delivery 

When it comes to online shopping, the delivery fee is the factor that most shoppers despise! This is because, sometimes, the delivery fee is greater than the actual goods’ fee!

So this Cyber Monday, if you are a brand that is big-hearted to offer a discount on your products and also deliver them for free, then this template is the perfect option for you!

Check out this amazing promo video template that lets you customize everything, including the gradient colors, animations, icons, texts, and music tracks. Additionally, you may color your thoughts of creativity in it. 

Highlight the importance of deals and free delivery through this perfect Cyber Monday promo template!

Try it out for free!

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20. Cyber Monday Meme

Are you looking for a cute social media video post for Cyber Monday? Something short, sweet, and funny?

Check out this Clean and Minimal meme video. The quirky assets and the clean effects make this meme video a versatile way of revealing the sales-sy day. 

Oh, and the sound effects included are very peculiar too.

Check out this cutest meme video template!

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21. Cyber Monday Beauty Sale

Won’t you be super excited to announce the super sale on Cyber Monday for your Beauty products?

Hook your audience with this colorful and pleasant beauty products sales video. Create your own scene templates by adding add eye-catching properties, including slide transition effects, and deliver a strong sales pitch with a creative storyboard.

Try it out now for free, and sweep your beauty customers off their feet!

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22. Cyber Monday – Biggest Sale

Announce the biggest sale of the year for Cyber Monday!

This template is a 3-scened quick video that quickly lists the most required details of the offers and the products. 

However, you can customize each scene, add new scenes if you want to include any additional discounts or information, and replace the music and background colors, the fonts, and the effects as well.

Check this out for free and personalize the template based on your context.

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23. Cyber Monday Sale

Thanks to Cyber Monday, and cheers to the deals that are unleashed on this hectic Monday to cool us down and take us off our Monday Blue!

Here’s a Cyber Monday sales template that lets you customize the music, effects, fonts, dashing animations, shades, icons, and whatnot! Additionally, put your hands on creating custom characters or adding interesting, smart moves to your icons. 

Add all you can to construct the best promo template and see the customers flooding in!

Try it out for free now!

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24. Cyber Monday Sale – Story/Shorts 

Here’s one of the best customizable video templates in a vertical format that quickly talks about the cyber Monday sales, the discounted rate, and of course, the brand. 

It is so irresistible that your customers won’t be able to stop themselves from splurging their money!

Start personalizing the template to your brand’s theme. 

Edit this template

Despite the templates shown above, with Animaker, you can create your own custom promo videos and GIFs, thanks to the Black Friday Video Maker and Cyber Monday Video Maker.

We hope this article has helped you design the perfect Cyber Monday and Black Friday Sales Videos. Explore more templates, create a video by editing templates, or start creating a video from scratch.

Got any questions? Drop them in the comments section. We will be more than happy to help you.


How to create animated presentations [Easiest Way for 2023]

It’s no secret that traditional presentations can get boring for the audience as they often include many sentences, subheadings, and images—and that’s just the beginning. 

You also don’t want it to look like a high school science project: all over-the-top formatting and an overwhelming amount of text.

So how can you make your presentation more engaging? Well, don’t worry anymore, we have got an alternative for you!

This is where animated presentations come in. 

In this article, we have compiled the quickest and easiest steps to create an animated presentation using Animaker Deck.

Introduction to Animaker Deck

With Animaker Deck, you can create your own animated characters and use tons of pre-built templates, millions of stock assets, real-time collaboration, and more! 

It can do everything that Powerpoint can do and much more!

If you want to ensure your presentation keeps people engaged and interested, it’s time to change things up a bit from the usual way of creating a presentation.

So why wait? Let’s jump right into the steps!

Signing up with Animaker Deck

Click here to log into Animaker if you’re already a registered user. If you are new to Animaker, you can sign-up and create an account with Animaker Deck for free.

Understanding the User Interface

Before we start to create a presentation, let’s spend some time understanding the user interface of the Animaker Deck app. 

Animaker Deck UI

On the left side, we have the Library section. Under the library section, you can access the Templates, Characters, Properties, Text, Background, Images, and Upload features with a single click.

Moving on, to the right, we have the Slides section, where you can re-arrange the slides, duplicate the slides, delete the slides, and even make edits to the slides, such as transition effects.

In the center, we have a Workspace displaying the selected slide. Here you will add fonts, and images, change the background and other properties and make all the slides customizations.

And at the top, you will find options to Share, Import, and Present the slide deck.

We shall look into each option in depth in the upcoming steps.

Ways to create an animated presentation in Animaker Deck:

 There are two ways to create an animated presentation in Animaker Deck

  1. Creating an animated presentation from scratch

      2. Creating an animated presentation from templates

Let’s get started right away!

Creating an animated presentation from scratch

One way of creating an animated presentation in Animaker Deck is from scratch on a blank canvas. Here’s what we will cover:

  • Customizing the Background
  • Introducing Characters
  • Using Properties
  • Adding Text 

Customizing the Background

Using the Backgrounds feature, you can easily search and apply backgrounds according to your preferences. 

The best part is that you can customize the background colors to match your slide style.

For instance, let’s say you want to create an intro slide for your business. First, choose a suitable background for your slide from the Library.

Once you find and select a suitable background, it will appear in the central workspace. Also, you will notice a few options pop up in the workspace. It is called an “item menu.” 

You can customize the colors, add filters, swap elements, and resize and delete the elements in the slide from these options.

Introducing Characters

Do all the presentations you have made so far lack personality? 

You can now infuse life into the slides with the help of Animated Characters.

With Animaker Deck, you can create your personalized characters or use the built-in characters from the Library section, whichever fits your scenario.

In this instance, let’s choose one from the built-in character library.

Animaker Deck Characters

The selected character will appear in the slide, along with the item menu. Use the options in the item menu to customize the character per your preferences.

Also, you can find the Actions and Expressions section on the right side of the workspace. Apply a suitable action and expression to your character from the available options. 

If you are not happy with the pre-built characters, you can even create and introduce your own custom characters into the slide deck.


Character section

Use the Create Your Avatar button under the Characters feature to create your own custom character.

Animaker Deck offers you options to create a character between Young Adults and Children.

Pick the one as per your preference. Once you select the type, you will be taken to the character customization screen. 

Here you can customize each and every aspect of your character, starting from head to toe.

This is the cherry on top of the Animaker Deck app. This way, you can introduce yourself as a character in your presentation as well. 

Once you have finished the customizations, save your character and refresh the project. You can find the newly created character in the My Characters tab under the Character feature.

Using Properties

Animaker Deck is loaded with tons of Properties. Icons, Graphs, Charts, Numbers, Illustrations, or anything you name, are covered under the properties section. 

Now, let’s add a speech bubble to the character. You can do this by searching for a speech bubble under the properties section in the library.

Once you select the speech bubble, it will appear in the workspace. Use the item menu options to customize the size and color. 

You can also add animation effects to the speech bubble from the options available on the right side of the workspace.

Introducing entry and exit animations to the properties in the slide adds extra appeal to the presentation overall.

Adding Text 

Using the Text feature, you can add text to your slides in two ways. 

One is to choose and edit from the built-in text templates designed along with animation effects, and the second is to enter the text manually with text boxes.

Select a suitable text design from the Text feature under the library section.

Once you select the text design, it will appear in the workspace; now, you can type in the required text and use the item menu options to customize the color, font style, size, and alignment and adjust the case sensitivity of the text. 

In this instance, we have used the empty text box design and entered the text manually. You can also use the built-in text design templates and edit them accordingly. 

Also, it is possible to add animation effects to the text just like we did to the properties earlier. 

You can even adjust the transparency of the text by using the transparency slider beneath the animation effects on the right side of the workspace.

This way, Animaker Deck gives a complete customization option for the users to edit and change the slides according to everyone’s preferences.

Creating an animated presentation from templates

Another way of creating an animated presentation is from pre-built templates. 

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Selecting a template
  • Editing the text
  • Customizing the Character
  • Editing the Background Images

Selecting a template

Animaker Deck offers more than 50 professionally designed templates to choose from. 

Use these templates to inject fresh ideas into your static slides!

The templates feature is on the left side under the library section.

Go carefully through the different templates and select a suitable one for your use case. Then click Add all. 

A pop-up window will appear, asking you to overwrite; click confirm to insert the template.

Once you have clicked the confirm button, all the slides will be inserted into the project.

Now the best part about creating an animated presentation from templates in Animaker Deck is that every aspect of the template is completely customizable. The three main aspects of the template that you can customize as per your preferences are 

  • Text
  • Characters
  • Background Images

Editing the Text

Select the Text that you want to edit. Then click on the Settings option from the item menu. You can find different options to customize the text on the right side.

For instance, you can choose a different font, change the font’s color, and adjust the line spacing. You can also make the text a Hyperlink by toggling the Hyperlink button.

Use all these options to edit the text according to your preference. 

Customizing the Character

Select the Character and use the item menu to customize it. You can alter the color of the character and its attire as per your preference.

You can also introduce actions and expressions to the character and bring life to your presentation. Simply select an action under the action tab, and it will reflect in character immediately. It’s that easy to animate your characters. 

Also you can even introduce your own custom characters into the slide deck. 


Use the Create Your Avatar button under the Characters feature to create your own custom character.

Animaker Deck offers you options to create a character between Young Adults and Children.

Pick the one as per your preference. Once you select the type, you will be taken to the character customization screen. 

Here you can customize each and every aspect of your character, starting from head to toe.

This is the cherry on top of the Animaker Deck app. This way, you can introduce yourself as a character in your presentation as well. 


Once you have finished the customizations, save your character and refresh the project. You can find the newly created character in the My Characters tab under the Character feature.

Editing the Background Images

Animaker Deck, in partnership with GIPHY, PEXELS & PIXABAY, provides access to thousands of quirky gifs and iconic images which can be used in your slides with a single click.

You have the flexibility to even customize the existing background image in the template as per your preference.

Select the Background image and use the Item Menu options to edit the elements present in the background image.

For instance, you can alter the color of the elements, resize them, group them together or delete them. 

Also, you can introduce animation effects to the background image to lit up the presentation.

However, if you are still unhappy with the customizations, Animaker Deck has covered you with the Upload option.


Animaker Deck offers up to 25 GB of storage space for you to upload your custom files onto the slide decks.

That’s some steal, right?

You can upload your own custom images and images into the slide decks by using the Upload feature in the library section.

Click on the Upload button to browse files from your local disc and upload them directly to your project. 

Another simpler way of customizing your background is by playing around with the colors.

You can use solid colors as a background, or even better, you can use gradient colors matching your presentation style.

You can add up to five colors and create a gradient-style background on your own!

This way, you get complete control over the selected template and customize it as per your needs. 

Once you’ve finished customizing the template, click on the present button to preview the entire presentation. 

Previewing & Presenting the Slides

Once you have added the character, text, and properties and selected the suitable background, it’s time to preview how everything looks together when presented.

To do this, head to the Present option in the top menu. Clicking on the Present button will allow you to preview the slide in fullscreen. 

This way, you can check and alter the slide’s contents accordingly. It’s that simple to create an animated presentation from scratch in Animaker Deck.

Similarly, you can add more slides and customize them according to your use cases.

Sharing your work-of-art

If you are working in a team, the next step is to get your presentation reviewed by your tea members. A collaborative review process can help elevate your presentation’s quality.

Use the Share button in the top right to share the presentation with your team. All you need to do is enter your colleagues’ email addresses and choose between copy and edit links.

Animaker Deck makes it easy for you to collaborate with your entire team and edit your slide decks together in real-time.

Also, there’s an option to preview the created slide decks with the help of the Present button in the top right corner. 

Use this present button to review all the changes, animations, and other transition effects made (if any) throughout the slide.

And that’s a wrap!👏 

You have now successfully learned how to create kick-ass animated presentations in a jiffy. 

With the advent of influential online presentation makers like Animaker Deck, creating professional-looking animated presentations has become easier and more affordable than ever before. 

It is only the beginning! The world of presentations awaits you!

Get started and sweep your audiences right away!

Take me to Animaker Deck!

8 Ways To Boost Sales on Instagram As A Small Business!

Instagram is a goldmine when it comes to social selling. And, of course, no sales-minded business will ignore a platform with over 2 billion active users. 

About 44% of users shop on Instagram weekly. 

This points to one thing – the amount of sales happening on Instagram is crazy.

But even after all that, many businesses and brands complain of low sales, which makes them think selling on Instagram isn’t for them.

Are you one of them?

Then keep reading because I will show you 8 practical ways to boost sales on Instagram. 

Why Sell On Instagram?

Instagram is a visual platform where photos and videos resonate with users. Many of these users aren’t there just to entertain themselves with videos from their favorite influencers. 

They also want to discover products and services that will solve their problems. And packaging what you offer in the form of photos, infographics, and videos is the best way to attract them. 

Apart from that, there are other benefits of selling on Instagram:

  • Helps you tell a story about your products and services
  • Makes it easy for customers to shop through a built-in checkout without leaving IG
  • Drives product discovery through reels and stories
  • You can dominate a niche with your product line
  • Creates more awareness for your brand 
  • Build a community of loyal customers who can become brand ambassadors

Let’s dive into the 8 ways to boost your sales on Instagram.

1. Build Your Audience & Warm Them Up With Quality Content
2. Leverage User-Generated Content
3. Use Chatbots To Automate Conversation
4. Post Customer Reviews
5. Tell Story On IG Stories
6. Host Giveaways to attract customers
7. Offer Discounts for your products
8. Work With Influencers for better reach

1. Build Your Audience & Warm Them Up With Quality Content 

Building your audience on Instagram is key to making more sales. Your customers are mostly your followers, and you need to work on them to move them down the sales funnel.

For a business with few or no followers, this is a challenge. 

But there’s a workaround – you can leverage ethically built Instagram accounts with huge followers from services like Socialtradia to get started.

The first step is to understand your audience. 

Identifying the right target audience and creating high-quality content is the recipe to warm up this audience. Otherwise, you lose them to your competitors.

You need to convince them that you understand their problem and are ready to help them out, rather than just selling to them.

Use images, videos, and other visual content to demonstrate that your solutions are far better than your competitors. 

And this should be consistently pushing out all the features and benefits of your products. The aim is to flood their feed with valuable content that can prompt them to take action. 

And that brings us to Instagram caption. Every post you make on IG has a caption that can make or mar that post. Your captions should be compelling and entice users to take action that can lead to sales.

You don’t have to break a sweat writing captions that will move the needle. If you aren’t an expert, use AI copywriting software that have Instagram caption templates. As simple as that!

2. Leverage User-Generated Content 

Have you seen posts on Instagram where a customer shows off a product they bought from a particular page? You can see the excitement with which the post has been made!

That’s user-generated content!

It could be a picture of them wearing an outfit or a testimonial praising the products. 

The brand may or may not have asked for the post. And the interesting thing is that these posts can be leveraged to boost sales.


Search and collect all these UGC (it’s easy since the creators will tag and mention you). You can also turn your notification to monitor this. 

Package them into videos and share them using different formats like reels, IG stories, and highlight albums.

Credit the users who posted by tagging them. This also helps in proving that the posts are by genuine, credible buyers.

Still not convinced how this can boost your sales?

Well, a target audience who knows about your products and is skeptical about making a purchase can be moved to try them, looking at such posts. When they see genuine users purchase your products and see good results from them, they wouldn’t want to be left out. Since it clears their doubts about your product, they would eventually be convinced to buy it.

Below is an example of how Gymshark leverages UGC to woo potential customers to take action:

3. Use Chatbots To Automate Conversation

When potential customers slide into your DM with questions about your products, it shows they’re interested in them. They will engage you in a chat to get all the necessary information before taking action. 

That’s more like a lead waiting to be converted into a sale! You wouldn’t want to miss them!

Regrettably, you can’t be available 24/7 to keep such a conversation going. And that can mean losing a potential sale. 

That’s where using a chatbot to automate conversation comes in. There are a variety of platforms like Manychat or SendPulse that can help you integrate an Instagram chatbot

You can program it to engage a lead in a conversation on all possible questions about your product. The aim here is to ensure that any conversational marketing that will generate sales isn’t missed.

4. Post Customer Reviews

Reviews, especially positive ones, move the needle when it comes to boosting sales on Instagram. A potential customer who reads a positive review about your business or product is tempted to try it. After all, they want a product that can solve their problem. 

A survey by FinanceOnline has it that 68% of customers will deal with business because of positive reviews.


But how do you collect and post reviews on Instagram when there isn’t a feature for this?

Reach out to loyal customers and ask for their sincere opinion about the product. If possible, let them make a post and tag you on a particular problem your product solved.

If you have an Etsy shop connected to IG, screenshot the reviews of customers and share them on Instagram.

Another way is to check your notification to see where your brand is mentioned and pick posts where a customer said good things about your products. 

After collecting all this, make an Instagram story with them, add to your album highlights, and rename it “customer reviews.” That way, your potential customers can easily see them under your profile. 

Check out this profile where customer Reviews have been added as highlights:

You can also arrange them as a photo or use them to create reels and post them on your page.

5. Tell Story On IG Stories

People connect easily with stories, and that’s why Instagram launched IG stories. Merchants are now using it to sell more of their products. 58% of IG users say that they are more interested in a brand after seeing them in a story. 

So, if you are not leveraging IG stories, you will deny your business the opportunities for potential customers to discover it.

Here’s an example of a brand sharing their website on IG story.

Creating an IG story isn’t hard. You can package your product’s values and how it does better than your competitors into a story using the Instagram story maker from Animaker.

This targets potential customers who just discovered your product and are waiting for you to give them reasons to spend their hard-earned money on.

6. Host Giveaways to attract customers

Hosting giveaways is like asking potential customers to try your products without committing. It boosts sales because someone who has reservations about your products will have a first-hand experience and then decide to buy. 

The ripple effect is that lucky winners can share their experiences with their friends on Instagram. That creates more awareness and attracts more qualified leads.

Many small businesses and brands leverage it on Instagram. 

Below is how Dermae hosts giveaways on IG to boost the sale of its skin care products:

You, too, can replicate it by following these steps:

Share the products you want to give out, and in the caption, state how your audience can participate and win. 

Here is an example:

10 followers stand a chance of winning our newly launched product.

Want to be one of them? The rules are:

  • Follow our IG page
  • Engage this post by commenting and sharing it
  • Tag 3 or more of your friends in the comments
  • Share the post on your story and send us a screenshot

We will announce the 10 winners in 72 hours.

That was easy, wasn’t it?

7. Offer Discounts for your products

Discounts are promotional baits that boost sales on IG. It can be coupons, free shipping, and any other incentive that encourages a potential customer to make a purchase. 

According to a survey, 88% of US shoppers used coupons for purchases in 2020. 


This tells you that offering discounts of any form can skyrocket your sales on IG.

Here is Crystalwellness offering a 25% discount on all its products for purchases above $1000:

8. Work With Influencers for better reach

What’s your reaction when your favorite celebrity endorses a product you like? You are tempted to use it, right? 

Same works on Instagram, where a lot of users have influencers that shape their purchasing decisions. The idea here is to identify an influencer in your niche and partner with them to promote your products. This boosts sales directly or indirectly.

What will happen when an influencer in the travel niche makes an IG story about one of your latest travel packs?

Their audience will rush to your page to check out the product and probably buy. Others will follow you to keep up with your content and look for more products that will fascinate them.

Below is Thelostkanya, an IG influencer promoting mint ice tea from Teastoy:


Instagram is a cash cow for selling products and services online. But you must have the right strategies to up your game from making little sales per month to making multiple sales per day.

These 8 points mentioned above, if implemented, won’t only boost your sales but also earn you loyal customers who will return to make more purchases.

16 Cute Thanksgiving Video Ideas To Create Memorable Moments

There is always something to be thankful for.

And Thanksgiving is celebrated every year to highlight the importance of that fact!

Sometimes, getting the best video ideas for Thanksgiving might be hard, so we have curated some cool ideas for you in this article.

Best Thanksgiving video ideas:

  1. Thanksgiving Video Idea #1: Happy Thanksgiving
  2. Thanksgiving Video Idea #2: Thanksgiving Sale Promo
  3. Thanksgiving Video Idea #3: Happy Thanksgiving Day
  4. Thanksgiving Video Idea #4: Thanksgiving Wishes to a Friend
  5. Thanksgiving Video Idea #5: Thanksgiving Meme
  6. Thanksgiving Video Idea #6: Happy Thanksgiving Greetings
  7. Thanksgiving Video Idea #7: Funny Thanksgiving Dinner Invite
  8. Thanksgiving Video Idea #8: Thanksgiving Dinner Menu
  9. Thanksgiving Video Idea #9: Thanksgiving Wishes Template [Dinner RSVP]
  10. Thanksgiving Video Idea #10: Thanksgiving Wishes
  11. Thanksgiving Video Idea #11: Thanksgiving
  12. Thanksgiving Video Idea #12: Thanksgiving Dinner Party Invite
  13. Thanksgiving Video Idea #13: Thanksgiving Sale
  14. Thanksgiving Video Idea #14: Happy Thanksgiving
  15. Thanksgiving Video Idea #15:Thanksgiving Dinner Invite
  16. Thanksgiving Video Idea #16: Thanksgiving day

But before we see them all, let’s understand the history of Thanksgiving, how it is celebrated, and more.

History of Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving day is considered a national holiday in the United States, Canada, Saint Lucia, Liberia, and Grenada. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. 

It was originally observed to express gratitude for the harvest and other blessings of the preceding year. As years passed, it became a day to express gratitude for every good thing. 

Did you know? The First ever thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 over a three-day harvest festival that included 50 Pilgrims, 90 Wampanoag Indians, and five women.

What happens on Thanksgiving day?

The traditional way of celebrating Thanksgiving was by gathering family members and neighbors with a table filled with tasty dishes.

But now, since we are all confined to our homes, it goes about by gathering our friends and watching the classic Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade or a football game, or even by running a Thanksgiving Marathon.  

While Turkey is well known as the traditional dinner for most people who celebrate thanksgiving, it was initially not even on the menu. Instead, it all started with Venison, duck, goose, oysters, lobster, fish, and eels served alongside pumpkins and cranberries. 

Thanksgiving is considered a very important traditional family celebration. During this season, exchanging gifts with friends and family could represent a unique way of thanking someone. 

Sales can be crazy for any business, as everyone will be scouting for gifts. Businesses can use this opportunity to promote their products and boost their sales. 

Many prefer traditional gifts like greeting cards, flowers, and gift cards. But why choose the mainstream, conservative ways of gifting? 

Isn’t it high time our gifts had a personal touch?

“What’s a gift with a personal touch” you may ask.

Well, any memorable gift showing you care is a good example. Finding such a heartfelt gift is quite tough in today’s world. 

And instead of taking the usual “greeting card” or “souvenir” way, an excellent-looking Thanksgiving video might do the charm!

Are you wondering, “I don’t know how to edit or create a video; how can I create one for Thanksgiving?” 

Well, Don’t worry! For this article about the best Thanksgiving video ideas, we will use a tool called Animaker, a simple DIY video-making platform requiring zero experience. 

Without further ado, let’s check out the list of ideas.

Thanksgiving Video Idea #1: Happy Thanksgiving


Sometimes Thanksgiving is not just about the tasty food on the table but a night filled with memories, gratitude, and love. This template exactly talks about those points and would be a different way to wish your loved ones a happy thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Video Idea #2: Thanksgiving Sale Promo


Every season allows business owners to promote their products and services. Similarly, if you are planning a sale, this template is the right one for you. With the seasonal offers & sale, this season can be a good opportunity for brands to promote their products. This template comes with beautiful visuals, text, and music that can be replaced & customized according to your needs. 

Thanksgiving Video Idea #3: Happy Thanksgiving Day


What’s Thanksgiving if not for silly puns and quirky quotes? This template is just that! It is yet another Thanksgiving wishes template that is outside the normal; it brings in the humor and combines it with the wishes. This template is perfect for those unwilling to put in much time & effort to customize. So simply download and forward it to your loved ones.

Thanksgiving Video Idea #4: Thanksgiving Wishes to a Friend


Thanksgiving is all about love and gratitude. There’s always someone who means a lot to you, your best friend who grew up with you or who studied with you; this template is made precisely for that. So show your love and surprise your friend now! Or do you wanna add lines that have a special meaning or some inside jokes? Go ahead and add them to this template! You can also replace the photos/videos in this template with your own!

Thanksgiving Video Idea #5: Thanksgiving Meme


Suppose you are too bored with the traditional way of wishing for someone. In that case, this Thanksgiving meme wishes video takes a different approach to turn wishes into something funny and interactive. Or do you have your own Thanksgiving pun? Add it to this video and create your own Thanksgiving meme!

Thanksgiving Video Idea #6: Happy Thanksgiving Greetings


The perfect template that perfectly depicts what thanksgiving is all about! Remind everyone about the beauty of Thanksgiving through this greeting video. This template comes with a classy theme and eye-appealing colors. Forward it as it is or customize it now and make it yours!

Thanksgiving Video Idea #7: Funny Thanksgiving Dinner Invite


Sometimes, there needs to be a little fun in everything. Similarly, this template adds a fun element to the template, with a funny introduction followed by a beautiful invite for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Video Idea #8: Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Restaurants are known for launching special items on their menu during the festive season. And Thanksgiving is no different, either. Promote your restaurant business with attractive offers and special tasty menu items on Thanksgiving night with a beautiful video. Showcase your cooking clips and mouthwatering dishes to attract customers to your restaurant.

Thanksgiving Video Idea #9: Thanksgiving Wishes Template [Dinner RSVP]


Showcase the love for the Thanksgiving season with a beautiful Thanksgiving wishes template. This template is mixed with a heartful of wishes and a little humor, making it perfect for sharing with your loved ones. This template is so simple to edit that all you need to do is change the date & time to make it the perfect RSVP dinner invitation. 

Thanksgiving Video Idea #10: Thanksgiving Wishes

If you’re looking for something to share on WhatsApp status or Instagram Stories this festive season, then this thanksgiving wishes template might be the perfect fit. This template has good visuals, music, and a beautiful message to wish for Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving Video Idea #11: Thanksgiving

If you are looking for a Thanksgiving template in Square format, then this template is the right one for you. This template comes with aesthetically pleasing colors and soothing background music. The message in this template is pretty simple and straightforward, but as always, you can customize it and make it yours.

Thanksgiving Video Idea #12: Thanksgiving Dinner Party Invite


Inviting your loved ones for a special Thanksgiving dinner requires additional effort to show some extra love & respect. With this customizable Thanksgiving Dinner Invite template, you can customize easily by replacing the day & venue and sharing your cute little dinner invite with everyone in no time.

Thanksgiving Video Idea #13: Thanksgiving Sale

Suppose you are a business owner trying to promote your business. In that case, promoting your products or service through sales or discounts on social media is the best way. It has the power to reach a greater audience if promoted the right way. This Thanksgiving Sale template would be handy as it’s super simple to edit & customize quickly during this festive season.


Thanksgiving Video Idea #14: Happy Thanksgiving


Did you know that Thanksgiving day is also called “Turkey day”? If you’re looking for a different way to wish someone for Thanksgiving, this Happy thanksgiving template takes it a step further with cute animations. The best part is, it’s super simple to customize it. The current version of this template wishes says “Happy Turkey Day,” which can be customized to anything you want.

Thanksgiving Video Idea #15:Thanksgiving Dinner Invite


Are you bored of inviting people for a Thanksgiving dinner over a text message? Do you want to announce the tasty Thanksgiving dinner menu to your friends? Then, this Thanksgiving Dinner Invite template would be perfect for a simple but creative way to invite someone for a feast. Entice your friends by including your slurp-worthy thanksgiving feast menu in this attractive Thanksgiving Dinner invite, and lure them into attending your cool dinner party.

Thanksgiving Video Idea #16: Thanksgiving day


Thanksgiving day video template is an attractive way to showcase & celebrate the glorious day. This template has eye-appealing colors and straightforward customization options. This makes it easier to use it on Social Media as short loop posts. It can also be used as a scene in the other templates shared above. Wait, we are not done yet! This template can also be used as a countdown for Thanksgiving day to create hype around your friends and family. 



Well, well, well, weren’t these Thanksgiving video ideas cool? 

What are you waiting for? Start customizing these templates and create your own Thanksgiving video. 

To learn more about customizing templates, you can simply watch this tutorial video for more information – 


I hope this article helped you and if you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below. 


14 Must-Know Presentation Tips for a Killer Presentation [in 2023]

We’re all familiar with the old adage: “A good presentation is like a great conversation.”

What makes a presentation great?

Is it a compelling story? Or a good connection with your audience? Or is it about an eloquent delivery by the presenter?

The truth is, there is no “one-size-fits-all solution” for creating great presentations. Every presentation is different, and every audience is different.

When you’re tasked with delivering a presentation, you want to ensure it goes off without a hitch. We all know how important it is for the audience to remember and understand the content.

So if you’re wondering how to make a killer presentation that will stand out and stay in people’s minds for a long time, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we have addressed the most frequently asked questions about presentations.

We have also compiled a list of great presentation tips to improve your deck designs, presentation best practices, and effective ways to communicate the subject to your audience.

Here’s what the article covers,

What makes a good presentation?

When we think about presentations, we often think about the content itself. We imagine a long list of facts or figures, a well-rehearsed script, and a PowerPoint slide deck.

But what makes a good presentation? What makes it memorable, engaging, and valuable?

These are questions that any presenter should be asking themselves.

Here are the four characteristics of a good presentation:

  1. A good presentation makes you want to take action.
  2. It helps your audience engage and be interested in what you have to say. It educates and entertains at the same time.
  3. It puts forth information in a way that makes it easy for them to understand and process without overwhelming them.
  4. If you’re one of those people who’s always thinking, “What can I add to my own presentation?”

Well, we’ve compiled some best presentation tips for you that will help make your next presentation memorable—and, more importantly, help you do what you came here to do: share information with the world.

So read on to find out.

14 Must Know Presentation Tips for a killer presentation [in 2023]

Ever felt like you’re struggling to make a presentation on time? Worried about how good your presentation will turn out? We have all been there.

This is why we have put together a list of great presentation tips that can make your next presentation a breeze, and we hope it helps!

Here are some tips to help you create a great presentation:

Tip 1 – Do proper homework on the subject

Whenever a topic is assigned to you for a presentation, it goes without saying that you understand the topic correctly.

You must do proper homework and research on the subject to ensure you know what you’re talking about.

Reading articles and books, or even watching videos or podcasts, will help you understand the topic and how the presentation should be structured.

Also, if you need more background information on the topic, don’t be afraid to ask for help from other people—you might find that they know more than you think!

Take notes while learning about the topic. This will help you remember key points.

Then, read your notes before you present and practice saying them aloud (this will help with timing and pronunciation).

Use a timer; this helps keep track of how long you take to say things while also keeping yourself from getting too nervous.

Do some fundamental research on your audience and their expectations about your presentation.

For instance, If they’re business executives, they might be looking for intellectual information and numbers. Or, If they’re a general audience, they may want more details about how your product works or how it can benefit them.

You’ll be surprised how much more effective your presentation will be when you know,

Everything about the topic
How crucial it is for the audience, and
What the audience expects from the presentation

So only present a topic after doing loads of essential research!

Tip 2 – Have a strong opening

An excellent way to ensure that your presentation is successful is by having a solid opening. Plan the intro slides ahead so that you can set the right tone for the pitch.

Have a strong opening statement that tells your audience who they are listening to, why they’re here, what they will hear from you, and anything else you want them to know!


Doing so will help keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say.

Be prepared for questions from your audience before you start speaking. It is not necessary that the audience must wait till the end to ask questions.

Being prepared will help you answer them well and present yourself as an expert in the field.

Tip 3 – Follow a presentation structure

The first thing you should do is decide on a structure for your presentation. This will help you ensure that you cover all essential topics and leave no gaps in what you say.

The most successful presentations start with a strong introduction, followed by a clear and concise main body, and ending with a proper sign-off.

The body presents the study’s research, findings, and conclusions in an organized and engaging way.

The final section/sign-off should close with any additional information or recommendations. Not just that, it must also give the audience space to ask questions related to the presentation.

Each section can have about two or three minutes of content. This would help structure the presentation concisely and make sure to include all important information.

Use transitions between slides that move from one topic to another, rather than just jumping from one slide to another in one continuous flow.

This makes your content more manageable for your audience to follow and gives them more time to digest what they’re seeing before moving on to the next thing!

Hence, remember this effective presentation tip – follow a proper structure!

Tip 4 – Have a Hook!

When you’re delivering a presentation, keeping your audience’s attention is essential.

But how do you make learning a little more fun? What are the best presenting tips and tricks?

Well, one way is by making sure that your presentation has a hook.

A hook can be anything from an element of surprise (like an announcement that will keep them anticipated till the end) to something unexpected (a discount!).

This will help to keep your audience engaged because they won’t feel like they’re reading through a textbook or manual – they’ll feel like they’re getting involved in your story.

Ideally, hooks are placed at the start of the presentation. It’s the part that acts as a surprise for the audience, keeping them engaged and excited, and would help retain the audience’s attention.

However, remember that the fewer distractions in your presentation, the easier it will be for them to see how amazing it is!

Tip 5 – Tell an engaging story

When you’re creating a presentation, it’s a thumb rule to make sure your slide decks are memorable and engaging throughout.

One of the best ways to do this is by telling a story—whether that’s a story about your business, your life, or anything else related to the subject.

Telling a story is the key to creating an excellent presentation.

Your audience will be more interested if they can relate to what’s on your slides. So tell them a story that connects with their lives and work experiences – it may be a funny anecdote or a relatable work prank!

Let’s say you’re talking about how to create a product. You can start by showing an image or a video of the product. You can develop the flow by telling the product story and how it has grown through the years.

That way, your audience gets to see both sides of the coin: what this product does and how it was made.

The more details you include in your presentation, the better it will be for viewers—not only because they’ll get more information but because they’ll also have more context for what they see on screen.

Hence, remember to carve your presentation with a well-practiced, engaging story.

Tip 6 – Use visual elements

People love visual aids—they help them remember things better than words alone!

When you’re presenting a product or service, you have to look at it from all angles—from the customer’s point of view, the provider’s point of view, and your own.

It’s essential to keep in mind that your presentation must build a connection with the audience. You must consider the audience’s needs and how you can meet them. The best way to bring that connection is not just through words but to incorporate visual proofs in your slide decks.

But the visual elements used must be relevant to the topic at hand.

For example, if your company is doing something great for the community, show pictures of people smiling in joy from being around you!

If you’re talking about how much money you’ve made over the years as an entrepreneur, add pictures of dollar signs!

Finally, make sure that everything in your presentation flows together nicely.

For example, if visual element parts don’t match, then consider breaking them up into two separate slides or changing how things are laid out so it doesn’t feel so jarring when someone views it.

Use quality screenshots and images that are relevant to the topic at hand. This is especially important when you’re speaking in front of an audience who may need to become more familiar with your product or service.

If possible, use photos or videos of people who might be familiar with your topic—people who will help convey your message more effectively than just text alone.

You don’t have to go all out on the graphics, but if you can, try to use high-quality images that are easy to understand.

With online presentation makers like Animaker Deck, you get access to the stock images library; you can pick and add high-quality images for your slide decks with a simple click now!

Also, the best part is you can upload screenshots and brand images directly into the app and use them in the presentation.

Tip 7 – Keep it short

Ever wonder why some presentations are so dull? It’s because they’re dragging!

A good presentation should be at most 20 minutes at maximum and be structured so that even a first-time viewer can easily understand the information conveyed.

Ensure your audience knows what to expect from you and your content. Refrain from crossing the line of being boring or boringly informative. Your audience should never feel like they’re being lectured.

One key business presentation tip is to convey the message to the audience most memorably and engagingly possible.

It is really in the hands of the presenter to steer the audience’s attention throughout the presentation without giving too many dull moments.

The shorter, the better. Keep your slides concise, and avoid falling into the trap of talking about things that have nothing to do with your actual point.

Tip 8 – Add a touch of humor

If you’re trying to create an awesome presentation, you can do a few things to ensure it’s easy on the eyes and makes people want to engage.

One of the best methods for communicating the message in a light-hearted manner and making your presentation stand out is through humor.

Try to avoid text-heavy slides! You can use witty remarks, analogies, drawings, personal anecdotes, or even memes that suit current trends.

When you tell about something that has happened to you, people may be able to associate with it even more if the story is humorous.

This way, you can easily withhold the audience’s attention through the presentation.

Tip 9 – Have a parking lot for questions

When you’re creating a presentation, it’s important to keep the audience engaged and excited about what’s coming up next. Therefore, it is very necessary to make the presentation a two-way street.

A good way to do this is by asking questions during your presentation and allowing them to answer. This helps keep the audience interested in what they’re learning and makes them feel like they’re part of the conversation.

The audience should be engaged throughout the presentation and allowed to ask questions to the presenter.

However, it is also vital to ensure that the flow of the presentation is not disrupted by the bombardment of questions in the middle of the presentation.

To tackle this, the presenter can introduce a “parking lot” in their presentation.

So when the audience asks a question about a particular section in the presentation, the presenter can choose to park similar questions together and answer them all together at the end of the presentation.

This way, the presentation’s flow is not affected, and even the audience will get their questions answered.

This is an important skill to be imbibed by every presenter to ensure the audience feels comfortable and gains a good experience from the presentation.

Tip 10 – Learn to empathize with the audience

One of the most important things to remember when creating a presentation is that you are trying to connect with your audience.

Learn to empathize with the audience. You’ll want to understand what they’re seeing, feeling, and thinking so that you can communicate your message in a way that resonates with them.

By understanding their needs, you can create a more meaningful presentation that will resonate with them. Try to put yourself in their shoes and imagine how they think about this topic.

Are they excited? Are they bored? What are they hoping for? What do they want to see from you?

Know your audience’s needs!

It would help if you talked to people with similar backgrounds as your audience and how they would like to be educated on the topic.

Before you start creating content for your presentation, think about who you’re speaking to and what they need from you.

When you do this, you will not only speak more clearly, but you’ll also be able to connect with them emotionally, making your message stick.

Tip 11 – Keep it interactive with Call-to-action

Have you ever been in a presentation where the speaker makes it look like a one-way conversation? It’s not an intentional act of rudeness—the speaker is just trying to get their point across.

But for the audience, it might be very disappointing!

The solution? Keep your presentation interactive with call-to-action buttons that let your audience help move things along.

When something important is being discussed, ask them to take action by clicking on one of the buttons that appear on the screen.

Include a call-to-action that tells your audience what they should do next (like sign up for my newsletter!) or take action on what you’ve just told them (like buy my product!).

So include call-to-action buttons wherever necessary, so viewers feel like they’re partaking in something meaningful rather than just watching someone talk for hours on end!

But one thing, don’t go overboard on those CTAs either. Too many CTAs can be bugging.

Tip 12 – Incorporate Data when required

Creating a presentation is a complicated task, but it’s also incredibly important that you need to be able to convey information clearly and effectively.

That’s where data comes in!

Data can help you make your point by giving context and supporting the main points of your argument.

Incorporate data when required to present information to the audience quickly. This will make your audience understand what you’re talking about more efficiently and allow them to consume the information in a way that makes sense to them.

Use real-life examples and statistics whenever possible because people love those!

With an online presentation maker like Animaker Deck, you get access to the property section, where you can search and add charts, graphs, icons, and other properties directly into your slide decks with just a few clicks.

For example, if you’re presenting an overview of how your company’s business model works, include graphs or charts that show how the different parts of the model work together so that people who aren’t familiar with it can follow along easily.

deck properities

Or, if you’re talking about something more complex, like an industry trend, use graphs or charts to illustrate key points about it, such as growth rates for specific industries over time or changes in consumer demand based on demographics.

You can also use numbers and percentages in charts when comparing different items or events.

deck properities

Tip 13 – Use Hashtags in your presentation

It’s the era of social media. People are likely tweeting, emailing, or running their entire little business on their phones and sharing every life update on the internet while still doing other chores.

When used correctly, hashtags can: Persuade attendees to share your event on social media, give participants a way to continue the conversation online, and permit you to review tagged comments to evaluate consumer feedback.

You can create a hashtag for your event and use it in the presentation. Promote social media interactions with the hashtag. This will allow you to connect with other users interested in what you have to say!

You can help inspire viewers to share news, ideas, and updates about your presentation by linking this custom hashtag you created. It combines social interaction, event promotion, and word-of-mouth marketing into one.

So if you use social media in your presentation, make sure you promote the hashtag you’ll use. This will ensure that people who follow your brand or business see and interact with the hashtag!

Tip 14 – Try out unique presentation templates

We know how hard it is to come up with a good pitch and how hard it is to be creative when you have no time to waste on making something from scratch.

Thanks to online presentation makers like Animaker Deck, creating a presentation online is now easier than ever.

You can access exciting presentation templates with the help of Animaker’s online presentation software, hundreds of customizable layouts and branding options, free stock images, properties, transition effects, and animations.

They’ll let you get straight to the point and help you win every pitch because they’re so easy to use and exceptionally engaging that they’ll blow your audience away!

In other words, Animaker Deck handholds you in bringing all your fascinating presentation ideas to life with its one-of-a-kind features and built-in templates, ready for you to use on the go!

What are the difficulties in making a presentation?

Making a presentation can be a daunting task.

The difficulty lies in brainstorming the subject matter, preparing the presentation, and successfully presenting it to the audience. Overall, it is a lengthy and time-consuming process.

A good presentation must be organized and have a logical flow.

Many difficulties are encountered when preparing a presentation. This includes lack of preparation, lack of information about the subject, or worse, lack of interest in learning the subject from an academic perspective, let alone presenting it.

1st, you have to know what you’re talking about. You must do your research and be able to explain the topic clearly and concisely.

2nd, you have to make a good impression quickly. You need to get your point across in a way that makes people want to listen—so they don’t drift off and tune out!

3rd, your presentation must be not only exciting but also useful. If people don’t learn something from your presentation, then it wasn’t worth making in the first place!

Sure, you’ve been doing it for years—but that doesn’t mean you’re an expert at it. On the contrary, it’s a skill that takes practice and dedication to master, and it can be frustrating when things don’t go quite as planned.

So if you want to make better presentations every time, implement the above compelling presentation tips and overcome all the difficulties!

Spellbound your audience with these Presentation tips

That’s all, folks!

We hope you found the above slide Presentation tips very useful, and you will never have to worry about making a presentation anymore!

Now that you know how to make an excellent presentation, it’s time to start imbibing these presentation tips in your next presentation and spellbound your audience immediately!

Create a free account with Animaker Deck today to start dominating all of your presentations right away!

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