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25 Best Presentation Templates for the Perfect Pitch [For 2023]

Presentations are essential for marketing and business growth. A good presentation is a real differentiator in any situation, whether presenting at a conference, making a new business pitch, meeting with a customer, or holding a webinar.

Despite their importance, presentations are typically given second thoughts. On the one hand, the word “Presentation” scares some people. But, on the other hand, many overlook presentations mostly because they are boring and make the audience snooze.


The truth is that most presentations can always be improved. All you need is an objective, a theme, and a unique approach to delivering the content.

Many find it challenging to figure out this “unique approach” to delivering the content. So if you are one among those scratching your head, don’t worry, mate; you have come to the right place.

Use a free online presentation maker like, Animaker Deck, to break all the presentation stereotypes and make a captivating slideshow that will spellbind your audience.

Animaker Deck has the perfect presentation templates for every need. Among the numerous others, we’ve compiled a list of 25 insightful and compelling presentation templates for various subjects in this article.

Before we dive into the creation part, let’s look at these 25 awesome slide deck templates.

  1. Employee Referral 
  2. Performance Appraisal
  3. Employee Onboarding Script
  4. Employee Perks
  5. Workplace Safety and Risk Policy
  6. Team Members Intro
  7. Customer Testimonials
  8. Sales Pitch Deck
  9. Sexual Harassment Policies
  10. Monthly SEO Report
  11. Photography Portfolio 
  12. Small Business Explainer
  13. Gym Membership
  14. Awareness Presentation
  15. Online Business Explainer
  16. Company Profile
  17. Product launch or Demo Templates 
  18. Website opener 
  19. Agency Pitch Templates 
  20. Business Proposal Presentation
  21. Personal Branding Presentation
  22. Case study Presentation
  23. VC Pitch Presentation
  24. Quarterly Report Presentation
  25. Performance Evaluation Policy Templates 

1. Employee Referral Presentation Template

Some employees might not be aware of their company’s referral program. Unfortunately, this is common, and we can’t blame the employees for this. So, if you are an HR professional who wants to break this and spread the word about your company’s Employee Referral, check out this presentation template with 12 slides.

This template highlights the shared goals between the company and employees, how the company trusts the existing employees, and explicitly lets the employees know how great it would be if they could refer to someone like them.

You can edit this template to suit your company’s brand colors and theme by experimenting with professional fonts, vibrant backgrounds, in-app characters, and transition effects. Then, make changes to the script per your needs.

Try it out now for free and wow your employees effortlessly!

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2. Performance Appraisal Presentation Template

There’s no better way to showcase the top performing employees in your company than using this Performance Appraisal presentation template with six slides. All these six slides are purely customizable.

Proudly showcase the talents who have set the benchmark for this quarter to everyone at the company.

You can upload those employees’ pictures and insert them into the slides. Then, use the properties section to add icons, play around with the text animations, try different background colors, and change other assets to suit your preferences.

Try it out now for free! Make your employees feel good about their achievements!

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3. Employee Onboarding Presentation Template

This slide presentation template is an excellent idea for onboarding and training newly hired recruits. Use this to convey the company’s objectives, principles, rules, and code of behavior.

The default pictures are replaceable, and you can upload your own images. The blue backdrop, bright white font, and high-quality images immediately draw in viewers. In addition, you may customize the icons and symbols to make your slide deck stand out.

Welcome your new employees in style with this awesome template!

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4. Employee Perks Presentation Template

Looking for a dazzling way to awestruck your employees with the company benefits? Use the unique Employee Perks presentation template to convey all the perks in each slide.

Use the in-app characters to create your customer avatars, play around with the character animations and expressions, and change every element in the slide according to your style.

Try it out now for free and impress your employees at once!

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5. Workplace safety and risk policy presentation template

Promoting workplace safety and ensuring all employees adhere to the company’s stated risk policies is crucial.

There’s no better way to convey the workplace hazards, responsibilities of every staff member, and critical contact information than using this Workplace Safety and Risk Policies Presentation template.

You can entirely reorder the slides, upload the policy details, include hyperlinks to the text, and customize every little detail in the slide to match your requirements.

Try it out now for free. Ensure your employees are well informed about the workplace’s risk policies and safety measures!

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6. Team Members Introduction Presentation Templates

Wondering how to make an excellent, memorable team intro presentation? Well, Animaker Deck’s Team Member Intro Presentation Template is the best way to get it done.

This slide deck is perfectly designed in black and yellow color combination in the backdrop and bold white fonts. However, you can still customize everything to match your team’s personality and style.

Also, sharing your presentation with others is simple; people with access can easily view, comment on, or edit it further.

Try it out now for free, and make a killer team intro!

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7. Customer Testimonials Presentation Template

Customer testimonials are essential for building trust and credibility of the products and services offerings. In addition, they act as social proof for the business.

This Customer Testimonials template is a priceless tool for any company, whether a new or a well-established company. Showcase the unmatched commitment given to customer success through simple yet effective slide designs.

This blue and yellow color combo gives a pleasant feel to the audience. You can also tweak the colors, alter the font style, include animations, add custom characters, and much more.  

Try it out for free, and build long-lasting credibility for your business!

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8. Sales Pitch Deck Templates

Are you looking to pitch your business and build an understanding of your USP to potential customers? Well, this Sales Pitch presentation template will just do justice.

Hook your audience with this colorful and pleasant slide deck design. Create your own customer animated characters, add eye-catching properties like charts, icons, and shapes, include slide transition effects, and deliver a strong sales pitch with a creative presentation.

Try it out now for free, and sweep your potential customers off their feet!

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9. Sexual Harassment Policy Templates

It is imperative to ensure all the employees are aware of the sexual harassment policies and that they maintain decorum at all times in the workplace. A dull presentation by HR on any topic would not entice the employees’ attention.

To tackle this and ensure the employees are aware of and adhere to the said policies, use this straightforward yet creative Sexual Harassment Policy presentation template.

You can customize every slide, match the slide deck design to the company colors, bring out the consequences of violation of the policies through bright and bold texts, effectively communicate the complaint statement procedures through animated characters, and much more.

Try it out now for free, and effectively administer the policy in the company!

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10. Monthly SEO Report Templates

Are you a Marketer or an SEO expert looking to create an impressive monthly report on the website’s traffic, top performing blogs, most asked queries, most visited landing pages, and organic session rate?

The animated and interactive capabilities of Animaker Deck will help you make your presentation come to life. This SEO Report template includes a variety of editable graphs, line charts, icons, and other elements found in the properties section.

Try it out now for free, and make a stellar presentation on the monthly SEO report!

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11. Photography Portfolio Templates

Are you a budding photographer looking to create an impressive portfolio? Then, pitching your skills in the form of pictures than in words would be the best option.

We have just the perfect presentation template in store for you. The Photographer Portfolio Template will help boost your profile as a professional photographer.

You can mention the feedback from your previous clients, add your brand logo and hyperlinks to your gallery, and give prospective clients a visual treat of your best captures through every slide.

Try it out for free, and give your audience a strong impression of your skills!

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12. Small Business Explainer Template

Are you a Small Business owner looking for ways to promote your business in your locality?

Then, a perfectly crafted Business Explainer presentation template would be the best way to highlight your services and membership plans and effectively differentiate your business from the competition.

With this vibrant and colorful slide deck, you may up the ante of your presentation to customers.

Everything is customizable, like the slides’ fonts, backgrounds, icons, and transitions. So you don’t need to worry about your services matching the existing script and style.

You do not need any technical expertise to edit the templates. The interface is very user-friendly, and anyone can pick it up anytime.

Try it out now for free, and entice potential customers to your business!

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13. Gym Membership Presentation Templates

Are you a Gym owner struggling to fill up the membership plans? Or, are you unable to showcase the facilities and the superior training provided to the customers?

Use this Gym owner presentation template to highlight the benefits of joining your gym, showcase the quality of the trainers, equipment, and other activities included in the membership plan.

Try it out now for free, and convincingly persuade your potential clients!

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14. Awareness Presentation Template

Are you someone looking to create Environmental Awareness for the general public and instill a change in society for the greater good? Then Animaker Deck would be happily contributing to your social cause with the right set of templates.

Have a glance at the Awareness presentation template focused on Plastics Ban. You can provide all the information on the consequences of single-use plastics, remedies to control the pollution and create awareness through these slides.

The slide decks are eye-catching and easily understandable. Moreover, you can effortlessly promote CSR initiatives and community projects to the general public.

Try it out now for free, and spread the cause!

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15. Online Business Pitch Presentation Template

Are you running an online business and looking to expand your customer base? Animaker Deck hosts the perfect presentation templates to help you with the same.

Check out the Marketing Consulting Explainer presentation template. Customize your fees and payment terms, and adjust the timeline of your service offerings.

Edit the icons and add stock elements from our library to emphasize your awards and achievements since the inception of your business. There’s a plethora of editing options to highlight and boost all your products and services through our presentation templates.

Customize the slides to match your way of presenting style and share it online for free.

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16. Company Profile Presentation Templates

Animaker Deck also features presentation templates showcasing Company Profiles, Outlook, and Future Endeavors. For example, use this easy-to-edit Company Profile presentation template to highlight the company’s growth, turnovers, and other critical information related to the company.

You can also change the background color, try business fonts, add company logos as a watermark, and even use the characters section to create your brand ambassadors and hook the audience to the presentation.

Use the sleek slide deck design to exude a sense of class and make your company stand out!

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17. Product launch or Demo Presentation Templates

Are you planning on launching a new product and looking for the best way to showcase a product demo? There’s no better way than using this Product Launch Presentation template.

Use this slide deck template to create a practical learning and assessment path for the audience. It has excellent graphics, vibrant colors, and a presenting structure that highlights important details of the product.

Use the upload feature to add the product’s images and design blueprint images and flowcharts, taking the audience step-by-step through the Demo.

Try it out now for free, and win hearts with your new product!

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18. Website Opener Presentation Templates

Suppose you are running a startup or a self-owned business and looking to promote your new website. In that case, Animaker Deck can save you time with this excellently designed Website Opener presentation template.

Every slide element is customisable, and you can alter the presentation to your liking within minutes. Add top-notch images, fonts, and design components from our library to enhance your design.

Try it out now for free, and increase your page traffic!

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19. Agency Pitch Presentation Templates


Animaker Deck has a flawlessly designed Agency pitch presentation template for all creative companies and agencies. In each slide, emphasize the agency’s competitive advantage, explain the business model, promote the user testimonials, and showcase the existing clientele.

The picture and backdrop are grayish black and orange, which might immediately draw in customers. You may customize the chart, icons, add transitions between the frames, and include characters to make your slide deck stand out

This slide deck’s eye-catching style will make a lasting impact on your audience. Use it for advertising in local events, fashion, entertainment, and business conferences.

Try it out now and win every pitch by large!

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20. Business Proposal Presentation Templates


If you are a business owner and wish to promote the business plan, then make use of the Business Proposal presentation template solely crafted for winning the clients’ hearts.

It is effortless to customize every slide, highlight the business overview, market share, and key team members, and showcase the challenges and goals.

You can customize this slide deck to your needs, and it is outstanding for its lovely color schemes, text formatting, shapes, and illustrations. Even if you want to add other templates’ slides between the chosen ones, that’s also possible with Animaker Deck.  

Try it out now and create the best possible business proposal!

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21. Personal Branding Presentation Templates

Perfectly tailored Personal Branding presentation templates for freelancers or small business owners to pitch their services are available in Animaker Deck.

You can edit the slides to your themes, upload snapshots of tabular data, add hyperlinks to those images, etc; everything is possible with Animaker Deck. Highlight the brand’s story, revenue, growth rate, customer retention rate, exclusive partnerships acquired, and much more.

Get your hands on board and try these easy-to-use templates now!

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22. Case Study Presentation Templates


Are you stuck in a scenario where you need to prepare a presentation on showcasing the increase in sales or the unexpected decline in the market share of your business? Animaker Deck offers a tailored solution for such scenarios with the Case Study presentation template.

You can easily include different charts, graphs, tabular columns – anything related to visually showcasing the data to the stakeholders from the Properties section. Highlight the entire journey – the problems faced, turning points, and realized solutions using these sleek slide decks.

Try out this now and showcase the challenges and solutions effectively!

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23. VC Pitch Presentation Templates


Have you just started your life-long dream venture and are looking to raise VC funding? Well, be it a shark tank showcase or the VC funding – a perfectly tailored pitch deck comprising all your business ideas, plans, growth strategies, customer engagement initiatives, etc, will come in handy. Animaker Deck offers such dedicated free business presentation templates.

Use this VC pitch presentation template and emphasize the opportunity in the market, possible solutions, market validation, business model, market adoption, existing competition, and more with these compelling slide deck designs.

And the best part is you can entirely customize each slide according to your business needs. You can customize everything from text and design elements to even the colors used in each of those elements to match your brand style.

Try it out now and rope in the dollar bills in no time!

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24. Quarterly Report Presentation Templates


Bored of looking at the traditional reports, which don’t instigate any motivation to up the game? Take a look at this Quarterly Report presentation template.

This slide deck has a sleek and contemporary design. You can also add various supporting elements, graphs, statistics, and figures. Use it to show your stakeholders and investors the quarterly performance of the teams and current progress towards the goals.

This presentation has a simple yet effective design and prioritizes your business concept and market analysis.

Try it out now and up the report generation game!

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25. Performance Evaluation Policy Templates


If you are a seasoned recruiter who’s short on time to prepare a deck in quick succession (or) a newly joined HR executive looking to make an impression with their seniors, well, Animaker Deck is here for your rescue. We have the right set of templates for you to customize according to your needs.

Whether it be a new policy announcement, appraisal information, new joiners orientation, workplace compliances, rewards and compensation, etc; we have sleek presentation templates for all the HR needs.

Take a look at this awesome presentation template on the Performance Evaluation policies. You can customize all the elements in the slides according to your preferences. You can also experiment with professional fonts, vibrant backgrounds, in-app characters, animations, and many more.

Try it out now and send across a strong message!

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Apart from the templates shown above, with Animaker Deck, you can create your own custom presentations and themes from scratch and save them for the future too.

We hope this article has helped you pick the right presentation template for your needs. So, explore our templates section and weave your magic in the slides!

Start creating presentations now!

Got any questions? Drop them in the comments section. We will be more than happy to help you.

31 Epic Animated Music Videos (These will make you go Wow!)

Music videos are the best of both worlds because they are a treat for both the eyes and the ears!

Generally, music videos are considered a means to promote and sell songs while bringing more visibility to the artists. But, they can also be used as a medium to tell stories, raise awareness for an important issue, or simply entertain and engage viewers. 

In the past, the music industry heavily relied on live-action videos with a huge budget. Due to this, only a handful of artists could afford to produce a music video. 

With the advent of Animated Music Videos, the music industry has changed completely. Not only does it reach a wider audience, but it has also allowed artists to explore new ways to express their creativity. 

Many famous artists like Imagine Dragons, BTS, Katy Perry & lots more have already hopped on to this trend of creating animated music videos. That’s because the song’s poetic literature, combined with fantastic animation and imagination, helps in elevating the beauty of the song and makes it a blissful experience for the user.

Overall, animated music videos have opened a new door to the music industry and the artists to create a buzz among the audience.

Let’s check out some examples of the best-animated music videos without further ado. 

Here are some top animated music video –

  1. Imagine Dragons – Birds (Animated video)
  2. Legends Never Die (Ft. Against the current)
  3. Billie Eilish – My Future
  4. Lady Gaga, BLACKPINK – Sour Candy (Lyric Video)
  5. Dua Lipa – Hallucinate
  6. BTS – We are Bulletproof – The Eternal 
  7. Sia – Hey Boy feat. Burna Boy
  8. Yorushika – That’s why I gave up on Music
  9. Beabadoobee – Sun More Often
  10. Childish Gambino – Feels Like Summer
  11. A-h-a – Take on Me
  12. Rainbow kitten surprise – It’s called: Freefall
  13. Bob Marley & The Wailers – ‘Three Little Birds’
  14. Katy Perry – Daises 
  15. Chromance – Wrap Me In Plastic 
  16. Stephanie Poetry – Straight to you
  17. BENEE – Night Garden ft. Kenny Beats, Bakar
  18. Rauw Alejandro – Algo Magico
  19. House Shoes Ft. Danny Brown
  20. Stormzy – Superheroes 
  21. Rick and Morty X Run The Jewels – Oh Mama 
  22. Mac Miller – Good News
  23. Taylor Swift – Look what you made me do
  24. The Kleenrz – Sandman (Self Jupiter & Kenny Segal) 
  25. Daft Punk – One More Time
  26. Dire Straits – Money for Nothing
  27. Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter 
  28. Siames – The Wolf
  29. Stuck in the Sound – Let’s Go
  30. The Weeknd – Snowchild 
  31. Lil Dicky – Earth
  32. Bonus track – Master – Quit Pannuda Lyric

1. Imagine Dragons – Birds (Animated video)

This music video takes the audience on a relaxing Japanese anime vibe journey with a well-written story. The pleasant visuals, combined with the soothing music, make it very enjoyable to watch. 

Released: July 24, 2019
Artist: Imagine Dragons 
Views: 227M + 

2. Legends Never Die (Ft. Against the current)

League of Legends gets super creative when it comes to the world gaming championships. Whether we play the game or not, their videos always manage to take us into an immersive experience and give us chills! In this music video, they have taken the characters from the game (League of Legends) and beautifully made a video song as a promo for the League Of Legends World Championship that happened back in 2017.

Released: October 18, 2017
Artist: Against the Current
Views: 217M +

3. Billie Eilish – My Future

Billie Eilish’s single ‘My Future’ is an aesthetically pleasing animated music video created by an Australian director with a team of twelve people. This song was launched two years ago. This animated music video takes you on an aesthetic ride just like anime does, right from the colors to the soothing voice of Billie Eilish. Overall, it gives you a journey giving a chill vibe throughout. 

Released: July 31, 2020
Artist: Billie Eilish
Views: 111M+

4. Lady Gaga, BLACKPINK – Sour Candy (Lyric Video)

The popular collaboration song – Sour Candy – takes the audience into a retro-style, hypnotic, game-like world. This song has a different perspective and would hold you in a trance if you watch it for the first time.

Released: June 16, 2020
Artist: Lady Gaga
Views: 21M+

5. Dua Lipa – Hallucinate

Dua Lipa’s Hallucinate takes you on a psychedelic trip into the retro cartoon world. This music video is heavily inspired by the 70’s style of cartoons with tons of colorful elements. This video clearly shows that it required a lot of planning and a large team of animators.

Released: July 10, 2020
Artist: Billie Eilish
Views: 71M+

6. BTS – We are Bulletproof – The Eternal

The song ‘We are bulletproof’ is no regular video song. Cuz it resembles a full-fledged movie! It was exclusively created for the annual BTS Festa Celebrations, which is an event celebrated yearly for the band’s debut anniversary. This music video has stunning animations and features miniature versions of the BTS members dancing, making it a cute, interesting watch.  

Released: June 11, 2020
Artist: BTS
Views: 97M+

7. Sia – Hey Boy feat. Burna Boy

This song by Sia has a captivating beat and stunning animations with popping colors. It gives us Moulin Rouge-like feels. The characters in the video do all kinds of funny gimmicks that we have seen in cartoons from our childhood.

Released: January 14, 2021
Artist: Sia
Views: 23M+

8. Yorushika – That’s why I gave up on Music

This is an anime-styled song with pastel colors. While the visuals are eye-pleasing, the song mixes soothing Japanese and rock music. Even if you don’t understand the language, the visuals speak out for you, making it an enjoyable animated music video overall.

Released: April 5, 2019
Artist: ヨルシカ / n-buna Official
Views: 143M+

9. Beabadoobee – Sun More Often

While most animated videos are bright with eye-popping colors, Beabadoobee’s Sun More Often takes us to a vintage video style with just black and white colors. The doodly-themed video has a weird yet exciting story of launching caterpillars to the sun. This, paired with rock-themed music, makes it even more interesting to watch.

Released: February 4, 2020
Artist: Beabadoobee
Views: 295K+

10. Childish Gambino – Feels Like Summer

This music video is purely vibey with a retro VHS look, lofi music beats, and stunning animation effects. This animated music video by Childish Gambino is a must-watch if you want something pleasing to both eyes and ears.

Released: September 2, 2018
Artist: Donald Glover
Views: 270M+

11. A-h-a – Take on Me

Among our list of animated songs, this song is the oldest. It was released back in 1985 using rotoscoped characters. So the likelihood of you listening to this music track is high, but the chance of watching the music video is meager. Check out the remastered version of this song with over 1.5 Billion views!

Released: January 6, 2010 (Remastered version)
Artist: a-ha
Views: 1.5B+

12. Rainbow kitten surprise – It’s called: Freefall

Just like how the song name sounds very dreamy, this animated music video is also dreamlike and will make you go wow. The colors, the animation type, and every element of this video are fresh. You should check this out if you want to watch a retro-themed animated music video.

Released: January 28, 2019
Artist: Rainbow Kitten Surprise
Views: 20M+

13. Bob Marley & The Wailers – ‘Three Little Birds’

This is an animated collaboration of the original song, Three Little Birds by Bob Marley, released 43 years ago. This collaboration was part of MARLEY75, a year-long commemorative tribute to the reggae legend Bob Marley. This song’s visual effects bring memories back from the days.

Released: April 17, 2020
Artist: Bob Marley
Views: 48M+

14. Katy Perry – Daises

Katy Perry’s Daisies is a pastel-themed, minimalistic animated music video complemented by abstract art and a short inspirational storyline. To give a gist, this animated music song showcases the common facings of women and how these challenges are overcome.

Released: May 26th, 2020
Artist: Katy Perry
Views: 2M+

15. Chromance – Wrap Me In Plastic

If you are active on Instagram Reels or TikTok, there’s a high chance that you’ve already listened to this track! This video song gives you an anime vibe with its colors and how it is made. Overall, It is a fun music video to watch!

Released: April 15th, 2020
Artist: Marvellous
Views: 54M+

16. Stephanie Poetry – Straight to you

If you have played Mario before, this lyric video looks just like it. This single by Stephanie Poetry is made entirely with retro-looking 32-bit animation. It is complemented by beautiful, pleasant music.

Released: April 24th, 2020
Artist: 88rising
Views: 173K+

17. BENEE – Night Garden ft. Kenny Beats, Bakar

This song has a groovy track and gives you spooky feels. This beautiful animated video, drawn & illustrated by Alisa, tries to signify the story of a haunted Benee who is trying to find the cause of the creeps.

Released: July 31st, 2020
Artist: BENEE
Views: 1M+

18. Rauw Alejandro – Algo Magico

This track is the winner of the “Best Latin Animated video of the year award”! How awesome is that?! The video has stunning visuals and takes you on a journey through iconic landmarks in a beautifully animated way.

Released: June 26th, 2020
Artist: Rauw Alejandro
Views: 167M+

19. House Shoes Ft. Danny Brown

This video has a trippy, psychedelic, weird yet exciting scribbly animation that showcases melting faces. If you want to check out an animated video song that is very different from the others, then you should take a look at this one.

Released: September 4th, 2012
Artist: Pitchfork
Views: 423K+

20. Stormzy – Superheroes

Stromzy’s Superheroes celebrate the heroes, the real-life heroes living among us, and focus on the black community. This song has beautiful aesthetic colors, stunning music, and, most importantly, a good message.

Released: September 9th, 2020
Artist: Stormzy
Views: 5M+

21. Rick and Morty X Run The Jewels – Oh Mama

All you Rick and Morty fans out there… get ready to witness their unexpected, rebellious side! This song was directed by Juan Meza Leon, the same person who also directed the best episodes of Rick and Morty. Check it out!

Released: March 16th, 2018
Artist: Adult Swim
Views: 36M+

22. Mac Miller – Good News

This track, Good News, by late rapper Mac Miller is a mix and match of everything from retro-looking animated clips to archive footage. It takes the audience on a nostalgic journey. Fun fact: Many think this song is sent straight from heaven!

Released: January 10, 2020
Artist: Mac Miller
Views: 113M+

23. Taylor Swift – Look what you made me do

Taylor Swift’s Look what you made me do simply proves that there’s no limit to creativity in making an animated lyrical video! From the stunning voice of Taylor Swift to the mind-boggling creative visuals, this captivating video is something that you should not miss out on.

Released: August 25th, 2017
Artist: Taylor Swift
Views: 140M+

24. The Kleenrz – Sandman (Self Jupiter & Kenny Segal)

This animated music video has a combination of children’s style cartoon animation mixed with live-action videos. This takes it to a different perspective compared to most of the animated music songs here. If you are someone looking to mix a live-action video with animation, then you should check this music video out!

Released: August 8th, 2012
Artist: Hellfyre Club
Views: 36K+

25. Daft Punk – One More Time

Daft Punk’s Music videos are well known for their creativity. However, with this song, One More Time, they have taken a step up and made a movie-like music video that’s interesting to watch.

Released: February 24th, 2009
Artist: Daft Punk
Views: 410M+

26. Dire Straits – Money for Nothing

This animated music video was launched in 1985. The best part about this video is that it used the technology of 3D animation decades back. While this might look outdated now, it was a groundbreaking chapter back in the day.

Released: February 23th, 2010
Artist: Dire Straits
Views: 109M+

27. Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter

This animated music video will make you wonder whether this is a movie or a music video! Because the quality of production is on par with the animated movies we see these days. This song is the longest on our list here, clocking 6:07 minutes. Nevertheless, it is a feast for the eyes!

Released: October 18th, 2016
Artist: Porter Robinson
Views: 72M+

28. Siames – The Wolf

This music video, The Wolf, has a fascinating and individual style created by a Japanese company well-known for its energetic motion animation and outstanding creativity. This animated music video widely uses monochrome shades of colors with fast motions, making it a new experience for first-time viewers.

Released: April 22nd, 2017
Artist: Siames
Views: 159M+

29. Stuck in the Sound – Let’s Go

Imagine there was a way to visualize an Indie Rock song. Then, the song “Let’s Go” by Stuck in the Sound demonstrates it excitingly using attractive colors, different-looking character models, and lots more to add to this interesting animated music video.

Released: November 27th, 2012
Artist: Stuck in the sound
Views: 126M+

30. The Weeknd – Snowchild

We all know Weeknd as one of the best artists of this decade. While we know he never fails to impress us with his voice & skills, this song “Snowchild” takes a step up by creating a visual treat for his fans with a Japanese-themed animated music video.

Released: July 22nd, 2020
Artist: The Weeknd
Views: 23M+

31. Lil Dicky – Earth

If all the grammy award artists plan to produce a song, then this song “Earth” would be a perfect example. This song has most of the famous artists we know, like Justin Beiber, Ariana Grande, Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Adam Levine, Sia, and lots more. This song is dedicated to our planet earth and attempts to spread a positive message – “We love the earth.” This song has not only a beautiful message but amazing animated visuals too. The 3D style of animation used here makes it feel just like the movies, and the actors in this animated music video make it just better.

Released: April 19th, 2019
Artist: Lil Dicky
Views: 372M+

Bonus track – Master – Quit Pannuda Lyric

Sony Music South is one of India’s biggest music label industries. This animated music video from the movie Master was made with Animaker. It uses a mix of VFX with custom characters from Animaker’s custom character builder.

That was a ride, wasn’t it? To watch all those amazing music videos!

Seeing all those marvelous animations might make you wonder how they are created. Today, there are lots of tools, softwares, and professional animation artists who can assist in creating animated music videos. Tools like Maya, Blender, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier Pro, and many others are used to create them. 

While it might be easy to watch an animated music video, creating one takes a lot of effort, time, and money. Not just that, but these tools also require tons of experience and expensive computers for compatibility and support.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a tool that helped you create such beautiful animated videos in a matter of minutes right from your browser? Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Well, that dream came true back in 2014 in the form of Animaker!

Yes! Animaker is a video-making platform that lets users create live-action/animated videos from their browsers. In addition, Animaker’s powerful custom character builder lets you create your own characters with tons of customization. Its rich asset library lets you add all kinds of properties and music tracks easily.

Here’s how you can create your Animated music video using Animaker. 

How to create an Animated music video using Animaker?

Creating an animated music video is pretty simple. Just follow these below five steps to make a stunning animated music video.

  1. Create a new project 
  2. Add your own music
  3. Add lyrics to your video 
  4. Add custom characters and properties
  5. Download and share it 

As simple as that! 

Additionally, you can also check this in-depth video guide on ‘How to make music video’ to learn more.

We hope this article helped you find some of the best-animated music videos. If you have any questions or queries, please drop them down in the comments below.


How to make Social Media Videos? [iPhone Edition]

If you’re looking to improve your social media videos, congratulations! You just took the first important step. Your will to put in the effort has brought you to the right place.

Social Media Videos Guide

This article will help all the individuals and businesses out there looking to up their video creation game and get better results. Especially the beginners who are passionate about making an impact through social media marketing.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this article,

  1. What is the best way to make videos for social media using an iPhone?
  2. How to make videos for social media using the Animaker App?
  3. Bonus: How to make Advanced Video Edits?

So let’s get started!

1. What is the best way to make social media videos using an iPhone?

Do you remember the first time you downloaded an iOS App for making videos for social media?

  • You either had a brilliant idea that you wanted to visualize.
  • Or you wanted to leverage your business by making videos for social media marketing. 

However, one of these factors would have affected your experience.

  1. Ease of Use: You spend hours watching tutorials and reading FAQs just to understand the app interface.
  2. Watermark: The time you spend detailing your videos becomes ineffective as a big watermark gets placed over your content.

Social Media Videos Creator


But you don’t have to worry about this anymore.

The Animaker App


Try the Animaker App. It helps you create videos for social media quickly and smoothly!

  • The Animaker App gives you access to 1000+ free video templates (including free social media templates, free business templates, free YouTube templates, and loads more.)

1000+ Video Templates


  • You don’t have to be a professional video content creator to use the Animaker App. The UI is designed to help even first-time users create videos within 10 seconds. It is one of the fastest free video editing apps available!


  • And it’s watermark-free! That’s right, Animaker App is a free mobile video editor with no watermark!

So, in short, the Animaker App is the best mobile app for a beginner to achieve their video goals!

2. How to make videos for social media using the Animaker App?

Before we begin, ensure you have downloaded the Animaker App to follow the steps below.

In case you haven’t yet,  please click on the link below.

Click here to download the Animaker App from the Appstore!


Follow these steps to make social media videos in 10 seconds or less!

Step 1: Creating an account in Animaker

Animaker Login


After downloading the app, register or sign in to your Animaker Account.

Step 2: Choosing the right video size for social media videos

Once you log in, you will be directed to the Dashboard. Here’s where you can choose the dimensions of the social media video post you would like to begin with.

Animaker App Dashboard


Here are a few pointers that might help you choose the right one.

Social Media Video Size


  • “Vertical” size works well for Story Posts (Instagram Story, Facebook Story, Snapchat Stories, YouTube Shorts, Whatsapp statuses, etc.)
  • “Horizontal” size works well for videos longer than 1 minute. These are very popular on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • “Square” size works well for short and engaging posts on Instagram, Facebook,  and LinkedIn.

Once you choose the size, you will be directed to the templates section.

Step 3: Choosing a template

You will find a huge list of pre-made templates ready for use here. You also have the option to choose a blank project and build from scratch.

Blank Video Project


However, templates are the best option for creating a video in 10 seconds or less.

 Now, to choose a template, 

  • You can either explore the template section by scrolling through it.

How to choose Social Media Template


  • Or if you are looking for a specific template (such as promotions), you can also search for it directly

How to choose Social Media Template

Ads Templates


These results are cool, aren’t they?

Tip: Just tap on the template to preview it. You can also preview other templates by scrolling up or down, similar to how you might have swiped up or down to view Instagram Reels. 

Social Media Videos Templates Preview

Step 4: Customizing the video in 10 seconds or less

Here’s the fun part. Animaker App gives you a super quick video editing option to help you make videos in 10 seconds! 

After you select a template, you can easily swap the texts, images & videos in it in just a few clicks!

Here, I have selected a promotional template that can be leveraged by clothing brands. I want to customize this to talk about the upcoming Autumn Sale.

So here’s how I do it.

Just under each scene of the template, the swappable elements of the scene are listed. 

Swappable Elements in Social Media Video Template


In the first scene, the swappable elements are

  • 2 Texts (“Fashion” & “Sale”) and
  • 2 Images (Yellow and Orange)

Steps to Customise Templates


i)  To swap the texts : 

    • Choose the text you would like to change the content from the listed swappable elements. 

Steps to Customise Text


    • Enter your revised text!

Steps to Change Text


    • And that’s it!

Swapping Text in Templates


 ii) Similarly, to swap the images & videos: 

  • From the listed swappable elements, choose the image/ video you would like to change and click on the “Swap” button

Steps to create Videos Quickly


  • Choose the new image/ video either from “Stocks” (to replace it with high quality stock assets).

How to select templates


  • Or from the “Recent” section (to replace it with files from your phone).

How to upload images from your phone


And that’s it! Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Updating Images in Templates


Just by repeating these steps,  you can easily create studio-quality videos in seconds!

Step 5: Downloading your videos for free!

Once you’re done customizing your video, click on the “Done” button.

Video Template Steps


It will direct you to the preview screen, where you can check out the preview of the video and download it.

How To Preview the Social Media Videos you create


One of the biggest advantages of using the Animaker App is that you don’t have to spend a penny to download the video without a watermark.

How is this possible? 

To make sure that our users get access to premium quality videos at zero cost, Animaker App follows an ad-supported model to achieve this. With it, users have the luxury of downloading videos without any watermark.

How to download video


So you don’t have to stress anymore. After all your efforts to create your video, unlike other apps, the Animaker App won’t force you to upgrade to download videos without a watermark.

Here’s the preview of the video we just edited.



3. Bonus: How to make Advanced Video Edits?

Incase you would like to detail your video further, Animaker App provides you with the “Advanced Edit” option.

Advanced Edit for detailing your social media videos


The “Advanced Edit” feature gives you access to pro editing features at your fingertip. 

For example, with the “Smartmove” feature, you can add various kinds of unique movements to elements used in the video and make it more engaging. 

Similarly, you can also add text animations, Camera Effects, choose from 70k+ Props & Shapes, etc. All these features will further help you detail your video project.   

Advanced Video Editor


In case you would like to try a different music track rather than the one present in the template you chose,  you can select from 30k+ premium music tracks.

These are meticulously curated and categorized across different genres so you can easily find the perfect music track for your videos.

Advanced Edit feature for detailing your social media videos


So what are you waiting for? Start creating your video content in Animaker Video Maker now! 

In case you still haven’t downloaded the app yet,  here is a QR code that you can quickly scan to download the app!


Animaker App - QR Code


If you have any questions regarding the app, please feel free to drop them in the comments below. I will be more than happy to answer them! 

Animated educational videos and how to create them

Are you a teacher aiming to impress your students?

Or, are you a student trying to get straight A’s for your assignments?

Student or teacher, all we have is one goal in mind. We want to stand out!

But due to workload or laziness, we end up making the same old boring presentations!

If you want to 

  • Take your lecture/assignment to the next level,
  • Make your point heard, 
  • Make an everlasting impression,

You will need a presentation unlike any other.

But, presentations are sooo 90s! Let’s do things the 2K way!

Let’s bring Animated educational videos into the picture!

Why make those mundane presentations when you can make cool videos to explain a topic?

Why use robotic clipart when you can have characters and properties zooming across the scene in your videos?

Imagine the look on your students’/classmates’ faces when they see those awesome animations!

And the best part is, your points get registered on their head in no time without you trying hard!

So, let’s get started and get our hands on making the perfect animated educational video!

Wait, I can see you sulking! Are you thinking about the hours you need to put in to make a great animated video?

Haha… Don’t worry! We are giving you this solution cuz we have a great tool in hand that lets you create breathtaking animated videos in less than 10 minutes!

To create your stunning educational video, we will use Animaker, a DIY video-making platform that helps even a beginner create fascinating animated videos quickly and easily. 

Check out this video to learn how to create educational videos through a video tutorial.

Alternatively, continue reading if you want to learn how from a textual guide.

How to make Animated Educational Videos using Animaker?

Even the most complex concepts can be fun when we deliver them correctly!

Follow these steps to create an awesome animated educational video and make learning fun and effortless for the audience!

Now, let’s check out how to create animated educational videos for school projects. With a concept ready in mind, let’s proceed.

Step 1 – Create an Account

Visit Animaker. Login if you’ve already created an account. If not, create a new account and log in.

Step 2 – Exploring the Animaker Dashboard and Interface

Once you log in, you will be taken to the Dashboard.

animated educational videos

If you’re unsure about starting a project from scratch, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Let our Animaker pre-built templates do the job for you.

Go to the templates page and preview any template to get an idea about how it looks. Then, if you like any template, click on it to launch it as a project and customize it to your needs.

Or, if you would like to create a video from scratch, we’re here to help you create one.

To create a new project, click on the ‘Create’ option from the left and follow as instructed in the image below. 

animated educational videos

Before jumping into creating an educational animated video, let us get you accustomed to the Animaker interface. 

There are five sections in the app:

  • Library 
  • Workspace 
  • Scenes 
  • Menu bar
  • Timeline

2D cartoon video

Library – The Library of the Animaker app is where you will find all the assets needed for your video, including characters, props, icons, stock assets, music files, and more.

Workspace – The whitespace at the center is called the workspace. This is where your animated educational video will come to life.

Scenes – This section houses all the scenes of the video. Just like how many slides come together to form a presentation, the scenes come together to form your awesome video. 

Menu barYou can preview the video, change its title, and share and publish the video from the menu.

Timeline – At the bottom of the screen is the timeline. The timeline helps you monitor the time limits and effects of the assets you have added to the scenes. 

Step 3 – Creating the first scene. 

Adding a Character:

Let’s start by creating an animated character. You can either add a pre-made character from the library or create custom characters by clicking on the ‘Create your own’ under the character tab. 

Using this option, you can create a character that resembles you and features your doppelganger in your video! Now, wouldn’t that be exciting?

2D cartoon video

Click on the link to learn how to create animated characters.

Add your character to the workspace by simply clicking on it. Once you add the character, click on it to find a bunch of options above. 

Click on the ‘Action’ button and explore 500+ actions for the character.

Animation Video

Now, let’s click on the action, which seems like talking.

2D / Cartoon

Adding a Background:

Now, it’s time to add a background to the scene. Click anywhere on the workspace. You will notice a new color palette opening in the library section.

Click on the ‘edit’ option to change the color. 

Video Animation

You can add multiple colors as a gradient to your background by clicking on the plus button. 

You can also change the direction of the shades like this… 

2D / Animation

Apart from the solid color or gradient color BGs, Animaker also houses many animated, image, and video BGs. You can change the background using the library’s BG/Image/Video tabs, as shown in the GIF below.

animation video

Adding Text:

This is the first scene, the introductory scene. Let’s tell the viewers what the video is about. Open the text section from the library and click on one of the text boxes. Add your text. 


Now, click on the text. This opens the text settings on top. Here, you can customize the font, text color, and add effects and animations to your texts.

animated educational video

Scroll down the “Edit Text” option and click on one of the ‘Effects’ options to enhance your text.

animation videos

When you click on the text, you will see a yellow-colored bar in the timeline. This bar represents the duration for which your text will be visible.

educational cartoon video

Let’s make the text appear a little later. So, we’re going to drag the left edge of the yellow bar and place it as ‘2s’, which makes the text appear after the first 2 seconds. 

animation educational video

Now, we are going to add some animation to the text. 

Click on the text to find the ‘Animation’ option on the top. 

Animation Video

Click on any of the entry animations from the ‘Enter’ tab. Next, adjust the duration of the animation effects in the timeline by adjusting the dark yellow bar. 

animation videos for students

Adding Properties:

To add a property to the scene, click on the properties section (from the library). Since the video is about the Human respiratory system, I will search for the word ‘lungs.’ 

Click on one of the search results to add it to the workspace. Then, just like you did for the text, you can adjust the property’s duration in the timeline and add an effect to it by clicking on the ‘Animation’ option.

educational videos

Adding voice-over to the character:

To add a voice-over to this character, click on the character and select the ‘Lip-sync’ option. You can see a bunch of options appearing. 

animation education videos

  1. You can directly record your voice using the ‘Record Voice’ option. 
  2. If you already have a script, you can simply upload your text and convert it to a voiceover using the ‘Text to Speech’ option.
  3. The ‘Upload’ option allows you to upload any pre-recorded voices.

I have a script ready, so I will use the “Text to Speech” option. Animaker easily converts the text into a voice that automatically lip-syncs with the character. Here, you can change the gender, language, and voice to differentiate between two characters.

educational animation video

When you want to convert the text into speech, you can use the features such as sound, pitch & volume to make it sound better and natural. Click on the button to the left of the text (rounded red in the screenshot above) to access these options.

Not just that, you can control the break and breath in the sentence by clicking on the grey dot between each word.

animating videos teachers

Once you’re okay with the audio, click on the ‘Add to Timeline’ option, and the audio will automatically sync with the character.

Adding Background narration voice:

We just saw how to add a voiceover and lip-sync it to the character. Now, let’s add it as a background voice instead of adding it to the character. 

teachers videos animation

As you see in the above screenshot, there is an option to add a voice from the timeline. Click on the voice-over symbol and choose ‘Text to Speech’ to paste the ready-made script. 

After you adjust the volume, pitch, and other options, click on the ‘Add to Timeline’ option to add the voiceover to the scene.

teacher animation video

You’ll get a pop-up (as shown in the below image) once you have added a voice-over.

animation student

Controlling the scene duration

By default, the scene duration is 10 seconds. Let’s make it 5 seconds. To adjust the scene duration, click the plus or minus buttons on the bottom right.

Once you click the minus button five times, you will notice the scene’s duration is reduced to five seconds.

animation student video

Step 4 – Add/Delete/Duplicate scenes

From the scenes tab, click on the three dots on any scene. You will see three options appear. 

Add scene – This lets you create a new blank scene.

Duplicate – This lets you duplicate the current scene. This is the easiest way to apply the properties of one scene to another.

Delete – This deletes the current scene. 

Since I want all my scenes to have the same background, I use the duplicate option. 

animation science

Step 5 – Creating the second scene.

Since I duplicated the scene, the second scene comes with all the elements from the first scene.

In this scene, let’s show how the oxygen molecules move through the lungs. 

First, let’s add the lungs. So, go to the properties section and search for the term ‘lungs’.

science animation video

Now, let’s add the oxygen molecules. But first, we need a property that resembles oxygen molecules. Since the molecular structure of oxygen resembles dumbbells, we are using a dumbbell to represent the oxygen molecules. 

After adding the dumbbell, click on the ‘color’ option to change its color.

school animation video

Now, let’s make the O2 molecules move through the lungs! The idea is to make the O2 molecule enter the trachea pipe and move into the left lung. For this, we will use the ‘Smart Move’ option.

Place the dumbbell at the beginning (top) of the lungs and click on the ‘Smart Move’ option. Now, you will notice two frames appear on the timeframe. By adjusting these frames, we can make the O2 molecule move.

One frame must be at the top of the pipe. Click on the second frame and drag it to the end of the pipe. In the timeline, click on the second frame and move it away from the first frame.

animation school

This is how the molecule moves now.

school project animation

Now, let’s make the molecule enter the left lung. For this, we add another frame of the dumbbell. To do this, drag the black playhead on the timeline slightly to the right and click on the ‘+’ symbol. This adds the third frame. 

Now, drag the third frame to the end of the left lung’s nerves. 

college school projects

Instead of making the molecule move straight, you can adjust its path by moving the dotted lines between the second and the third point (as shown in the GIF below).

school project cartoon videos

It’s showtime now! Look at how the O2 molecule move. 

2D animation project

Instead of recreating the animation for the right lung, you can simply copy-paste it and adjust the directions. 

That was easy, wasn’t it?

Like how we created the first two scenes, you can create the other scenes too.

Step 6 – Add transition effects. 

Let’s add a transition effect between each scene. Click on the transition effect in the scene section to open the transition tab. From here, you can add different transitions between scenes.

transition effects

Step 7 – Add Music tracks 

To add a music track, go to the music section in the library. There are 30,000+ copyright-free music tracks that you can use. You can hover over the music tracks to hear the music. 

Click on any of the tracks to apply to your video.

animation music

Let’s reduce the volume of the track so that it doesn’t affect the voice-over tracks that we added earlier. To reduce the volume of a music track or voice-over, go to the ‘Overall Timeline’ and click on the three dots present in the middle of the track.

cartoon videos music

As you see in the image below, you will see a set of options to control the track’s volume, play the track, work on advanced edits, duplicate it, or delete it.

Use the volume slider to control the track’s volume.

animation music track

Step 8 – Preview and Download the video

To preview the video, click on the preview option at the top. 

play animation

To download the video, click on the ‘Publish’ button on the top and select the ‘Download Video’ option.

animation 2D

This will take you to a page where you can manage your exports.

Now you know how to create animated educational videos. 

So, don’t wait further! 

Get hands-on experience in creating an amazing animated educational video & excite your class! 

Create an animated educational video now!

Got questions? Add them to the comments section below. We will be more than happy to help!