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New: 20+ Animal characters with 1000+ Stunning Animal Animation

What do you get reminded of when you think of the word “animation”?

The mighty heroes and the characters from your favorite cartoons, right?

In general, we think about the human characters from these cartoons. 

But, what about animals? They are equally entertaining as any human character!

Even in cartoons, animal characters hold an important role, equal to human characters.

So, to applaud and give praise to these glorious animals, we have added 20+ new animal characters to the library in our latest update.

This new update lets you create stunning animations starring all kinds of animals, right from household pets to wild creatures. These characters have their own unique personality and set of actions. Apart from the character-specific actions, there are over 1000 unique animal animations that can make your scene realistic and entertaining.

So, if you are planning to create a cute little zoo animation for your school or a movie with animal animations, then this would be the perfect choice for you. With a super simple interface and wide range of animal characters, you can create animations that can put a smile on everyone’s face. 

Without further ado, let us introduce you to the 20 New Animal characters.

If you are an OG Animaker user, you should have known about The Mad Scientist Comic Series and how these comic animal characters were created. 

To brief it out, these animals are not regular animals. They are super intelligent, and for comparison, they are super smart than any other species on the planet, including humans. 

And the best part is they are groomed, and they look professional. At the same time, you might get the complete freedom to customize everything. 

So, let’s check out each of the characters and their personalities –

Roger the Rabbit

Bio: Roger is a professional pilot who can fly any aircraft type. He is the go-to person for a combat pilot in case of an emergency. While not in combat, he flies for charity airlines to transport materials for the needful.

Skills: Tactical pilot who can fly any type of aircraft

Profession: Professional Pilot 

Tapper the Penguin

Bio:  Tapper the Penguin was born in the remote parts of Antarctica. He overcame tons of hurdles to become the best doctor in that region and is also one of the top combat medics to be ever known.

Skills: Tactical medic and general doctor

Profession: Doctor 

Pablo the Panda

Bio: Pablo was born in the Colombian jungle amidst the war. Having faced everything you can imagine, Pablo is the best in navigation. He knew all the spots to hide and protect from enemies. 

Skills: Knows every nook and corner.

Profession: Navigator

Tony the Tiger

Bio: Tony the tiger is a professional spy working as a cop. He was bullied when he was younger, so he became a cop to save those bullied. When it comes to having the “right contacts,” Tony is the person. He has the best informers who provide trustworthy information on crimes around the city!

Skills: Sharp listening skills

Profession: Cop

Ozzy the Kangaroo

Bio: At first look, Ozzy might look like a retired kangaroo. But the reality is that he’s a professional sniper. While others in the team like to move around and do physical combat, Ozzy likes to stay far away from the scene with the sniper to assist and give the team crucial information about the enemies.

Skills: Professional Sniper

Profession: Retired Teacher

Boris the Bear

Bio: Boris was born in the United States and is a Business Executive. In addition to being friendly, he also loves to play and work. He is always energetic and loves to have fun. When it comes to fighting enemies, his energy beam saves his team. It’s so powerful that it can melt a 12-inch metal wall and has a maximum range of 50 feet.  

Skills: Numbers, charts, and disintegrating enemies with his energy beam are one of his unique superpowers. 

Profession: Business Executive 

Bobby the Cow

Bio: Bobby was born in the pastures of the beautiful foothills of Mount Rigi, Switzerland. Bobby is well known for punctuality and is the go-to person to get things delivered on time. 

Alternatively, Focused X-Ray vision is her superpower. She’s one of the important members of her team as she helps to escape the enemies with her X-Ray vision.

Skills: Focused X-Ray vision

Profession: Delivery Executive

Henry the Elephant

Bio: Henry was born in the deep rainforest of West Africa. He’s very intelligent and is a teacher for charity forest schools.  Henry has a unique perspective and an eye for identifying potential. Being an elephant, he’s good at lifting heavy objects.

Skills: Identifying potential in individuals

Profession: Psychology professor and Venture Capitalist

Robb the Rooster

Bio: Robb was born in the farmlands of Japan. His father was a fighting rooster who was violent, while Robb was the complete opposite. He likes music and also plays Violin. His unique way of playing the violin hypnotizes the enemies with telekinesis.

Skills: Hypnotizing enemies with music

Profession: Violinist

Benjamin the cat

Bio: Benjamin was born in the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain. He’s a passionate artist and began inspiring everyone with his beautiful art at a very young age. He moved to Paris in the later part of his life to pursue his passion for art. His sharp eyes help to tag the enemies at any hour of the day and help the team to ambush them. 

Skills: Super sharp eyes and Night vision abilities

Profession: Artist

T-Bone the dog

Bio: T-Bone was born in glorious New York. He was one of the largest in his foxhound litter.  He has a very good knowledge of Chemistry and Autonomy and a heightened sense of smell. His curiosity and ability to look into details landed him in a private investigator agency as Detective/Investigator.

Skills: Super Sharp brain with great attention to detail

Profession: Private Investigator 

Sheldon the Squirrel

Bio: Sheldon was born in the United Kingdom. He’s a mailman by day and a skilled lockpicker by night. He has strong teeth that can bite through steel. He’s the go-to person in their team for opening locks and heavy metal doors.

Skills: Opening multi-layered locks with teeth

Profession: Mailman

Randolph the Wolf

Bio: Randolph was born to an Alaskan Mother in the famous San Diego Zoo. While he may look innocent, he’s the most cunning group member. He’s also known as the Robin Hood of the cities as he is well known for stealing from the rich and giving it to the poor & needy.

Skills: Silent as a grave and turns into an unidentifiable shadow in the darkness.

Profession: Thief 

Simon the Sheep

Bio: Simon is born among the thousands of other sheep in livestock in New Zealand. The simple and calm-looking sheep is the most feared in his flock. As he grew up, he couldn’t control his anger. This led him to breathe fire that often burnt the whole farm. So he had to quit farming and become a designated fighter to eliminate the enemies.

Skills: Breathing fire 

Profession: Ex Farmer 

Sal the Pig

Bio: Sal was born in the pig farms of Lod, Israel. His ability to organize and coordinate things made him stand out from the group. He is the head chef at one of Israel’s top restaurants, and his culinary skills are worth dying for!

Skills: Cooking, organizing, and coordinating from the control tower 

Profession: Chef

Alan the Lion

Bio: Alan was born in the deep forests of South Africa. Born & Brought up in a ferocious family surrounded by hunting parents, Alan aimed at securing their village by teaching them martial arts to protect their town and themselves. 

Skills: Karate, MMA, and leader of the security team

Profession: Martial arts trainer 

Appu the Monkey

Bio: Starting as a magician at a younger age, Appu learned the sleight of hands to woo his audience back during his “magician days.” This skill helped him acquire the ability to create a cure for any disease easily. He keeps his team healthy and heals them from any wounds. 

Skills: Create a cure for any disease

Profession: Doctor

Aron the Hippo

Bio: Aron might look like a normal teacher, but he is a professional long-breath freediver who can hold his breath for hours. He ensures no one is trapped in the deep oceans during a flash flood or tsunami. 

Skills: Hold breath underwater for hours

Profession: Freediver, Teacher 

Barney the Deer

Bio: Barney the Deer is a professional dancer, singer, and hypnosis artist. He is very friendly to the allies. But when it comes to the enemies, Barney tricks them into listening to his song and putting them to sleep with hypotonic powers. 

Skills: Singing, Dancing, Hypnosis art 

Profession: Entertainer 

Maurice the Zebra

Bio: Maurice is a professional racer and assistant at a top car manufacturing company. He was awarded the “Best Bolt of the Jungle.” He is so swift that he doesn’t give a chance to predators to even think of hunting him.

Skills: Fast legs, Professional racer 

Profession: Engineering Assistant 

Phew, wasn’t that like a movie to know about all the characters, their backstory, and their skills?

You can use these animated animal characters in your own video by customizing their outfit, changing the colors, and lots more. 

In total, there are 20 animal characters with over 1000+ Actions and 20+ expressions, thereby making it perfect for your video. 

Why are you waiting? Hope on to Animaker, create your new project with stunning animal animations. It just takes five simple steps to create your very own animation – 

  1. Create a new project 
  2. Add background music track 
  3. Add animal characters and custom properties to your scene 
  4. Add custom animations to your characters and properties 
  5. Download and share it with your friends

As simple as that, you have your very own animal animation video.

To create your own characters, just sign up to Animaker’s Avatar Maker! You can create 1 Billion+ unique human-like characters. It’s fun & it’s free!

Additionally, you can also check this in-depth article about animated videos and how to create one –  “How to make animated videos.”

We hope this article helped you create your own animal animation movie effortlessly. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them down below in the comments. 

Top 19 Animated Medical Videos on the Internet that YOU WILL LOVE!

Video usage in the healthcare industry across the globe is rapidly increasing. 

Whether you’re a marketer or a healthcare professional, people will like to visit your hospital or seek your advice again only if they feel confident in your explanatory method. 

And that’s where Animated medical videos are a boon to the healthcare industry. Even the most complex of videos can be made interesting and exciting with the help of animation.

On the one hand, the audience gets to understand the intricate details. And on the other hand, the video creator gains more engagement and, eventually, more conversions.

So if you are a medical professional looking forward to creating attractive medical videos for your brand, you have landed at the right place.

This article will cover everything you want to know about animated medical videos.

But before jumping into creating your own medical-related video using Animaker, let’s cover some of the amazing animated medical videos already loved by netizens. 

Top 19 Amazing Animated Medical Videos 

The animated medical videos below are chosen based on their creativity, aesthetics, content, and concept representation. 

You can have a glimpse at these videos and stretch your imagination to create your own videos for your brand. I’m sure you’ll be enlightened with creativity by the end of this blog.

1. Effects of smoking – Character Animation Video


Doesn’t this prove how awesome the video is?

Healthcare is serious – tapping into that emotion is essential. It’s about bringing the stories and people to life. This is what corporate leaders and big brands do. 

When you combine animation with a story that holds a problem to be addressed along with some mild emotions, there comes an effective outcome, resulting in the success of the effort taken. 

This video does exactly that! With an emphasis on animation effects, the video conveys how smoking affects the body, its harmful effects on different body parts, and how one can recover when one quits the habit.

2. WHO on preventing Hepatitis

This Animated awareness video explains everything about Hepatitis and its prevention.

Even though the video is to create awareness by spreading an important message, the cute animations convey the message in a simple yet engaging way. 

There’s no serious voice-over explaining the prevention measures. Instead, the animated assets do the job and help etch the message deep in our minds without much effort!

The choice of music makes the video even more interesting. It is very comical and has tones that depict danger here and there, giving us a sense of awareness beforehand. 

Since WHO has blue as its brand color, you can see the dominance of blue and white all over the video.

3. Healthcare homes animation

Do you want to promote healthcare home services?

This video is produced by the Government of Australia and focuses on promoting healthcare homes and why it is required. 

The animated video has a storyboard and a well-planned script ready. The characters and animations give this video a lively look, providing the correct information and knowledge. 

4. Explanatory Animated Video on Dialysis

Let’s look at one of the exciting explanatory videos in an animated format. Both the message and animations are quick, dynamic, and to the point. 

This video captures a hitting-the-ground running feeling—lots of drive in it. 

I would suggest this video for those who want to know how dialysis works – a video that can be understandable and entertaining for kids and adults. 

5. 2D Animation video on Oxygen Healthcare

Ahh! Are you looking for an animated video that is less than a minute? 

Here’s one for you…

A very quick, engaging 2D animated video advertisement that explains the significance of health care for elders in the home. 

The video is conceptualized to suit the brand’s region and the cultural beliefs of its population. The characters’ attire, background music, font style, and text language are all designed to address the lifestyle of the people in that region. Such practices help the brand to have a good connection with the audience.

6. How sleep affects your brain

Do you prefer videos to get straight to the point? Check out the one below!

This video explains the benefits of sleeping. Hence, the movement of the characters is found to be less. 

Not many brands can pull it off exceptionally well. Since there isn’t much movement for the characters or the animations, the script must be well constructed, and the story must pan out well. And that’s where the below video scores!

7. Shigella in Animations

This video shows how Shigella bacteria are spread from one person to another with nice colors and animations all around. 

How delightful are the transitions between each of the scenes in this video!

The transitions are so smooth, so much so that it makes us aware of the liveliness of the virus and makes us cautious of how much we must be careful while being outdoors! This shows that the script is neatly crafted.

Also, it is to be noted that they maintain a theme throughout the video.

8. Public Health explained via handwriting effect

Do you like to watch whiteboard videos where a hand writes the significant points? 

Sounds special, right?

Here’s one such video!

The video below talks about public health and its significance. With the whiteboard style of animation, this video clearly explains how the discipline, hygienic practices, and organized efforts of individuals can eventually lead to the betterment of society and control the spread of deadly diseases.

9. Explanatory Animation Video about cancer

On a budget? Animated videos are great for learning and easy content consumption. This video delivers great content that explains cancer, its formation, effects, diagnosis, and treatment. 

With good animation software, anybody can create an engaging video with all the information they would like to project to their audience. Being clear and engaging – that’s what is expected by your audiences too!

In particular, animation can help you simplify complex terms and present information in the right tone for your audience. In addition, it can inspire, motivate, and incite action, just like in the video below.

10. Do not go to medical school (if this is you) 

This is an excellent example of storytelling. 

Everybody likes stories. And stories with information earn the right impact.

This video is different from the others on the list. It addresses people who are interested in medicine and would like to pursue it as their career.

There is always a liking for 2D animation or cartoon videos – from kids to adults. Concepts which are explained through these mediums are more reachable.

The video below explains why some individuals may not be a suitable fit in the medical field. Doctors are highly respected in society. Since they are expected to be dedicated and focused all the time, this video explains how someone must pursue medicine only if they are passionate about it.

As the video rightly says, MedSchool Insider is more than just a YouTube channel. All their animation videos are the best-viewed ones. This channel rightly understands the trick of attracting more viewers via its animation videos and their engrossing concept.

11. The Russian sleep experiment

This animation video shows their sleep experiment through the 2D characters. 

The ultimate motto behind this video is to project a real case experiment in the animation format. The case explains a sleep experiment, one of the most famous and horrific experiments gone wrong, but some claim the experiment never happened! 

The video is made of cartoons, and it adds clear content and impression to the video. 

This shows what is possible with an explainer video that looks great with character animation, voice-over, texts, transitions, warm colors, and effects. So you can get your point across in a visually engaging way.

12. Pharmacy of the future

The digital revolution in healthcare is helping to improve a broad range of outcomes, from the prevention and treatment of disease to patient care. It highlights the importance of pharmacies and how they would have evolved in the future.

The narrator’s voice is used perfectly in this video. In addition, many ideas from the video help you sort out how to position your video-making development. 

Short and crisp, isn’t it?

13. Sleep is more important 

How amazing is it when an explanatory video starts with an engaging story filled with animations and effects?

One such incredible video explains what happens when there is a lack of sleep. Moreover, it clearly explains what causes sleep, the short and long-run adversities of lack of sleep, etc. 

Though this video is longer, it is not at all overwhelming. The engaging animations and colors make it easy to grasp and understand.

14. 3D Medical Animation

3D medical animations are everyone’s favorite. And this video is true science fiction! 

The functioning of organs and all the other intricate stuff we don’t usually see is beautifully showcased in this video through 3D animation. You can see the quality and attention to detail for yourself.

The idea is superb – both in design and function—beautiful 3D work in concept and execution.

15. How to treat Heart Attack – 3D Medical Video

From starting with how your heart functions to explain the treatment for the attack, this video covers everything you need to know about a heart attack.

These medical visualizations typically represent how a heart attack happens, the medication consequences, and what is ACS (Acute Coronary Syndrome) & MI (Myocardial Infarction).

You don’t need high-end animation techniques. You can easily explain your concept even with a mediocre 3D render and simple animation. 

The voice-over helps you understand the video, which correlates with the 3D-animated medical video. Easy to understand, right?

16. Angina Pectoris – Patient Education Video

Remember that having something meaningful to say understandably is 90% of making amazing content.

This video educates about Angina Pectoris, a type of chest pain, and its effects. The animation characters reveal that Angina causes chest discomfort and creates a sensation of tightness or pressure triggered by exertion, cold, or emotional stress. 

Let the animation play the role, and your video will be a hit. Look at the professional voice-over and the smooth character transitions used in the video. 

Doesn’t this give a pleasant feeling about knowing the context?

17. A 2D Animation video explains to stop smoking

Phew! This video makes us realize the effects of smoking and intensifies the fear of smoking. 

As the title rightly says, “Stop smoking today!” the video is picturized in a way that would make us think twice before even going near a cigarette. This proves the strength of video-making through animations!

18. Oral Health Awareness by NHS

National Health Service (NHS) England has authentically created an animated video to showcase the significance of good Oral Health and the benefits of dental care from birth.

The video’s motive is to spread awareness and increase the visibility of the problem. This video can be shown even to a small kid as the concept is explained very simply.

19. Global COVID-19 Prevention Measures

This video talks about a virus that shook the world for a longgg time!

Would you expect a video with no music or voice to be engaging and deliver the information precisely?

Well, this animated video makes it so possible! 

The video takes us through the dimensions of how the virus would spread from one person to another. 


Wasn’t that an interesting and quick scroll?

Let’s check out how you can create your Animated medical video using Animaker. 

How to create an Animated Medical video using Animaker?

Animation videos are always fun, engaging, and fascinating to watch and grab attention, but it’s not easy to create, especially from scratch. 

Even though you take months and months, sometimes the efforts you put in to make a character move from one place to another will drop all your liveliness and make you a gloomy person. 

Why should video making take out all your spirit towards creativity?!

What if I tell you that video making is way more than easy, fun, and flexible?!

Looking for software that gives you such a simple feel? 

Here’s where Animaker pops in. Animaker is a DIY-video-making software used by almost 15M+ users globally.

Creating an animated medical video is pretty simple. Just follow these below five steps to make a stunning animated medical video.

  1. Create a new project 
  2. Add a background resembling your theme
  3. Add your custom character
  4. Add properties and music or voiceover
  5. Download and share it 

As simple as that! 

Let’s check out some of the animated medical characters from Animaker.

Animated Medical Assets on Animaker

Medical animation videos are becoming more popular and effective. As you have already seen, many top brands use animated videos for marketing, branding, and communicating knowledge. The best part is, they are very easy to create with Animaker. 

At Animaker, you can find/create so many animated medical characters, 30K+ copyright-free music tracks, 70K+ icons, 200+ voices, millions of stock images and videos, and loads more. 

Let’s dig into having a glance at some of the animated medical characters and properties from Animaker.

Animated Medical Characters from Animaker

Considering the high demand for healthcare, Animaker has contributed around creating animated medical characters, which helps in educating the younger generation with healthcare knowledge. 

Animaker’s powerful custom character builder lets you create your own characters with tons of customization. In addition, its rich asset library lets you easily add all kinds of animated medical properties and music tracks.

Look at our pre-made medical characters, such as doctors, nurses, frontline workers, etc. Apart from these pre-made characters, you can create more than a billion unique custom medical characters using Animaker. 

animaker characters

Animated Medical Properties from Animaker

Here’re just a handful of animated medical properties from Animaker. There are loads of other assets, which you can find under the Properties section.

animaker properties

Additionally, you can check out our blog, where you can see some of our medical animation characters.

Also, do check out one of the world’s best pharmaceutical corporations, GSK, sharing their thoughts about Animaker

We hope this article helped you find some of the best-animated medical videos. If you have any questions or queries, please drop them down in the comments below.


13 Fang-tastic Halloween Video Ideas [With editable templates]

Trick or treat, Bags of sweets; Ghosts are walking down the street; let’s all vibe to the Halloween beat!!

It’s that time of the year when everyone wears spooky costumes and makes their houses a center stage by giving them a scary makeover!


Not just celebrations and get-togethers, Halloween season is also known for sales and discounts! All stores and e-commerce websites grab this opportunity to advertise on social media and boost their sales.

Make use of this time and be ready to wish and invite your loved ones/customers and give them spine-chilling scares!

Wondering how? 

You can make an impressive video wish/invite! Videos are a great way to create an everlasting impression in the viewers’ minds and convince them to visit you!

If you are skeptical about coming up with awesome Halloween video ideas, don’t worry; we’ve got you! The sky’s the limit for creating a Halloween-themed video.

It can be done in different ways; a simple Halloween wishes video, a Halloween collage, a video promoting an exclusive sale, or even a Halloween video announcing seasonal discounts. 

In this post, we will take you through 13 stunning Halloween video ideas with editable templates.

To customize a template, click on “Edit this template” under each idea and customize it as you want. To learn more about how to customize a template, you can watch this in-depth tutorial on how to customize Animaker templates.



Without further ado, let’s check out 13 Stunning Halloween video ideas – 

Halloween Video Idea #1: Freaky Halloween Wish


Are you looking for something out of the ordinary to send out for this Halloween? Check out this template that features freaky characters and spooky messages throughout the video. The video is perfectly designed. All you have to do is, edit it if needed and send it out to all your loved ones!

Halloween Video Idea #2: Halloween Party Invitation


It’s time to celebrate the glory of Halloween with costume parties, playing Halloween-themed games, telling ghost stories, or even trick-or-treating with neighbors! Wondering how to make a perfect invite that mentions all this?

Don’t worry; this Halloween Party Invitation will do that for you. Edit this scary invite and send it out.

Halloween Video Idea #3: Haunty Halloween Wish


The spooky season needs spooky wishes. This haunty Halloween wish has spooky elements to bring that Halloween vibe going. This template is perfect for those who want to do little customizations and make a spooky-looking Halloween wishes video.

Halloween Video Idea #4: Halloween Discount


This Halloween season, if you are planning for a sale to attract more customers for your business or to upsell your product, then this template is the right one for you. With multiple scenes and spooky music, this Halloween template has a very simple theme and can be easily customized by anyone. 

Halloween Video Idea #5: Happy Halloween Wish


Sometimes you need to think about a creative way to wish someone. Sending out video wishes is a good idea, but creating a perfect video takes a lot of effort. But what if I told you that you could easily make a creative happy Halloween wishes video on your own without any effort? 

Well, this video template is all you are looking for. It has everything you need, right from customizable characters to text. Simply download it and send it out!

Halloween Video Idea #6: Halloween Facts


We all celebrate Halloween every year. But do we all know its facts and backstory?!

To help all those in oblivion, this template was created!

Check out this template that shows interesting facts about Halloween. You can also add more facts and make it your own Halloween facts video. This template is perfect for social media marketers, content marketers, and educational professionals trying to educate people about Halloween.

Halloween Video Idea #7: Halloween party invite


If you are planning a Halloween party, this Halloween Party Invite would be perfect – be it a themed party or a costume party. This party invite can be customized in any way you want. Additionally, with multiple scenes, it makes it simpler to add in more information about the theme, location, and time to the Halloween party invite. 

Halloween Video Idea #8: Happy Halloween


If you are looking for a super simple Halloween wishes video, this template is the right one. With limited customization and beautiful assets, this Happy Halloween template can easily help you create spectacular Halloween wishes videos in a jiffy.

Halloween Video Idea #9: 5 Nightmares of Social Media Marketers


Keeping up with the social media trend is one of the crucial ways to grow your presence on any platform. This template will help you easily create a Halloween listicle that’s interesting to watch. Social media marketers will greatly relate to this template, and they can even use it as it is on their feeds!

Also, this template can be customized the way you want, be it by adding more points to the listicle or changing the theme of the listicle; anything can be done. 

Halloween Video Idea #10: Halloween Wishes Template


This template is perfect for slideshow-themed Halloween wishes. Sending photo cards wishing loved ones during the holiday season is a popular custom. And the Halloween season is no different, either! 

So, if you are someone who dresses up and poses with your family to send such wishes, then this template is the right bet for you!

You can replace the photos you capture and customize the text in this template. Send out cool video wishes to all your loved ones now!

Halloween Video Idea #11: Spooky Halloween wishes


Wishing someone Happy Halloween through text has become too mainstream. It has become meh!

Check out this template that lets you wish your loved ones a happy Halloween through a spooky video. This template has customizable text areas, colors, and more. It’s suitable for those who want to keep it simple and straightforward. 

Halloween Video Idea #12: Eerie Halloween Invite


With this Spooky Halloween Invite, you can take a boring Happy Halloween party invite text message to something better and interesting. The best part about this template is that it is simple, straightforward, and easy to edit. In no time, you can create a spooky Halloween video by just customizing the content and adding your own images and music, and getting the party started. 

Halloween Video Idea #13: Animated Halloween wishes


As we saw some super simple options above, this template is also one of the super simple ones in terms of customization and aesthetics. If you are someone who doesn’t want to complicate it much by putting in too much effort in creating a video, this template is the right bet for you! Simply download this video and share it with your friends and family. 

Wasn’t that easier than you thought? 

It’s time to start creating your own spooky Halloween video and scare your friends and family!

I hope this article helped you find the best Halloween video ideas. If you have any questions or doubts, drop them in the comments below, and we will be more than happy to help you.

15 Compelling Presentation Ideas To Entice Your Audience [in 2023]

Coming up with Presentation Ideas that capture and hold your audience’s attention might be pretty challenging.

You’d want your audience to be hyped up for what you have in store and have them glued to the screen until the end of the presentation. 

This is the goal of every presenter, whatever their presentation topic is. If you are pondering how to develop an excellent presentation idea well, you have come to the right place.

This article covers the A to Z of presentations, and we have compiled the top 15 presentation ideas to awestruck your audience by all means!

What is a Presentation?

Presentations are means to communicate ideas, explain concepts, and pass on knowledge in the form of slides. They are used in meetings and classrooms, and information is typically passed via text, graphics, and audio delivery.

Presentations can be long or short, depending on their purpose and the intended audience.

In general terms, an effective presentation should have several points:

  1. A strong opening statement that draws the audience’s attention
  2. An informative introduction that provides context for the rest of the presentation
  3. A clear focus on presenting information attractively
  4. A summary that collates all the points discussed 

Types of Presentations

Presentations should be as distinctive as your brand and the information you’re attempting to convey. However, several presentation formats are utilized by teams and sectors alike.

Therefore, you must choose the presentation style that will work best for your audience before considering which slides to use or how to arrange your content.

The most common types of presentations are

  • Informative presentations
  • Instructive presentations
  • Persuasive presentations
  • Decision-making presentations
  • Inspirational presentations

What makes a Presentation interesting?

In this era of fast-paced life, people’s attention stays on a topic only for a few seconds. Since presentations usually deliver huge pieces of information, they tend to become boring or overwhelming for the user.

The purpose of the presentation is to deliver important information in the most effective, concise, and precise way possible.

To hold the audience’s attention for a long time, a unique method of delivery is required. Additionally, a presentation must be two-way and interactive to make a stand and hook the audience to all slide decks. 

This is where Animaker Deck comes in. You can create super easy animated presentations and break all the stereotypes with Animaker Deck – World’s 1st Avatar Powered Presentation Software.

The advantage of using Animation Deck is that you don’t need to have advanced technical knowledge. 

Compelling Presentation Ideas

We have developed 15 compelling presentation ideas to fuel your creativity. Follow these tips and prepare a stunning presentation like never before.

  1. Focus on the Intro Slide
  2. Follow a theme
  3. Use Animated Characters
  4. Spice up the deck with storytelling
  5. Customize the background
  6. Match the slide designs to the brand style
  7. Tweak the font style and color
  8. Include creative motif designs
  9. Impress with Illustrations
  10. Play around with transitions
  11. Incorporate Creative Icons
  12. Highlight Data through Graphs
  13. Add Interactive Shapes
  14. Choose the images wisely
  15. Add a touch of humor 

1. Focus on the Intro Slide

Having a stunning opening act is very essential for every presentation. The first few seconds from the start of the presentation set the tone and draw in the audience to give their fullest attention to the presentation. 


Edit this template

Whatever the topic of your presentation, you can make it more engaging and exciting by creating a visually appealing Intro slide.

You can highlight the topic of the presentation, use animated characters, incorporate modern font styles, and pull every feather out of your creative hat to seal the deal with the best intro style possible for your presentation.

It’s imperative to make the audience anticipate throughout the presentation to get the best results.

The above intro slide is from Animaker Deck, which discusses employee awards and recognition policies.

Organizations/Brands should create thoughtful and appealing opening slides to create the right setting for the audience and successfully convey their missions and goals.

2. Follow a theme

Amuse your audience by following a theme in your presentation.

Choosing a unique theme relevant to the topic of the presentation will add some zeal to the slide decks and readily impress the crowd. 

There are several theme-based presentation templates available online. For instance, take a look at this Product Launch presentation template on Animaker Deck. It adopts an orange and black theme that perfectly matches the product mockups in it. 


Edit this template

To make things easier, Animaker Deck offers a bunch of slide templates. Each template follows a different theme and has been designed by skilled experts. So, you don’t have to worry about designing a presentation from scratch with an impressive theme.

But if you must, you can also customize the themes by adding your brand colors, introducing new graphic elements, and what not!

Follow a theme and present a neat looking slide deck!

3. Use Animated Characters

It’s high time you break all stereotypes and infuse some life into the presentation!

Change from blunt texts and boring solid colors to visually eye-catching elements such as Animated Characters. 

Animaker Deck library showing Characters

However, are you thinking, “I have no prior expertise in animation or character creation. So how am I going to make it?”

Well, don’t worry!

With an online presentation maker like Animaker Deck, you can now personalize the slide decks with pre-made animated avatars or even easily create one on your own using the character builder option.

It is a super simple drag & drop interface that allows creating animated characters in a jiffy.

Custom Character Creation in Animaker Deck


You can choose the gender, skin tone, apparel, accessories, and almost everything to create your own animated characters.

Adding some personality to your slide decks and hooking your audience with these custom characters is super easy for everyone now.

To learn more about creating animated characters, check out the link provided.

4. Spice up the deck with storytelling

When you want to communicate your message, you must tell a story. It’s not enough to just tell the facts; you need to make the information come alive for your audience.

You can turn the existing presentation into an engaging one through storytelling.

Take your audience on a journey with you as you present the information to them. Tell them about how and why something works, how it was created, and why it’s important.

You can even use stories to illustrate points or have characters interact with each other to get across complex ideas.

Storyline Slide Example for Presentation

With Animaker Deck, you can design and arrange your slide decks in such a way that you reveal every information one after the other in the most engaging way possible.

This can be done with the help of animated characters, illustrations and relevant icons instead of the conventional way of presenting.

This way, you can spice up your presentation and withhold the audience throughout the duration of the presentation.

5. Customize the background

Choosing the right background is vital to set the tone of your presentation and making it look more incredible than all the other traditional presentations.

Be it a school project, sales huddle, or VC pitch presentation, whatever the subject of your presentation, a relevant and matching background will exponentially increase the quality and effectiveness of the information being presented. 

Change background feature in Animaker Deck

Do not worry about how to create a background. Animaker Deck offers a vast library of pre-built backgrounds spread across all the possible presentation subjects.

You can straightaway choose a background and match the topic under discussion. 

The best part is, if you want to show some variety, you can add unique backgrounds to each slide individually instead of maintaining the same BG throughout.

This is a whole different level of customization available for free!

6. Match the slide designs to the brand style

Introducing brand images and brand elements into your presentation is a brilliant way to add personality to the slide decks. Not just that! It is also a great strategy to incorporate your brand into the audience’s mind subliminally. 

You can tweak the slide decks with the brand colors in the background and put out the information using the right font styles that brings out the brand’s essence to life. 

This way, a cohesive slide deck can help your audience to retain more information about your brand and in turn increase their “top-of-the-mind recalling ability”. 

Sample Brand Style Slide

Take a look at this example slide above, the background color, font style and colors are matched to the Animaker brand.

You can also incorporate brand logos and mascots to increase the flavor and personality of your presentations.

Upload feature in Animaker Deck

Also, Animaker Deck offers an upload feature of upto 25 Gb of storage capacity for every Pro User. Hence, you can easily upload all your brand videos, images, logos, and essential infographics onto your slide decks.

7. Tweak the font style and color

Worried about your slide decks getting bombarded with too much information? A simple solution would be to utilize the right font styles to highlight only the key facts or information.

The presenter can further explain the key points to the audience. This way, your slide decks won’t be overcrowded with text and will give a pleasant feeling to your audience. 

Font Customization in Animaker Deck

Animaker Deck comes with a load of pre-built font styles that you can easily customize according to your liking. You can choose between the different options available, change the font color, size and even add animation effects to the fonts.

All of the customizations are possible and paves way to produce a captivating end result. 

8. Include creative motif designs

One of the brilliant ways to make your presentation professional, branded, and consistent is by incorporating motif designs throughout the slide decks. Motif designs can be created by combining vector graphics, shapes, or icons. 

Sample Motif Design Slide


Edit this template

You need not be a professional designer or illustrator to achieve this kind of design in your slide decks.

Using Animaker Deck, you can create your own motif design by combining various elements or to save time, you can also make use of the pre-built presentation templates on Animaker Deck.

These templates have numerous cool motif patterns designed by experts. You can use these designs as they are or you can customize them to your liking.

9. Impress with Illustrations

One of the simplest methods to make your presentation more entertaining and interesting is to include illustrations. They not only offer a human touch, but they also make difficult or abstract ideas easier to understand. 

Check out this slide with an illustration.

Sample Slide showcasing Illustrations

Worried that you aren’t a skilled illustrator? Well, you needn’t be! Using Animaker Deck, which offers an in-built library of drag-and-drop illustrations, anyone can now incorporate illustrations into the slide decks!

The Property section of the Animaker Deck app provides access to numerous illustrations to choose from. You can use them to match any scenario or subject of the presentation.

Do not rely solely on text-only, uninteresting presentations anymore.

Use illustrations to express your points interestingly!

10. Play around with transitions

Another simple way to make your presentation more interesting is introducing transitions in-between slides.

Transition effects will entice the audience to be attentive and eagerly anticipate the next slide to a great extent. 

Check out this example from Animaker Deck, where you can add super cool transitions with a single click between each slide.

Transition feature in Animaker Deck

Ripple, Stripe, Fade, Special are a few of the transition effects. You can add any of these transitions to your slides and make them more engaging for the audience.

11. Incorporate Creative Icons

Presentations can be made more engaging and you can hook the audience throughout your slide decks. This requires elements beyond simple words and images!

Layering objects like creative icons is a smart approach to increase visual interest and attention span of the audience. 

Property section in Animaker Deck showcasing icons

You can also combine several icons together to generate unique visuals and trending designs.

Conveying the right message with the relevant choice of icons makes it easier for the audience to comprehend the information in the most effective way possible. 

Animaker Deck offers a huge library of shapes under the Property section that can be used as a drag-and-drop element in the slide decks.

Also, you can add entry and exit animation effects, change the colors, size, etc; and totally customize these elements to your liking.

12. Highlight Data through Graphs

Presenting information and facts through graphs will provide greater insights on the subject of discussion and also keep the audience engaged throughout the presentation.

The presenter can save a lot of time with the advent of graphs and charts in their presentations. 

Property section in Animaker Deck showcasing Graphs

Using Animaker Deck, you can create your own custom charts and visualizations. You can change the color, size and transparency of the charts.

Even adding visual effects to the charts can be done with a few simple clicks. This way you need not worry about presenting huge amounts of raw data to the audience anymore.

13. Add Interactive Shapes

Effortlessly turn any mediocre run-of-the-mill presentation into a more entertaining and lively presentation by incorporating interactive elements in your slide decks.

With Animaker Deck, introducing Interactive elements into your slide deck and conveying every message crystal clear to the audience is a cakewalk.

Animaker offers a variety of gradient shapes and shapes with text to choose from. You can easily add them to the slide deck with a simple click.

The below images are a preview of the gradient shapes and shapes with text that are available in the Deck App.

Gradient Shapes

Gradient shapes in Animaker Deck

Shapes with TextShapes with Text in Animaker Deck Property section

You can use a combination of gradient and plain shapes to convey the message to your audience in the most appealing way. It also helps us to be concise and get the information to the point. 

For instance, in the below slide, check how an important announcement on employee recognition is conveyed using gradient and plain shapes in matching pops of color.

It’s more appealing than the traditional block of texts and dull-colored slide decks. 

Sample slide with gradient shapes and shapes with text

Apart from Shapes, we have Speech bubbles as another important interactive element.

You can incorporate Speech bubbles with dynamic font templates to help build a two-way interaction between your presenter and the audience. This adds such a boost to your presentation and makes it a memorable experience. 

Speech Bubbles can be used as interactive elements in your presentation to encourage the audience to participate, involve them in the discussion, seek their opinions, and ask questions to keep them engaged throughout the presentation. 

Speech bubble in Property section of Animaker Deck

For instance, the above slide showcases an interaction between two colleagues in an office setting with the help of speech bubbles. This way, you can turn any presentation topic into an engaging and interactive one for the audience.

You can search and find the Speech bubble from the Property Section of the Animaker Deck app.

14. Choose the images wisely

Apart from using properties in the slide decks, it is also common to incorporate images to add more meaning to the presentation.

However, it is very crucial to find the relevant images to convey the information to the audience without causing confusion. 

Searching for stock images is one of the most time-consuming tasks in any design project. In general, many designers and agencies rely on stock photography to help them complete projects.

The problem is, most of the time, you have to spend hours searching for the right images that will give your project character, style and expression.

Stock images and Giphy integration of Animaker Deck

However with Animaker Deck, you get access to a huge library of stock images across various topics that can be added into the slide decks with a simple click action.

And the best part is, you also get 25Gb of storage space to upload and use your own custom images relevant to the topic of the presentation.

15. Add a touch of humor 

You can bring life to your slide decks and keep the audience entertained throughout the duration of the presentation by adding a touch of humor. 

You can accomplish this by introducing memes and GIFs into your slide decks. Relevant, timely touch of humor in between the slides will help you to keep the audience hooked and in a light mood.

Animaker Deck, in partnership with GIPHY, provides access to millions of trending Gifs for every scenario that you can use to make your presentation lively.

Humor Slide Example

Also, there’s an upload feature offered in Animaker Deck, via which you can add your own custom GIFs and memes to the slide decks. 

Upload feature in Animaker Deck

What is the 10-20-30 rule in presentation?

As Apple’s Guy Kawasaki once advised, 

  • Have no more than 10 slides in your presentation
  • Present no more than 20 minutes
  • Use a font size of at least 30 points

How to create presentations using templates?

Making a presentation online is now simpler than ever, thanks to Animaker Deck.

With the help of Animaker’s online presentation software, you may access over 50+ exciting presentation templates with free stock properties, pictures, transition effects, and animations, in addition to hundreds of brandable templates and customization options. 

In short, these templates have incorporated all the above-mentioned interesting presentation tips/ideas into them, ready and available for you to use and awe your audience!

You can also create your own slide deck from scratch by following all the tips mentioned.

Sounds so great to be true, right?

Give it a shot and see for yourself. Don’t wait! Create a free account now with Animaker Deck and crush all your presentations from here on!

How to make animated backgrounds? [3 ways + Bonus tip]

Animated backgrounds are a great way to grab the attention of your audience. While static backgrounds can be simple & straightforward, animated backgrounds help bring life to the video.

They can help you turn your boring background into something exciting and attention-worthy. 

Animated backgrounds can be a great way to promote or show off your company’s branding or social media posters. 

When these moving backgrounds are used correctly, they can amplify the video’s properties, characteristics, and depth.

For example, featuring an animated version of your brand’s mascot in your video’s background can awe the audience and naturally fetch your brand a position in their mind!

Interesting, right?!

By now, you’ll be wondering how to make animated backgrounds. We’ve got you covered!

Here’s an in-depth video tutorial to help you step up your animated background creation game.


Alternatively, you can follow this step-by-step textual guide to create an uber-cool animated BG. So, let’s not wait further and jump straight into the article. 

How to make animated backgrounds?

In this article, we will focus only on the easiest ways to create moving animated backgrounds, most straightforwardly [Without downloading any software] and pretty much with zero experience.

So, for this tutorial, we will use a tool called Animaker. It’s a browser-based video creator app with a very straightforward UI, allowing newbies without prior experience to create and edit free-moving background animations quickly and effortlessly. 

With Animaker, there are different ways we can create animated backgrounds  –

  1. Properties
  2. Sticker GIFs
  3. Video Backgrounds
  4. Bonus Tip – Mix & Match

Now, let’s learn how to create animated backgrounds using these different methods. To create your own animated background, you must create a project first. Here are the steps to create a project:

Step 1: Signup and Login

Getting started, signup or login with Animaker. Head over to and click on Signup. If you already have an account, log in using your credentials.

Step 2: Create a Project

Once you sign up or log in, you will be redirected to the dashboard. Click on Create > Create a Video > Blank page on this screen.

Once you click on the blank page option, you will be welcomed by the project dashboard – On the left is the library, on the right is the scenes section, the white center space is the workspace, and finally, at the bottom is the timeline.

Step 3:  Create an animated background 

The next step is to start creating our animated backgrounds. There are three different ways to create an animated background, but the first two steps to signup/login and create a project remain the same. 

3.1 How to create animated backgrounds using properties

First, let’s see how to create an animated background using properties. 

Animaker’s Property library has over 70000 assets. Experts have designed these properties using the app’s animation features. Using these properties, you can create highly customized animated backgrounds. 

For this tutorial, we will be creating something like this –

  1. Applying the BG Color – By default, the background color will be white. Let’s change the boring white background to something classy. To customize the background color, simply click on the background. This opens the “Background Color” window. Click on any color from the palette to apply it to the background like this…
    The last color I applied was red. For this example, we will change the background to a shade of blue, #201F58, to be precise. You can click on the background and select a color from the “Background Color” tab. Or, you can select the “Change Color” option on top. This again opens the “Background Color” tab, where you can change the color.Next, let’s create a gradient background. For this, we need to add one more color.For this, click on the Change color option on top. Then, click on the Plus icon under the Background Color tab to add one more color to create a gradient. For this example, we will use a darker shade of blue here –  #003EF9.Additionally, you can also change the direction of the gradient if needed. To do this, click on the ‘Direction’ option on top and select a direction from the options listed.
  2. Adding properties – Now that we have the background color set, let’s add a property and animate it. To add a property to your workspace, head to the properties menu on the library (left side) and choose the desired property you want to add. For this tutorial, we will use a gradient shape. Similar to changing the background color, you can change the property’s color by simply clicking on it.After changing the color, you can position it wherever you want.
    Now, it’s time to animate the prop! We will use the smart move function to animate our property. To add a smart move function, click on the property and click on smart move. Then, under the animation menu, select the rotate animation. Once you set the desired animation, click on apply. To customize the duration of the animation, you can move the thumb of the property to the end of the timeline. Additionally, you can preview the smartmove by using the preview button right above the timeline.Now that we have one property animated, we can simply copy-paste and duplicate it to make the animated background loop video.

That’s it! Wasn’t it simple to create your own animated background with properties? Now let’s jump into the next way – how to make an animated BG using GIF stickers.

3.2 How to create animated backgrounds using GIF stickers

Within the Animaker app, you can easily add any GIFs to your scene. The best part of GIFs in Animaker is that it’s directly integrated with GIPHY. Thereby, there are millions & millions of GIFs, Animated stickers, etc., to make your perfect moving animated backgrounds.

Now, let’s create a BG with GIF stickers like this…

  1. Adding BG Color – Once you create a new project on Animaker, let’s start by changing the background color. To change the background color, click on the background. This opens the “Background Color” window. Next, click on any color from the palette to apply it to the background. Here, we will add the color #ED6D9C to the BG.
  2. Adding GIF Stickers – Click on More [on the bottom left of your screen] from the library. Here, you’ll be able to see Giphy stickers. Click on it to add the elements you see in this loop animated background. 
    We will be adding flowers, birds, and butterflies to our scene. So simply search for it, add it to the scene, and just let the GIF do its magic. You can simply rearrange and customize however you want.

    To begin, let’s add some flowers first.We can add different flowers and duplicate them to make our background look attractive. You can use the Ctrl + C or CMD + C to copy and Ctrl + V or CMD + V to paste the properties.
    To make the scene more natural, let’s add some birds. We can duplicate this and add one more bird on the other side –
    And to finish it off, let’s add a bird flying across the scene –

    Once added, you can resize it. But this bird is static! So, let’s make it enter from the left and exit through the right side.
    To do so, click on the bird and select the “Smart Move” option on top. Then, select the “left to right” motion from the options listed on the left. This creates two thumbs for the bird. Next, place the left thumb outside the left border and the right thumb outside the right border like this…
    Once the smart move animation is added, it will look something like this –

As simple as that, we have our animated background ready.

Let’s check out the third method of creating animated BGs.

3.3 How to create animated backgrounds using Stock Videos

Now, let’s see how we can create animated backgrounds using stock videos. Just follow the steps down below, and you will be able to create something like this –

Searching and applying stock footage as BG – Once you create a new project, head over to the video section in the library and choose the desired stock footage you want to use. In our example, we used a pattern loop video as the background. So, you can simply search for the word ‘pattern’ in the search bar and add it to your video. 

You can preview any stock footage video from the library by simply hovering over them. Once you click on the video, it will get applied as the background to your scene.

That’s it! That’s how you add animated stock footage as your background! 

3.4 How to create animated backgrounds – Bonus tip

WooHoo! Now you know all the different ways you can make your very own customized animated background. Now, we are going to use all these ways effectively, combine what we learned, and create a stunning animated background just like this –

  1. Applying BG color – After creating a new project, let’s start by customizing our background to make it look like a sky. Then, to apply a gradient background color, click on the background and choose a color. Next, click on the Plus option to add more colors to the gradient, as in step 3.1.
  2. Adding properties – Let’s add some clouds. Head to the properties section and search for clouds. We will use four different clouds to make the animated background visually attractive and show some variety. Similar to the background, you can click on the property and change its color if needed.Let’s give a falling animation to the scene. To do that, we can animate the clouds. We will make these clouds enter from the bottom and exit at the top. To animate the clouds, simply click on the cloud property and click on Smart Move.
    In this example, we have used the Left to Right preset animation. In the Left to Right animation, you’ll see two points – Point 1 (Left) and Point 2 (Right).

    To move the cloud from bottom to top, move Point 2 (Right) to the top, outside the workspace. Similarly, move Point 1 (Left) to the bottom, and you’ll have the same effect you saw in the BG sample above. You can use the thumbs on the timeline, as seen in the below GIF, to control how quickly the cloud should pass. Click on the play button to preview the smart move.
    Similarly, let’s add more clouds from the properties section and add Smart move animation. 
  3. Adding GIF stickers – As soon as the background has been set and the animated clouds are added, you can add the GIF sticker. Click on the three dots in the bottom left corner and select Giphy Stickers. Next, type Falling in the search bar to find the same GIF sticker from the BG sample. Click on it. Then, resize/reposition it.As simple as that, you now have a cool-looking animated background with a combination of properties and GIF stickers!

Step 4 – Download the BG as GIF or Video

To download your super cool animated background, simply click on Publish and download it as a GIF or video format.

That’s how you download your animated BG as a GIF or a video!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and the sky is the limit for your creativity; you can explore and get creative while designing your animated background. 

Now, wasn’t that simpler than you think?!

Would you also like to know how to create animated videos? Check out the link provided! Refer this in-depth guide and make awesome animated videos with our ultimate 2d animation software.

We hope this article helped you learn and create your first animated background. If you have any doubts, please drop them in the comments below.